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Asus RT-AC52U Setup

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  • Page 1 Setup your own Hack the World-router...
  • Page 2 INDEX Introduction Step 1: connect the router Step 2: router settings Step 7: change DNS settings Frequently Asked Questions...
  • Page 3 Welcome to the Hack the World-network! This manual is based on the recommended router, model: ASUS RT-AC52U. The next pages show each step you need to take in order to setup the router correctly, based on this recommended model. If you want to use a different router, you can. Please make sure the router offers a ‘DNS* settings’...
  • Page 4 Step 1 Connect the router to a network Plug the AC adapter to the back of the router (A). Plug the ethernet cable into the blue plug on the back of the router (B) (Only the blue plug will work). Plug the other end of the ethernet cable into a LAN port of your already existing network.
  • Page 5 Step 2 Get to the router settings software It takes a few minutes for the router to create a WIFI network when you’re starting it for the first time. Wait for the WIFI network to appear. The default name of the router is ASUS_A8_2G. You’ll find the WIFI network through your computers WIFI settings.
  • Page 6 Step 3 Login (or Sign in) the routers software ● As default the name and password to the router will be: admin. You can find this information in the bottom of the devices, or in the manual that came with your device.
  • Page 7 Step 4 Create an admin When you have logged in, you need to create a new admin account and password for the router. Keeping the default login & password ○ (¨admin¨) is a security risk. Choose a new Login Name and Password of choice, and be sure to note it down, so you don’t forget it.
  • Page 8 Step 5 Change wifi name and password The standard WIFI Network Name is named after the make and model of the device. For our users to find this connection, we need to change the name of the WIFI network. Click on the button named ‘Router Setup’. You will open a window that looks like the one depicted on the right.
  • Page 9 Step 6 Network Configuration Summary After applying the changes, you will be forwarded to a screen that looks like the image on the right. Make sure all the information is correct. If all the information is correct, click on the ‘Complete’...
  • Page 10 Network Configuration Summary When you click ‘complete’ you will see this success screen.
  • Page 11 Step 7 Change DNS settings Go to Advanced settings > LAN > DHCP Server in the left navigation. You will land on a page that looks like the image on the right.
  • Page 12 Step 8 Change DNS settings In order to filter content that is allowed, and block content that is not allowed, we need to change the DNS settings. These settings represent a connection to a computer in between this router and the open internet. This computer helps us to filter the good from the bad.
  • Page 13 Step 9 Change DNS settings Go to WAN > Internet Connection > WAN DNS Setting. Change “Connect to DNS Server automatically” to “No”.
  • Page 14 Step 10 Change DNS settings Two textboxes will appear when “no” is activated. [] to DNS Server1 and add [] to DNS Server2. Go to the bottom of the page and press Apply. When the router is done installing the new settings, we’ve done the last setting in order to make the router send information to OpenDNS.
  • Page 15 Congratulations! You now have restricted internet.
  • Page 16 I have forgotten my username and password for the routers admin. What do do: Reset the router to factory settings. Most routers have a hidden button called “Reset” on the back of the router. Hold it in for 30 seconds and release. This will reset the routers admin login back to default.