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Sony 4-151-079-11(1) Operating Instructions Manual

Sony dvd recorder operating instructions.
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DVD Recorder

Operating Instructions
© 2010 Sony Corporation


   Summary of Contents for Sony 4-151-079-11(1)

  • Page 1: Dvd Recorder

    4-151-079-11(1) DVD Recorder Operating Instructions RDR-HDC100/HDC300/HDC500 © 2010 Sony Corporation...

  • Page 2: Warning

    CAUTION The use of optical instruments with this product will increase eye hazard. As the laser beam used in this DVD recorder is harmful to eyes, do not attempt to disassemble the cabinet. Refer servicing to qualified personnel only.

  • Page 3

    On recording Make trial recordings before making the actual recording. On compensation for lost recordings Sony is not liable and will not compensate for any lost recordings or relevant losses, including when recordings are not made due to reasons including recorder failure, or...

  • Page 4

    If you have any questions or problems concerning your recorder, please consult your nearest Sony dealer. About this manual Check your model name The instructions in this manual are for 3 models: RDR-HDC100, RDR-HDC300, and RDR-HDC500.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents WARNING ..........2 Precautions .

  • Page 6

    Playback Playing Discs and Recorded Programmes ......40 Pausing a TV broadcast (TV Pause/Pause Live TV) ... . . 42 Playing from the beginning of the programme you are recording (Chase Play) .

  • Page 7

    Settings and Adjustments Using the Disc Setup Menus (Disc Setup) ......66 Disc Settings (Disc Information) ....... . . 66 Formatting the HDD (HDD Formatting) .

  • Page 8: Guide To Parts And Controls

    Guide to Parts and Controls For more information, see the pages in parentheses. Remote A HDD (40) Switches to the HDD. DVD (40) Switches to the DVD. B [/1 (on/standby) (21) Turns the recorder on or off. C Z (open/close) (40) Opens or closes the disc tray.

  • Page 9

    U ./> (previous/next) (41) PAGE +/– (33) Changes the programme list by page. (instant replay/instant advance) (41) CM (search/ slow/freeze frame) (41) DAY +/– (33) Changes the programme list by day. N (play) (40) X (pause) (27, 41) x (stop) (40) The N button has a tactile dot*.

  • Page 10: Front Panel

    Front panel A [/1 (on/standby) (21) Turns the recorder on or off. (remote sensor) (19) C Disc tray (40) D Front panel display (11) E Z (open/close) (40) Opens or closes the disc tray. F N (play) (40) button has a tactile dot G x (stop) (40) H PROGRAM +/–...

  • Page 11: Front Panel Display

    Front panel display A Displays the following: • Playing/Recording time • Current title number • Clock • Programme position • UPDATE indication “UPDATE” appears when the recorder is updating information. B HDD Lights up when the HDD is selected. Lights up when the DVD is selected. C Timer indicator (36) Lights up when the timer for recording is set.

  • Page 12

    Rear panel A AERIAL IN/OUT jacks (14) B LINE 2 OUT (R-AUDIO-L/VIDEO) jacks (16) C LINE 1 jack (23) To connect the EURO AV adapter, see page 17. D HDMI OUT jack (15) E DIGITAL OUT (COAXIAL) jack (16) F AC IN terminal (19) G LINE 3 –...

  • Page 13: Hookups And Settings

    Hookups and Settings Hooking Up the Recorder Follow steps 1 through 5 to hook up and adjust the settings of the recorder. Do not connect the AC power cord (mains lead) until you reach “Step 3: Connecting the AC power cord (Mains Lead)”...

  • Page 14: Step 1: Connecting The Aerial Cable

    Disconnect the aerial cable from your TV, and connect it to AERIAL IN on the rear panel of the recorder. Connect AERIAL OUT of the recorder to the aerial input of your TV using the supplied aerial cable. to aerial input DVD recorder...

  • Page 15: Step 2: Connecting The Tv And Audio Component

    Use a certified HDMI cable to enjoy high quality digital picture and sound through the HDMI OUT jack. When connecting a Sony TV/audio component that is compatible with the “Control for HDMI” function, see page 18. When using the HDMI connection, no signal is output from the LINE 2 OUT or COMPONENT VIDEO OUT jacks.

  • Page 16: Connecting Other Cables

    Video Out” on page 75. B Video output jack Yellow You will enjoy standard quality images. Audio component DVD recorder To connect to audio jacks Connecting to audio jacks will enable you to listen to sound. C Digital audio output jack (COAXIAL)

  • Page 17

    D Audio L/R (left/right) output jacks White Red (R) This connection will use your TV’s or audio component’s two speakers for sound. To connect the EURO AV adapter Two types of EURO AV adapters are supplied with the recorder; with selector (big) and without selector (small).

  • Page 18: About The "control For Hdmi" Functions For Bravia Sync (for Hdmi Connections Only)

    HDMI Licensing LLC. About the “Control for HDMI” functions for BRAVIA Sync (for HDMI connections only) By connecting Sony components that are compatible with the “Control for HDMI” function with an HDMI cable (not supplied), operation is simplified as below: •...

  • Page 19: Step 3: Connecting The Ac Power Cord (mains Lead)

    • If the supplied remote interferes with your other Sony DVD recorder or player, change the command mode number for this recorder (page 73). • Use the batteries correctly to avoid possible leakage and corrosion.

  • Page 20: Controlling Tvs With The Remote

    TV [/1 button. Code numbers of controllable TVs If more than one code number is listed, try entering them one at a time until you find the one that works with your TV. Manufacturer Sony Grundig Hitachi LG/Goldstar Loewe Nokia...

  • Page 21: Changing Programme Positions Of The Recorder Using The Remote

    Changing programme positions of the recorder using the remote You can change programme positions of the recorder using the number buttons. Example: for channel 50 Press “5,” “0,” then press Step 5: Easy Setup Make the basic adjustments by following the on-screen instructions in “Easy Setup.”...

  • Page 22

    TV Type (page 75) • If you have a widescreen TV, select “16:9.” • If you have a standard TV, select “4:3 Letter Box” or “4:3 Pan Scan.” This will determine how “widescreen” images are displayed on your TV. Progressive When you connect a progressive format TV to this recorder using the COMPONENT VIDEO OUT jacks,...

  • Page 23: Connecting A Vcr Or Similar Device

    Connect a VCR or similar recording device to the LINE 1 jack of this recorder. To connect the EURO AV adapter, see page 17. Audio/video cable (not supplied) to i LINE 1 : Signal flow VCR, etc. EURO AV adapter (supplied) The red plug at right (page 17) DVD recorder ,continued...

  • Page 24

    • If you pass the recorder signals through a VCR, you may not receive a clear image on your TV screen. DVD recorder Be sure to connect your VCR to the DVD recorder and to your TV in the order shown below. To watch video tapes, watch the tapes through a second line input on your TV.

  • Page 25: Connecting To The Line 2 In Jacks On The Front Panel

    This may cause noise (feedback). • Do not connect more than one type of video cable between the recorder and your TV at the same time. VCR, etc. Audio/video cable (not supplied) DVD recorder...

  • Page 26: Basic Operations

    HDD-Cam/DV Displays the Dubbing List. “HDD-Cam Dubbing”: Allows you to dub the contents of a Sony HDD camcorder to the hard disk drive of the recorder via the USB jack on the front panel (page 60). “DV Dubbing”: Allows you to dub the...

  • Page 27: Recording A Tv Programme To The Hdd

    Recording a TV Programme to the HDD This section introduces the basic operation to record a current TV programme to the hard disk (HDD). For an explanation of how to make timer recordings, see page 34. The recording destination is HDD only. z REC x REC STOP...

  • Page 28: Using The Quick Timer Function

    Using the Quick Timer function You can set the recorder to record in 30- minute increments. Press z REC repeatedly to set the duration. Each press advances the time in 30-minute increments. The maximum duration is 8 hours. (normal recording) The time counter decreases minute by minute to 0:00, then the recorder stops recording.

  • Page 29

    Press TITLE LIST. • Options applicable only to the selected media are displayed. • Only the options that are available during recording are displayed. Example: HDD A Media type: HDD or DVD B Preview of the selected title: Displays the selected title’s preview with information (title name, recording date and time, station name or programme number, recording mode,...

  • Page 30: Watching Tv Programmes

    Visual Search Select a title in the Title List, and press the yellow button “Go To” to select “Visual Search.” Chapters in the selected title are displayed in the “Visual Search” display. Select a chapter using </M/m/,, and press To turn off the Title List Press TITLE LIST.

  • Page 31: Displaying The Programme/playback Information

    To display the programme information (for digital broadcasting only) While watching TV, press INFO. The information display appears showing a description of the current programme on view. To switch the display between descriptions of the current and next programme, press </,.

  • Page 32

    Select a channel you want to add to the Favourites List using M/m, and press the green button (“Add”). The selected channel is added to the Favourites List. • To remove a channel from the Favourites List, press the red button (“Remove”) after step 1.

  • Page 33: Recording To The Hdd

    Recording to the HDD Using the EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) Display The Electronic Programme Guide is a guide showing the television programme schedule for a day or more at a time on your television. The EPG provides a quick and easy way to: •...

  • Page 34: Using The Digital Favourites List

    Buttons Operations Displays the Favourites List. INFO Displays the detailed information of the selected programme. : Indicates that the programme has parental control information (page 79). : Indicates that the programme is pay-per- view. Colour buttons Activates the same colour (red, yellow, function on the screen.

  • Page 35: Recording Tv Programme Using The Epg

    Press the red button (“REC”). “ ” appears next to the programme which is set for timer recording. Your recorder will automatically begin recording when the programme starts. Unlike a VCR, there is no need to turn off the recorder before the timer recording starts.

  • Page 36: Setting The Timer Manually (manual)

    To search for programmes by genre (Genre) Press the yellow button (“Genre”) while the programme list is displayed. Select a genre using M/m, and press Programmes that belong to the selected genre are displayed in the programme list. To stop recording during timer recording Press x REC STOP.

  • Page 37: Recording Stereo And Bilingual Programmes

    “Mode”: Sets the recording mode (for analogue broadcasting only) (page 91). “Update”: Sets the recorder automatically, replacing the previous timer recording with the new one (only when “Date” is set daily or weekly). • If you make a mistake, select the item and change the setting.

  • Page 38: Checking/changing/cancelling Timer Settings (timer List)

    Checking/Changing/ Cancelling Timer Settings (Timer List) You can check, change, or cancel the timer settings using the Timer List. Checking/changing timer settings When you change the EPG timer settings, the update function turns off automatically. Press TIMER. The “Timer List” display appears. When all of the timer settings are not visible on the display, press M/m to view the hidden timer settings.

  • Page 39: Recording From Connected Equipment

    Recording from Connected Equipment You can record from a connected VCR or similar device. To connect a VCR or similar device, see “Connecting a VCR or Similar Device” on page 23. Press INPUT to select an input source (“LINE 1” or “LINE 2”) according to the connection you made.

  • Page 40: Playing Discs And Recorded Programmes

    Playback Playing Discs and Recorded Programmes - RW Video Z (open/ close) AUDIO SUBTITLE Press HDD or DVD. When you press HDD, go to step 4. Press Z (open/close), and place a disc on the disc tray. Playing side facing down Press Z (open/close) to close the disc tray.

  • Page 41

    To play VIDEO CDs/Super VIDEO CDs with PBC (Playback Control) functions Press TOP MENU to open the menu of the VIDEO CD/Super VIDEO CD. Select an item using the number buttons. Follow the instructions in the menu. Press N when “Press SELECT” appears.

  • Page 42: Pausing A Tv Broadcast (tv Pause/pause Live Tv)

    Buttons Operations Plays in slow motion when pressed for more than one second in pause (slow, freeze frame) mode. Plays one frame at a time when pressed briefly in pause mode. To resume normal playback, press N. * For VIDEO CDs/Super VIDEO CDs, playback direction only. X (pause) Pauses playback.

  • Page 43: Playing A Previous Recording While Making Another (simultaneous Rec And Play)

    Playing a previous recording while making another (Simultaneous Rec and Play) - RW - RW Video Video “Simultaneous Rec and Play” allows you to play a disc or a previously recorded programme on the HDD while recording programmes. Playback continues even if a timer recording starts.

  • Page 44

    Select an item to be repeated using </,. “Title” (for HDD/DVDs): repeats the current title. “Chapter” (for HDD/DVDs): repeats the current chapter. “Track” (for VIDEO CDs): repeats the current track. “Disc” (for VIDEO CDs): repeats the entire disc. Press Repeat play starts. To play a specific portion repeatedly (Repeat A-B) Select “A-B”...

  • Page 45: Playing Divx/music/photo Files

    “Name,” “Size,” or “Date” (for photo files only), and press Repeat step 8 to select all the folders or files/tracks you want to copy. DVD recorder When you do not select a destination folder, skip steps 10 and 11. Press ,.

  • Page 46: Playing Divx Video Files

    Notes on copying files • Music files from a CD are converted to MP3 format. Names for music files are automatically labelled as “TRACK01,” “TRACK02,” etc. • While copying files, other operations including timer recordings are unavailable. If the timer is set during copying, the recorder starts the timer recording after copying is finished.

  • Page 47

    Select a file using M/m, and press or N. Playback starts. To stop playback Press x (stop). To scroll the list display by page (Page mode) See “To scroll the list display by page (Page mode)” on page 29. Various playback options Buttons Operations AUDIO*...

  • Page 48: Playing Music Cds And Mp3

    To display playback information See “Displaying the programme/playback information” on page 31. Playing music CDs and MP3 DATA DVD DATA CD To play from the USB device, see page 51. Red button Green button SYSTEM MENU MARKER DISPLAY Press HDD or DVD. When you select DVD, insert a disc (see “Playing Discs and Recorded Programmes”...

  • Page 49: Playing Photo Files

    (page 78). Playing photo files DATA DVD DATA CD To view photo files from the USB device, see page 51. If you have a Sony TV compatible with “PhotoTV HD,” you can enjoy best quality images. Red button Green button...

  • Page 50

    About “PhotoTV HD” “PhotoTV HD” allows for a highly-detailed pictures, and photo-like expression of subtle textures and colours. By connecting Sony “PhotoTV HD” compatible devices using an HDMI cable, whole new world of photos can be enjoyed in breathtaking Full HD quality.

  • Page 51: Playing From The Usb Device

    Set the screen resolution of the TV to 1080p or 1080i. When your TV is compatible with [VIDEO-A] mode, set the TV’s video/ photo setting to [VIDEO-A] mode. For details, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the TV. To play a slideshow with the sound (HDD only) You can enjoy a slideshow while listening to the sound stored in the HDD.

  • Page 52

    Select a folder or file to copy, and press MARKER. A check mark appears by the selected item. • To clear the check mark, press MARKER again. • To select/unselect all items, press the yellow button (“Selection”) repeatedly. • To change the item order, press the green button (“Sort”) to select “Name,”...

  • Page 53: Erasing And Editing

    Erasing and Editing Before Editing You can edit titles on the HDD. • Titles on DVDs cannot be edited. For DVD- RWs/DVD-Rs (VR mode), titles can be erased. • You may lose the edited contents if you remove the disc or a timer recording starts while editing. •...

  • Page 54: Erasing A Section Of A Title (a-b Erase)

    Select “Yes,” and press The selected titles are erased. Titles on DVD+RWs/DVD+Rs or DVD-RWs/ DVD-Rs (Video mode) cannot be erased. Erasing a section of a title (A-B Erase) You can select a section (scene) in a title and erase it. Note that erasing scenes in a title cannot be undone.

  • Page 55: Labelling A Title (rename)

    Labelling a title (Rename) Press TITLE LIST. Select the title you want to rename using M/m. Press the red button (“Edit”) to select “Rename,” and press You can enter up to 31 characters. Input row: the current name Move the cursor to the point where you want to insert the character using </M/m/,.

  • Page 56: Dubbing (hdd Y Dvd)

    Dubbing (HDD y DVD) Before Dubbing In this section, “dubbing” refers to “copying a recorded title on the internal hard disk drive (HDD) to another disc, or vice versa.” Before you start, read the following precautions, which are common to all dubbing methods.

  • Page 57

    Select a title you want to dub, and press MARKER. A check mark appears next to the selected title. • To cancel the selection, press MARKER again. • To select/unselect all items, press the yellow button (“Selection”) to select “Select All” or “Unselect All,” and press •...

  • Page 58: Dubbing From A Finalised Dvd To The Hdd (dvd T Hdd)

    Dubbing from a Finalised DVD to the HDD (DVD t HDD) - RW Video You can dub titles on a finalised DVD to the HDD. Insert the finalised DVD that you are going to dub from. See “Playing Discs and Recorded Programmes”...

  • Page 59: Playing The Disc On Other Dvd Equipment (finalise)

    Playing the Disc on Other DVD Equipment (Finalise) - RW - RW Video Finalising is necessary when you play discs dubbed with this recorder on other DVD equipment. Before finalising, check the differences between the disc types in the table below. Differences between disc types Finalising is unnecessary.

  • Page 60: Hdd/dv Camcorder Dubbing

    HDD/DV Camcorder Dubbing Dubbing from HDD Camcorder You can dub the contents of a Sony HDD camcorder to the hard disk drive of the recorder via the USB jack on the front panel. Methods to dub from the HDD camcorder include: –...

  • Page 61: Preparing For Hdd Camcorder Dubbing

    • Do not connect or disconnect any cables while dubbing. One-Touch Dubbing from HDD camcorder (ONE-TOUCH DUB) DVD recorder You can dub contents of your HDD camcorder onto the HDD of the recorder with a single press of the ONE-TOUCH DUB button on the recorder.

  • Page 62: Dubbing From Hdd Camcorder Using The On-screen Display (hdd-cam Dubbing)

    Dubbing from HDD camcorder using the on-screen display (HDD-Cam Dubbing) You can dub the contents of your HDD camcorder onto the HDD of the recorder using the on-screen display. Follow steps 1 to 3 of “Preparing for HDD camcorder dubbing” on page Press SYSTEM MENU.

  • Page 63: Dubbing From Dv Camcorder

    DV camcorder to the recorder. Hookups to DV IN i.LINK cable (not supplied) DV output : Signal flow Insert the source DV/Digital8 format tape into your DV camcorder, and set the DV camcorder to video playback mode. DVD recorder DV camcorder ,continued...

  • Page 64: One-touch Dubbing From Dv Camcorder (one-touch Dub)

    Press REC MODE on the remote repeatedly to select the recording mode. To change the recording mode, press INPUT to switch the input source to analogue broadcasting or the external input beforehand. For details about the recording mode, see page 91. Set the “DV Input”...

  • Page 65: Dubbing From Dv Camcorder Using The On-screen Display (dv Dubbing)

    Dubbing from DV camcorder using the on-screen display (DV Dubbing) You can select and dub scenes while playing a DV/Digital8 format tape. Follow steps 1 to 3 of “Preparing for DV camcorder dubbing” on page 63. Press SYSTEM MENU. The System Menu appears. Select “HDD-Cam/DV,”...

  • Page 66: Settings And Adjustments

    Settings and Adjustments Using the Disc Setup Menus (Disc Setup) You can adjust HDD/DVD related settings. Press SYSTEM MENU while the recorder is in stop mode or during playback. Select “Disc Setup” using M/m, and press Select the desired setup item using M/m, and press See the explanations in the following sections.

  • Page 67: Formatting The Hdd (hdd Formatting)

    Unfinalise You can unfinalise a disc when the disc is finalised. For DVD-RWs (Video mode) DVD-RWs (Video mode) that have been finalised to prohibit additional dubbing can be unfinalised to allow further dubbing. For DVD-RWs (VR mode) If you cannot edit on a DVD-RW (VR mode) that has been finalised with other DVD equipment, unfinalise the disc.

  • Page 68: Using The Setup Menus (initial Setup)

    Using the Setup Menus (Initial Setup) You can change the settings of the recorder, such as channel settings, audio settings, etc. Press SYSTEM MENU while the recorder is in stop mode or during playback. Select “Initial Setup” using M/m, and press Select the desired setup item using M/m, and press See the explanations in the following...

  • Page 69: Aerial Reception Settings (channel)

    Aerial Reception Settings (Channel) You can make tuner and channel settings for the recorder. Auto Channel Setting Presets channels automatically. Select your area using </,, and press NSW/ACT Select this when in New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory. Select this when in Victoria.

  • Page 70

    • Yellow button (“Swap”): Changes the channel order. Select the channel you want to move, and press the yellow button (“Swap”). Then select another channel to swap positions with, and press the yellow button (“Swap”). • Blue button (“Signal”): Displays the signal strength and the signal quality.

  • Page 71

    Channel Set number Channel AS41 AS42 AS43 AS44 AS45 AS46 AS47 AS48 AS49 AS50 AS51 AS52 AS53 AS54 AS55 AS56 AS57 AS58 AS59 AS60 AS61 AS62 AS63 AS64 AS65 AS66 AS67 AS68 AS69 Turns on the Auto Fine Tuning function. Normally select this position.

  • Page 72: Recorder Settings (system 1)

    Recorder Settings (System 1) Standby Mode Mode 1 When the recorder is turned off, – Input signals from the LINE 1 jack are not output from the LINE 3 – TV jack (page 23). – Aerial input signals are not output to the connected TV.

  • Page 73: Recorder Settings (system 2)

    You can check the software version. Command Mode Changes the Command Mode of the recorder to avoid interference with your other Sony DVD recorder or player. Select a Command Mode (“1,” “2,” or “3 (Default setting)”), and press The default command mode setting for this recorder and the supplied remote is “3.”...

  • Page 74: Language Settings (language)

    Front Panel Display Adjusts the lighting of the front panel display. Bright lighting. Turns off the lighting and saves power consumption when the power is off. When you select “Off,” Child Lock is not available. To set the Child Lock, select “On.” Language Settings (Language) You can make language settings.

  • Page 75: Video Settings (video In/out)

    Video Settings (Video In/ Out) You can adjust items related to the image, such as size and colour, according to the type of TV or tuner that is connected to the recorder. TV Type Select the playback picture size according to the type of connected TV (widescreen/wide mode TV or conventional 4:3 screen TV).

  • Page 76: Input Colour System

    Input Colour System Selects the colour system when picture noise appears. This setting is effective when you record an analogue broadcast or an external input. Auto Recorder automatically detects signals of colour systems and selects the appropriate colour system. Selects the PAL colour system.

  • Page 77: Audio Input Settings (audio In)

    Audio Input Settings (Audio In) You can adjust the sound according to the playback and connection conditions. NICAM Select For details on NICAM system, see page 37. NICAM Normally select this position. Standard Select this if the sound from NICAM broadcasts is not clear.

  • Page 78: Audio Output Settings (audio Out)

    Audio Output Settings (Audio Out) You can switch the method of outputting audio signals when you connect a component such as an amplifier (receiver) with a digital input jack. If you connect a component that does not accept the selected audio signal, a loud noise (or no sound) will come from the speakers, and may affect your ears or cause speaker damage.

  • Page 79: Limitation Settings (parental Lock)

    DRC (Dynamic Range Control) Selects the dynamic range (difference between soft and loud sounds) setting when playing sounds that conform to “DRC.” This affects the output from the following jacks: – LINE 2 OUT (R-AUDIO-L) jacks – LINE 3 – TV jack –...

  • Page 80: Easy Setup (resetting The Recorder)

    Change Password You can change the password that gives access to the “Parental Lock” settings. Enter your four-digit password using the number buttons, then enter a new password. If you forgot your password, reset the recorder (page 87). Easy Setup (Resetting the Recorder) Select this to run the “Easy Setup”...

  • Page 81: Additional Information

    Should any problem persist, consult your nearest Sony dealer. Power The power does not turn on. , Check that the AC power cord (mains lead) is connected securely.

  • Page 82

    , When playing a double-layer DVD, the video and audio may be momentarily interrupted at the point where the layers switch. , Video signals from the LINE 1 jack appear in standby mode when connecting your TV to the LINE 3 – TV jack. This is not a malfunction.

  • Page 83

    The picture does not fill the screen. , Set “TV Type” in the “Video In/Out” setup in accordance with the screen size of your TV (page 75). The picture does not fill the screen, even though the picture size is set in “TV Type”...

  • Page 84

    Recording/Timer recording/ Editing Recording to a DVD is not possible. , The recording destination is HDD only. The programme position cannot be changed from the programme position you are recording. , Set the TV’s input source to “TV.” Recording does not start immediately after you press z REC.

  • Page 85

    , Moisture has condensed inside the recorder. See “Notes About This Recorder” on page 94. , If the disc was recorded on another recorder and was not finalised (page 59), the recorder cannot play the disc. The recorder does not start playback from the beginning.

  • Page 86: Remote Control

    HDD camcorder dubbing is not possible. , An HDD camcorder which is not supported by this recorder is connected (page 60). , The HDD camcorder is not set to the USB connection mode (page 61). , The HDD camcorder contains only the contents that have already been dubbed to the recorder when you are dubbing using the ONE-TOUCH DUB button.

  • Page 87: Resetting The Recorder

    “E01” appears in the front panel display. , There is a problem in the HDD. Contact your nearest Sony dealer. Note that contents on the HDD may be erased when servicing this unit. “E02” appears in the front panel display.

  • Page 88: Discs That Can Be Dubbed On

    Discs That Can Be Dubbed on Type Disc Logo DVD+RW DVD-RW mode Video mode DVD+R DVD+R DL DVD-R mode DVD-R Video mode Icon used Formatting in this (new discs) manual Format in VR mode (DVD+RW VIDEO) (page 66) Format in VR mode (page 66) - RW Format in Video...

  • Page 89

    Usable disc versions (as of April 2009) • 8x-speed or slower DVD+RWs • 6x-speed or slower DVD-RWs (Ver.1.1, Ver.1.2 with CPRM*) • 16x-speed or slower DVD+Rs • 16x-speed or slower DVD-Rs (Ver.2.0, Ver.2.1 with CPRM*) • 8x-speed or slower DVD+R DL (Double Layer) discs •...

  • Page 90: Discs That Can Be Played

    Discs That Can Be Played Type Disc Logo DVD VIDEO VIDEO CD DATA DVD DATA CD “DVD VIDEO” and “CD” are trademarks. If the DVD-RAM has a removable cartridge, remove the cartridge before playback. You can copy contents on CDs/DATA CDs to the HDD (page 45).

  • Page 91: About Recording Mode

    Region code (DVD VIDEO only) Your recorder has a region code printed on the rear of the unit and will only play DVD VIDEOs (playback only) labelled with identical region codes. This system is used to protect copyrights. DVD VIDEOs labelled will also play on this recorder.

  • Page 92

    • The maximum continuous recording time to the HDD is 8 hours for a single title. A title longer than 8 hours is divided. • Situations below may cause slight inaccuracies with the recording time. – Recording a programme with poor reception, or a programme or video source of low picture quality.

  • Page 93: Language Code List

    Language Code List For details, see page 74. The language spellings conform to the ISO 639: 1988 (E/F) standard. Code Language Code Language Code Language Code Language not specified...

  • Page 94: Notes About This Recorder

    Notes About This Recorder On operation • If the recorder is brought directly from a cold to a warm location, or is placed in a very damp room, moisture may condense on the lenses inside the recorder. Should this occur, the recorder may not operate properly.

  • Page 95: Notes On Mp3 Files, Jpeg Image Files, Divx Video Files, And

    Notes on MP3 files, JPEG Image Files, DivX Video Files, and i.Link About MP3 files, JPEG image files, and DivX video files MP3 is an audio compression technology that satisfies certain ISO/MPEG regulations. JPEG is an image compression technology. ® DivX is a registered trademark of DivX, Inc., and is used under license.

  • Page 96: Specifications

    IEEE 1394 data transport bus proposed by Sony, and is a trademark approved by many corporations. IEEE 1394 is an international standard standardized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

  • Page 97

    Inputs and outputs LINE 2 OUT (AUDIO): Phono jack/2 Vrms/10 kilohms (VIDEO): Phono jack/1.0 Vp-p LINE 2 IN (AUDIO): Phono jack/2 Vrms/more than 22 kilohms (VIDEO): Phono jack/1.0 Vp-p (S VIDEO): 4-pin mini DIN/Y: 1.0 Vp-p, C: 0.3 Vp-p (PAL) LINE 3 –...

  • Page 98: Index

    Index Words in quotations appear in the on-screen displays. Numerics “96kHz PCM” 78 “A-B Erase” 54 AC power cord (mains lead) 19 Aerial 14 “AFT” 71 “Analog Manual Setting” “Area” 21 “Audio In” 77 “Audio Out” 78 Audio output 17 “Auto Channel Setting”...

  • Page 99

    “HDD-Cam Dubbing” 62 HDMI “4:3 Video Output” “Control for HDMI” “HDMI Audio” 79 “HDMI Colour” 76 “HDMI Resolution” HDMI cable 15 i.LINK 96 “Initial Setup” 68 “Input Colour System” 76 “Language” 74 “LINE 3 Out [LINE 1 In]” Main sound 37 “Manual Clock Setting”...

  • Page 100

    “Unselect All” 53 Usable discs 88 USB 61 “Version” 73 Video cable 15 VIDEO CD 90 “Video In/Out” 75 Video mode 88 Video output 16 “Visual Search” 30 VR mode 88 Zoom 50 ZWEITON 37 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia...

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