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Headphones Ex Monitor - Sony Bravia LCD TV Specifications

Sony bravia lcd tv owner's manual
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WALKMAN Video MP3 Player
Video in your pocket
The breakthrough LCD screen technology found
in the new A800 Walkman delivers knockout
video quality in the palm of your hand.
The 2 inch widescreen boasts QVGA (320
x 240) resolution, perfect for detailed video
playback up to 30 fps (30 frames per second).
Sony's unique screen technology also promises
rich natural colours and high contrast, making
viewing comfortable and immersive.
The most popular MPEG-4 video format is
supported, along with the AVC video standard.
These advanced video codecs ensure high quality
video playback whilst minimising file size. Up to
32 hours of video can be stored, for convenient
playback at anytime.*
The screen can be orientated to suit differing
video content and left or right handed operation.
*8GB model video capacity quoted.
A convenient photo album
The high resolution screen and large internal
memory means extensive digital photo albums
can be stored and viewed at anytime.
Fast 'drag and drop' photo management will
ensure your favourite photos are always at hand.
Music playback whilst viewing photos and
slideshows complete this ultra compact digital
photo album.


Applying vast experience in technologies that create professional-grade
recording studio monitors, Sony's EX Monitor headphones fuses a larger
13.5mm high-performance driver unit for exceptional sound quality with
the fit and comfort of an ear-bud style headphone all in a device that
defines a new standard in headphone style and quality.
Walkman audio features
Being a Sony Walkman, rich accurate audio
quality is a given.
Four different audio technologies known
collectively as 'Clear Audio Technology' contribute
to sublime audio quality.
Clear Audio technology encompasses the
following features:
• Clear Bass
– for warmer, fuller bass
reproduction, without distortion.
• Clear Stereo
– Sony's unique
technology to emphasise the stereo
effect often lost when listening
to MP3 music. Sound leakage
between left and right channels
is vastly reduced delivering an
optimum stereo sound experience.
– also known as 'Digital
Sound Enhancement Engine'
restores the sound of the original
recording, that is so often lost when
listening to compressed music
formats, such as MP3.
• EX headphones
– The included in-
ear headphones boast high quality
components for dynamic audio
reproduction with wide frequency
response. A large 13.5mm driver
unit ensures powerful performance
free from distortion.
The A800 series Walkman supports playback of
the most popular music formats ,including MP3,
AAC (non DRM), WMA (non DRM) and ATRAC.
Fast music navigation, including artist search,
will ensure you can listen to what you want,
when you want.
Walkman Stamina
The Sony A800 series Walkman uses the latest
battery technology.
Unlike many other portable devices, the A800
will keep up with the most active lifestyle-
boasting approximately 8 hours of video playback
and around 30 hours of audio playback time.
Rapid charging and user customised
power management means this Walkman
continues the long tradition of industry leading
battery performance.
The orientation of the earpiece
matches the orientation of the
ear canal, ensuring a more
comfortable and stable fit.

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