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Mitsubishi Electric PEH-P8YE Technical & Service Manual page 24

Air-cooled heat pump type packaged air conditioners, indoor unit
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After turning ON the power, the system will go into startup mode, and the remote controller operation lamp (red) and the
room temperature display section's "H0" will flash. Also, in the case of the indoor substrata LEDs, LED 1 and LED 2 light up
(when address is 0) or become dim (when address is not 0), and LED 3 flashes. In the case of the outdoor substrata LED
are displayed alternatively at 1-second intervals.
• If one of the above operations does not function correctly, the following causes should be considered, and if applicable,
dealt with. (The following symptoms have been determined under test run mode. Note that "startup" in the chart means
the *1 display above.)
Remote Controller Display
Remote controller is displaying "H0", and operation
is not possible.
After power is turned ON, "H0" is displayed for 3
mins., then error code is displayed.
Power is turned ON, and "EE" or "EF" are displayed
after "H0" is displayed.
Display messages do not appear even when remote
controller operation switch is turned ON (operation
lamp does not light up).
Operation display appears but soon disappears even
when remote controller operations are executed.
* Press the remote controller's "CHECK" button twice consecutively to be able to run a self diagnosis. See the chart below
for content of error code displays.
Nonconformity Content
Suction sensor error
Tubing (liquid) sensor error
Drain sensor error
Drain overflow safeguard operation
Freezing/overheating safeguard opera-
See the chart below for details of the LED displays (LED 1, 2, 3) on the indoor substrate.
LED 1 (microcomputer power supply)
LED 2 (remote controller feed)
LED 3 (indoor and outdoor signals)
2) Outdoor unit
1 Check Items
• After installation of indoor and outdoor units, and tubing and electric wiring work, check that the unit is free from leaks of
refrigerant, loosened connections, and incorrect polarity.
• Check that there is no negative phase and open phase. (The F1 message for negative phase and the F2 message for
open phase will flash at LED 1 on the outdoor substrate. If this happens, rewire correctly.)
• Measure the impedance between power terminals (Single phase: L, N,
with a 500 V Megger and check that it is 1.0 MΩ or more. Do not operate the equipment if measurement is less than
1.0 MΩ. * Never conduct this operation on the outdoor connection wiring terminals (S1, S2, S3) as this causes damage.
• When there is no error at the outdoor unit.
(If there is an error at the outdoor unit, it can be evaluated at LED 1 [digital display] of the outdoor substrate.)
• The stop valves are open both the liquid and gas sides.
After checking the above, execute the test run in accordance with the following.
Outdoor Substrate LED Display
After "startup" display, "00" is dis-
played (correct operation).
After "startup" display, error code is
After "startup" display, "F1" (negative
phase) is displayed.
After "startup" display, "00" or "EE" is
displayed ("EE" is displayed when a
test run is made).
After "startup" display, "EA" (error for
number of units) or "Eb" (unit number
error) is displayed.
After "startup" display, "00" is dis-
played (correct operation).
After "startup" display, "00" is dis-
played (correct operation).
After "startup" display, "00" is dis-
played (correct operation).
Tube temperature error
Tube (2-phase tube) sensor error
U0 ~ UP
Outdoor unit nonconformity
F1 ~ FA
Outdoor unit nonconformity
E0 ~ E5
Signal error between remote control-
ler and indoor unit
Displays the ON/OFF of power for control. Check that this is lit during normal use.
Displays the ON/OFF of feed to wired remote controller. Is only lit for indoor unit linked to outdoor unit with
address "00".
Displays signal between indoor and outdoor units. Check that this is flashing during normal use.
• After power is turned ON, system startup lasts for about 2
mins., and "H0" is displayed (correct operation).
• Outdoor unit's safeguard installation connector is open.
• Negative phase and open phase of outdoor unit's power terminal
board (Single phase: L, N,
• Incorrect connection of outdoor terminal board (Single phase: L,
/triple phase: L1, L2, L3, N,
• Outdoor unit and indoor unit construction differ
• Wiring for the indoor and outdoor unit is not connected cor-
rectly. (Polarity is wrong for S1, S2, S3)
• Remote controller transmission wire short
• There is no outdoor unit for address 0 (address is something
other than 0).
• Remote controller transmission wire burnout
• After cancellation of function selection, operation is not pos-
sible for about 30 secs. (correct operation).
Nonconformity Content
E6 ~ EF
- - - -
/triple phase: L1, L2, L3, N,
/triple phase: L1, L2, L3, N,
grounding and S1, S2, S3)
Nonconformity Content
Signal error between indoor and out-
door units
No error history
No relevant unit
) and the ground



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