Technical Inspections Of The Measuring System - GE TONOPORT V Service Manual

Ambulatory blood pressure system
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10.2 Technical Inspections of the Measuring System

Technical Inspections: Technical Inspections of the Measuring System
The non-invasive pressure measurement system must be verified every 2 years.
These inspections should be referred to independent persons with adequate training
and experience.
"Technical Inspections of the Measuring System" involve checking the pneumatic
system for leaks and the accuracy of the values indicated on the display.
This will be achieved in the calibration mode:
Connect a rubber bulb and a suitable pressure gauge between pressure hose and
a fixed volume of 0.5 L (e.g. glass bottle), using a T-adapter.
Switch off device and switch it on again after a few seconds.
Wait until display indicates the time.
Press INFO four times: display indicates "H 4".
Press START: display indicates internal value, which must be 50 ±20. If the
value lies outside this range, the TONOPORT V must be sent in for inspection.
Press START again: display indicates "0" (the device is now in the calibration
mode and the display indicates the pressure in mmHg).
Generate a test pressure of 200 mmHg and, after waiting for at least 30 seconds,
measure the pressure decrease (pressure decreases
when the pressure decrease exceeds 3 mmHg/min., there must be a leak and the
system needs to be repaired).
This completes the test on the system for leaks.
Using the rubber bulb, exert pressures of 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 mmHg on
the device. Deviations must not exceed ±2 mmHg.
Press START to exit the calibration mode.
3 mmHg/min. are typical,
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents