Troubleshooting Guide / Error Codes - GE TONOPORT V Service Manual

Ambulatory blood pressure system
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Revision D
Troubleshooting Guide /
Error Codes
E 02
Battery depleted. Code appears when the battery capacity is
insufficient for new BP measurements. The device differentiates
between two states: the memory has just been cleared (i.e., the battery
test is performed with a higher drain to ensure that fresh batteries will
be inserted at the beginning of the measurement) or measurements
have already been taken.
E 03
Measurement time over. Code is displayed when the time for a
measurement reaches 180 seconds.
E 06
Inflation time over. The max. inflation time of 130 s has elapsed. This
condition indicates a leak in the cuff or tubing, or a defective connection
to the blood pressure cuff.
E 07
This code appears
when the device could not determine a systolic value although the
cuff pressure was already increased twice
when the current cuff pressure would exceed the selected
maximum pressure.
E 08
200 pressure measurements taken; storage capacity exhausted.
E 14
Diastolic reading below 40 mmHg. Code appears when the cuff
pressure has dropped to 40 mmHg and no diastolic pressure could be
identified (TONOPORT V does not measure diastolic pressures below
40 mmHg).
E 15
Motion artifact during diastole detection.
E 17
Internal hardware error. Adjust the device according chapter 10.1 and
12.2 or change the PCB.
E 18
Systolic reading outside measuring range.
E 19
Diastolic reading outside measuring range. (Codes E18 and E19 are
displayed when the systolic and diastolic values are outside the range
in which oscillations have been detected. Tighten the cuff slightly.)
E 21
Difference between systolic and diastolic pressure too small (10 mmHg
or less)
E 22
Motion artifact during systole detection.
E 24
No systole detected in the provided time frame.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents