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Noise-Cancelling - Sony Bravia LCD TV Specifications

Sony bravia lcd tv owner's manual
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Counter Function
With the ability to sense your
steps combined with entering
your age, weight and height
information, the S200 can
operate as a modern day pedometer. As such,
you can retrieve information such as:
• Calories burned
• Distance traveled (kms / miles)
• Steps taken
The S200 can keep a record of your last
seven sessions.
Noise is a factor in many of our lifestyles.
We hear it in the engine noise of a bus, train
or a plane and even in places such as shopping
malls and parks where all sorts of sounds mix.
This background noise can interfere with your
audio enjoyment and can still come through
even a great set of headphones.
For this reason Sony offer headphones with
'Noise-Cancelling' technology. This means that
the headphones have microphones built-in to
them that can pick up ambient noise and output
a signal that effectively 'neutralises' or 'cancels'
The microphone used in
noise-cancelling technology
picks up ambient noise from
the background environment
and outputs an equal and
opposite signal effectively
neutralising the sound wave
of the noise.
Music Pacer
Create your own compilation
in the supplied software and
the S200 can sense how fast
you are running or walking,
and plays the music most appropriate to your
step speed.
Shake Shuffle
Using the G-Sensor chip, users can simply
switch between 'normal' and 'shuffle' playback
modes by shaking the S200 three times without
the need to stop the playback of the music and
navigate into the menu. Simple and convenient.
the noise out. You can have up to 80% of
ambient background noise cut out! more music
reaching your ears instead.
In addition to noise-cancelling headphones, the
S700 series Walkmans have noise-cancelling
technology† built-in. Perfect for those who are
serious about sound or simply just want to cut
out the clutter.
† The S700 Noise cancelling function reduces the ambient noise
by up to 75%. It does not cancel all ambient noise.
Ambient Noise Detected
Neutralising Output Signal
Utilising a new process called "Impact Molding", the tough,
seamless body of the S200 is created from a single block of
aluminium. Utilising a unique technology, a seal is applied to
the chassis internally, resulting in a sleek and stylish Walkman
Set the S200 to any of these desired goals and
the music keeps playing up until this goal has
been reached.
Resultant Noise Level
Target Setter / Tracker
Set yourself a challenge:
• Calories to burn
• Distance you want to travel
• Steps you want to take

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