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Setting The Jumpers - Sony DDU220E User Manual

Sony operating instructions dvd-rom drive unit ddu220e
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Setting the Jumpers

Installing the Drive Unit in Your Computer
Set the jumpers on the rear of the drive unit in accordance with the
configuration of your computer system.
The jumpers are preset at the "MASTER" position as illustrated at
the factory.
Notes for configuration jumpers:
• Designation of the Drive Number is generally set by inserting a
jumper pin on either the MASTER or the SLAVE pin.
• When the DDU220E is daisy-chained with a Hard Disk Drive on
an IDE Card (ATA compliant) set the Hard Disk Drive as
MASTER and the DDU220E as SLAVE.
• If the DDU220E is the only device connected to the IDE Card, set
the DDU220E as MASTER.
It should be noted that some personal computers may use CSEL in
lieu of the foresaid MASTER/SLAVE selection. In this case, remove
the existing jumpers from MASTER and SLAVE, and set a jumper
on CSEL. When the CSEL signal of the interface connector is set
low, the drive is designated as Drive 0. When the CSEL is set high,
the drive is designated as Drive 1.
Consult your PC manufacturer or dealer for further details.


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