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Playable File Format - Sony 4-169-957-12(1) Reference Manual

Sony cd/dvd player reference guide
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The player does not operate properly.
c When static electricity, etc., causes the player
to operate abnormally, unplug the player.
The disc tray does not open and "
(LOCKED) appears on the front panel
c Child Lock is set (page 7).
The disc tray does not open and
" (TRAY LOCKED) appears on
the front panel display.
c Contact your Sony dealer or local authorized
Sony service facility.
"C13" appears on the front panel display.
c Clean the disc with a cleaning cloth or check
its format.
"C31" appears on the front panel display.
c Re-insert the disc correctly.
There is no picture/sound when connected
to the HDMI OUT jack.
c Change the "HDMI RESOLUTION" setting
in "HDMI SETUP." The problem may be
c The equipment connected to the HDMI OUT
jack does not conform to the audio signal
format, in this case set "AUDIO (HDMI)" in
c Try the following: 1Turn the player off and
on again. 2Turn the connected equipment off
and on again. 3Disconnect and then connect
the HDMI cord again.
The CONTROL FOR HDMI function does
not work.
c Make sure that the TV's input is switched to
DVD player so that the signal from the player
appears on the TV screen, and "CONTROL
FOR HDMI" is set to "ON."
'BRAVIA Sync' display does not appear.
c Turn off any display of the DVD player
displays. Then, try again.
Your TV automatically turns on or the TV's
input is switched to the player.
c "CONTROL FOR HDMI" is set to "ON."
Switch this function to "OFF".
Display language on the screen does not
switch automatically.
c Turn off any of the DVD player's display
screens, and try again.

Playable file format

Video: MPEG-1 (Cyber-shot data)/MPEG-4
(simple profile)*
Photo: JPEG (DCF format)
Music: MP3 (except for mp3PRO)/WMA
(except for WMA Pro)*
Files with copyright protection (Digital Right
Management) cannot be played.
The player will not play coded files, such as
Supported extensions: ".avi", ".divx",
".mpg", ".mpeg", ".mp4", ".jpg", ".mp3",
".wma", ".m4a", ".wav"
Supported discs: DVD, DVD±RW/±R/±R
DL, Music CD/Super VCD, CD-R/-RW
• DATA CDs recorded according to ISO
9660 Level 1/Level 2, or its extended
format, Joliet.
• DATA DVDs recorded according to UDF.
• The player will play any file in the above,
even if the file format differs. Playing such
data may generate noise that can result in
speaker damage.
• To play a complex hierarchy of folders may
take some time. Create albums with no
more than two hierarchies.
• Some video, photo, and music files may not
play, depending on the encoding/recording
• To start playback and proceed to the next or
another album/file may take some time.
• The player will recognize a maximum of
200 albums and 600 files. It can recognize
up to 300 music files and 300 photo files
when "PHOTO (MUSIC)" is selected.
• The player may not play a combination of
two or more video files.
• The player cannot play a video file of size
more than 720 (width) × 576 (height)/2 GB.
• Depending on the file, playback may not be
smooth. You are recommended to create the
file at a lower bit rate.
• The player may not play back the high bit
rate video file on the DATA CD smoothly.
You are recommended to play back using



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