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The OSD control menu will stay on as long as it is in use. In the OSD Turn OFF submenu, you can select how
long the monitor waits after the last touch of a button to shut off the OSD control menu. The preset choices are
10 - 120 seconds by 5 seconds step.
This control completely locks out access to all OSD control functions except for BRIGHTNESS and CONTRAST.
To activate the OSD LOCK OUT function, enter TOOL submenu, select "OSD LOCK OUT", press and hold
"INPUT/RESET" and "+" simultaneously until "OSD LOCKED OUT" indicator appears. To deactivate, press SELECT,
then repeat the same steps until OSD main menu displays on screen.
If you select "ON", monitor displays "VIDEO INPUT MENU" after changing the input.
If you select "OFF", monitor doesn't display "VIDEO INPUT MENU" after changing the input.
Selects the zoom mode.
This function works, when input signal timing is under native resolution.
FULL: The image is expanded to full screen, regardless of the resolution.
ASPECT: The image is expanded without changing the aspect ratio.
Turns ON or OFF the two way communication and control of the monitor.
Displays the estimated carbon saving information in kg.
The carbon footprint factor in the carbon saving calculation is based on the OECD (2008 Edition).
The carbon saving information can be reset by pressing the INPUT/RESET button.
Displays the estimated carbon usages information in kg. This is the arithmetic estimation, not actual measurement
Indicates the model and serial numbers of your monitor.
INPUT RESOLUTION (Analog input only)
This function works, when user selects below special input signal timing.
Select resolution's priority of input signal to one of the following signal: 1280x768, 1360x768 and 1366x768 or
1400x1050 and 1680x1050.
1280x768, 1360x768, 1366x768: Determines the resolution to 1280x768, 1360x768 or 1366x768.
1400x1050, 1680x1050: Determines the resolution to 1400x1050 or 1680x1050.
OSD Warning
OSD Warning menus disappear by pressing SELECT.
NO SIGNAL: This function gives a warning when there is no signal present. After power is turned on or when there is a
change of input signal or video is inactive, the NO SIGNAL window will appear.
OUT OF RANGE: This function gives a recommendation of the optimized resolution and refresh rate. After the power
is turned on or there is a change of input signal or the video signal doesn't have proper timing, the OUT OF RANGE
menu will appear.

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