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© 2006 Sony Corporation
LCD Projection TV
Operating Instructions
Before operating the TV, please read the "Safety
information" section of this manual.
Retain this manual for future reference.
For useful information about Sony products


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 KDF-50E2000 KDF-50E2010 © 2006 Sony Corporation LCD Projection TV Operating Instructions Before operating the TV, please read the “Safety information” section of this manual. Retain this manual for future reference. For useful information about Sony products 2-695-226-42(1)
  • Page 2: Trademark Information

    Never use the plug without the fuse cover. If you should lose the fuse cover, please contact your nearest Sony service station. How to replace the fuse Open the fuse compartment with a blade screwdriver, and replace the fuse.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Start-up Guide Start-up Guide 4 Safety information ...7 Precautions ...10 Overview of the remote ...11 Overview of the TV buttons and indicators ...12 Watching TV Watching TV...13 Checking the Digital Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) Using the Favourite list Viewing pictures from connected equipment ...18 Using MENU Functions Navigating through menus ...19...
  • Page 4: Start-up Guide

    Start-up Guide 1: Checking the accessories Remote RM-ED007 (1) Size AA batteries (R6 type) (2) Aerial Adaptor To insert batteries into the remote Notes • Observe the correct polarity when inserting batteries. • Dispose of batteries in an environmentally friendly way. Certain regions may regulate disposal of the battery.
  • Page 5 3: Bundling the cables 4: Preventing the TV from toppling over Sony strongly recommends using the TV stand SU- RG11M with a support belt designed for your TV. 5: Selecting the language and country/region P U S H O P E N...
  • Page 6 Press to select the language displayed on the menu screens, then press Auto Start Up Language Country Select: Confirm: Press to select the country/region in which you will operate the TV, then press Auto Start Up Language Country Select: Confirm: If the country/region in which you want to use the TV does not appear in the list, select “-”...
  • Page 7: Safety Information

    Sony service centre to exchange it. • Do not use the supplied mains lead on any other equipment. • Use only an original Sony mains lead, not other brands. Mains socket Do not use a poor fitting mains socket. Insert the plug fully into the mains socket.
  • Page 8 TV set may fall and cause serious injury. • It is strongly recommended that you use Sony accessories for safety reasons: – TV stand RG11M. • Secure the TV set properly, following the instructions supplied with your stand when installing the TV set.
  • Page 9 Moisture and flammable objects • Do not place any objects on the TV set. The TV set shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and that no objects filled with liquid, such as vases, shall be placed on the TV set. •...
  • Page 10: Precautions

    Precautions Viewing the TV • To view the TV comfortably, the recommended viewing position is from four to seven times the screen’s vertical length away from the TV set. • To obtain a clear picture, do not expose the screen to direct illumination or direct sunlight.
  • Page 11: Overview Of The Remote

    Overview of the remote The PROG + and number 5 buttons have tactile dots. Use the tactile dots as references when operating the TV. 1 "/1 – TV standby Switches the TV on and off from standby mode. – Screen mode (page 14) 3 Coloured buttons •...
  • Page 12: Overview Of The Tv Buttons And Indicators

    Overview of the TV buttons and indicators MENU (page 19) –Input select (page 18) • In TV mode: Selects the input source from equipment connected to the TV sockets. • In TV menu: OK 3 2 +/-/ </, • Increases (+) or decreases (-) the volume. •...
  • Page 13: Watching Tv

    Watching TV Watching TV T IM E R L A M P P O W E R /S T A N D B Y P O W E R P U S H O P E N W E G A G A T V /V ID E O VO L U M E C A N N E L...
  • Page 14 To access Text Press /. Each time you press /, the display changes cyclically as follows: Text t Text over the TV picture (mix mode) t No Text (exit the Text service) To select a page, press the number buttons or PROG +/-.
  • Page 15: Checking The Digital Electronic Programme Guide (epg)

    Checking the Digital Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) Digital Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) Turn off the EPG Move through the EPG Watch a current programme Sort the programme information by category – Category list Set a programme to be recorded – Timer In digital mode, press Digital Electronic Programme Guide (EPG).
  • Page 16 Set a programme to be displayed automatically on the screen when it starts – Reminder Set the time and date of a programme you want to record – Manual timer REC Cancel a recording/reminder – Timer list You can also display the Digital Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) by selecting “Digital EPG” in the “MENU”. Do this Press to select the future programme you want to...
  • Page 17: Using The Favourite List

    Using the Favourite list Favourite list Create your Favourite list for the first time A message appears asking if you want to add channels to the Favourite list Turn off the Favourite list Watch a channel Add or remove channels in the Favourite list Remove all channels from the Favourite list The Favourite feature allows you to select programs...
  • Page 18: Viewing Pictures From Connected Equipment

    Viewing pictures from connected equipment Switch on the connected equipment, then perform one of the following operation. For equipment connected to the scart sockets using a fully-wired 21-pin scart lead Start playback on the connected equipment. The picture from the connected equipment appears on the screen.
  • Page 19: Using Menu Functions

    Using MENU Functions Navigating through menus “MENU” allows you to enjoy various convenient features of this TV. You can easily select channels or external inputs with the remote. Also, settings for your TV can be changed easily using “MENU”. Menu Digital Favourites (in digital mode only) Programme List...
  • Page 20: Picture Adjustment Menu

    Picture Adjustment menu Picture Adjustment Picture Mode Contras Brightness Colour Sharpness Colour Tone Reset Noise Reduction Iris Back: Select: Enter: Picture Mode Selects the picture mode. • “Vivid”: For enhanced picture contrast and sharpness. • “Standard”: For standard picture. Recommended for home entertainment. •...
  • Page 21: Sound Adjustment Menu

    Sound Adjustment menu Sound Adjustment Sound Effect Treble Bass Balance Reset Dual Sound Auto Volume TV Speakers Back: Select: Enter: Sound Effect Selects the sound mode. “ • Standard”: Enhances clarity, detail, and sound presence by using “BBE High definition Sound System.”...
  • Page 22 TV Speakers Turns off the TV speakers e.g. to listen to the sound through external audio equipment connected to the TV. • “On”: the sound is output from the TV speakers. • “One Time Off”: the TV speakers are temporarily turned off allowing you to listen •...
  • Page 23: Features Menu

    Features menu Features Screen AV2 Output RGB Center PC Adjustment Timer Back: Select: Enter: Screen Changes the screen format. • “Auto Format”: Automatically changes the screen format according to the broadcast signal. • “Screen Format”: For details about the screen format, see page 14 •...
  • Page 24 Timer Sets the timer to turn on/off the TV. • Sleep Timer • If you switch off the TV and switch it on again, “Sleep Timer” is reset to “Off”. • “Sleep timer will end soon. Power will be turned off” appears on the screen one minute •...
  • Page 25: Set-up Menu

    Set-up menu Set Up Auto Start Up Language Country Auto Tuning Programme Sorting AV Preset Sound Offset Manual Programme Preset Digital Set Up Back: Select: Enter: Auto Start-up Starts the “first time operation menu” to select the language and country/region, and tune in all available digital and analogue channels.
  • Page 26 Manual Programme Before selecting “Label”/“AFT”/“Audio Filter”/“Skip”/“Decoder”, press select the programme number you want to modify. Then, press Preset System Presets programme channels manually. Note Repeat the procedure above to preset other channels manually. Label Assigns a name of your choice, up to five letters or numbers, to the selected channel. This name will be displayed briefly on the screen when the channel is selected.
  • Page 27 Skip Skips unused analogue channels when you press PROG +/- to select channels. (You can still select a skipped channel using the number buttons.) Decoder Views and records the scrambled channel selected when using a decoder connected directly to scart connector 1, or to scart connector 2 via a VCR.
  • Page 28: Digital Set-up Menu

    Digital Set-up menu Set Up Auto Start Up Language Country Auto Tuning Programme Sorting AV Preset Sound Offset Manual Programme Preset Digital Set Up Back: Select: Digital Tuning Displays the “Digital Tuning” menu. Digital Auto Tuning Tunes in all the available digital channels. Usually you do not need to do this operation because the channels are already tuned when the TV was first installed (page 5).
  • Page 29 “Software Download”: Enables the TV to automatically receive software updates, free through your existing aerial (when issued). Sony recommends that this option is set to “On” at all times. If you do not want your software to be updated, set this option to “Off”.
  • Page 30: Using Optional Equipment

    Using Optional Equipment Connecting optional equipment You can connect a wide range of optional equipment to your TV. Connecting cables are not supplied. Connecting to the TV (side) To connect Do this S VHS/Hi8/DVC Connect to the S video socket camcorder A 4 or the video socket and the audio sockets...
  • Page 31 Connecting to the TV (rear) Digital satellite receiver player DVD player with component output Hi-Fi Video game equipment DVD player Decoder To connect PC D Digital satellite receiver or DVD player E, F DVD player with component output Video game equipment, DVD (SMARTLINK) player or decoder...
  • Page 32: Additional Information

    Additional Information Optimum Viewing Area For the best picture quality, try to position the TV set so that you can view the screen from within the areas shown below. Horizontal viewing area ° ° Vertical viewing area ° °...
  • Page 33: Replacing The Lamp

    TV. How long the lamp maintains its brightness will vary depending upon your usage and environmental conditions. To maintain the quality of your viewing experience, Sony recommends that you replace the lamp (1) after approximately 8,000 hours of use, (2) when the screen becomes dark or the colour looks unusual, (3) when the LAMP LED on the front of the TV lights on in red.
  • Page 34 Remove the lamp door. Turn the knob counterclockwise to OPEN and pull out the cover. Pull out the lamp. Hook a finger through the loop of the lamp handle and pull the handle upwards. Then pull the lamp straight out.. Tips •...
  • Page 35 Put the outside lamp cover back in its place. Tips • Consult your Sony dealer for a Sony XL-2400 replacement lamp. • Take great care when replacing the lamp or plugging in/unplugging the connecting cords. Rough handling may cause the TV to fall, damaging the TV, the TV stand and the floor.
  • Page 36: Specifications

    Specifications Display Unit Power Requirements: 220–240 V AC, 50 Hz Screen Size: 50 inches Display Resolution (horizontal x vertical): 1280 dots x 720 lines Power Consumption: 175 W Standby Power Consumption*: 1 W or less * Specified standby power is reached after the TV finishes necessary internal processes.
  • Page 37: Pc Input Specifications

    PC Input Specifications PC Input Timing Input signal frequency: Horizontal: 31,4 - 48,4 KHz. Vertical: 59 - 61 Hz. Maximum Resolution: 1024 dots x -768 lines. Preset mode timing table for PC Nº Resolution Graphic mode (dots x lines) 640 x 480 VESA 60 800 x 600 VESA 60...
  • Page 38: Troubleshooting

    For example, the indicator flashes for two seconds, stops flashing for one second, and flashes for two seconds. Press 1 on the TV (top side) to switch it off, disconnect the mains lead, and inform your dealer or Sony service centre of how the indicator flashes (duration and interval). When it is not flashing Check the items in the tables below.
  • Page 39 Problem Cause/Remedy Irregular picture when viewing • Check PC input socket connection. a signal from PC • Connect to PC input socket instead of HDMI IN 6 socket. • If the connection is only available through HDMI socket, change the screen Sound Problem Cause/Remedy...
  • Page 40: Index

    Index Numerics 14:9 14 4:3 14 Aerial, connecting 4 AFT 26 Audio Filter 26 Audio Language 29 Audio Type 29 Auto Start-up 25 Auto Tuning analogue and digital channels 6 analogue channels only 25 digital channels only 28 Auto Volume 21 AV Preset 25 AV2 Output 23 Balance 21...
  • Page 41 D I G I T A L KDF-50E2000 KDF-50E2010 2-695-226-42(1) Printed in Spain...

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