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Philips CD145 User Manual

Philips en digital cordless telephone user manual
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EN Digital Cordless Telephone
Use only rechargeable batteries.
Charge each handset for 24
hours before use.



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  • Page 1 CD145 EN Digital Cordless Telephone Warning Use only rechargeable batteries. Charge each handset for 24 hours before use.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Important Power requirements Conformity Recycling and disposal Using GAP standard compliance Electric, Magnetic and Electromagnetic Fields (“EMF”) Your phone What’s in the box Overview of the phone Getting started Connect the base station Install rechargeable batteries Place the handset on the charging cradle Configure your phone Register your handset Using your phone...
  • Page 4 Answering machine How to turn on the answering machine How to turn off the answering machine How to set answer delay How to record your outgoing message How to play outgoing message How to delete outgoing message How to select the default outgoing message How to play incoming messages How to delete all incoming messages 6.10 How to screen an incoming call...
  • Page 5: Important

    Important Take time to read this user manual before you use your CD145. It contains important information and notes regarding your phone. Power requirements • This product requires an electrical supply of 220-240 volts AC. In case of power failure, the communication can be lost.
  • Page 6 place to ensure that products are recycled using best available treatment, recovery and recycling techniques to ensure human health and high environmental protection. Your product is designed and manufactured with high quality materials and components, which can be recycled and reused.
  • Page 7: Using Gap Standard Compliance

    Using GAP standard compliance The GAP standard guarantees that all DECT™ GAP handsets and base stations comply with a minimum operating standard irrespective of their mark.Your CD140/145 handset and base station are GAP compliant, which means the minimum guaranteed functions are: register a handset, take the line, receive a call and dial.The advanced features may not be...
  • Page 8 Philips is committed to develop, produce and market products that cause no adverse health effects. Philips confirms that if its products are handled properly for their intended use, they are safe to use according to scientific evidence available today. Philips plays an active role in the development of international EMF and safety standards, enabling...
  • Page 9: Your Phone

    Your phone What’s in the box Telephone handset Line cord User Manual Note The line adaptor may not be attached to the line cord.You may find the line adaptor in the box. In that case, you have to connect the line adaptor to the line cord first before plugging the line cord to the line socket.
  • Page 10: Overview Of The Phone

    Overview of the phone 2.2.1 Handset ACall Log key In idle mode: Press to access the call log list B Phonebook key In idle mode: Press to access the phonebook C Talk key In idle mode: Press to answer when there is an incoming call In idle mode: Press to make a call During a call: Press to end a call...
  • Page 11 F Alphanumeric keypad G Star key In idle mode: Short press to insert a * In idle mode: Long press to activate or deactivate keypad lock H Hash key In idle/dialling mode: Short press to insert a # In idle mode: Long press to mute the ringer In dialling mode: Long press to enter a pause...
  • Page 12 2.2.2 Display icons on the handset Indicate battery level. Display empty battery icon when the battery level is low, otherwise, full battery icon is displayed. Display when the phone is in use. Blink during ringing. Blink when new voicemail messages are received and not read yet Display when browsing the call log.
  • Page 13 2.2.3 Base station A Event LED OFF:Answering machine system is turned off ON:Answering machine system is turned on Normal blinking: New message received or incoming message is being recorded Fast blinking: Message box is full B Stop/Play key Press to play the message (the first recorded message will be played first) Press to stop message...
  • Page 14: Getting Started

    Getting started Connect the base station Caution Avoid placing the base station too close to large metal objects such as filing cabinets, radiators or electrical appliances.This can impair the range and sound quality. Buildings with thick internal and external walls may impair transmission of signals to and from the base.
  • Page 15: Install Rechargeable Batteries

    Install rechargeable batteries Your CD145 is supplied with two rechargeable batteries. Before using the handset, install the batteries into the handset and fully charged them up.
  • Page 16 Press • Only the country codes available in the product will appear on the screen. Press repeatedly to scroll to your desired country code. (See the country Country setting table Code Country Germany Austria Turkey Ireland France Italy Portugal Greece Spain 11-1 Switzerland...
  • Page 17 Code Country Sweden Norway Finland Denmark Romania Poland Czech Hungary Slovakia Slovenia Croatia Bulgaria Serbia Singapore Indonesia Malaysia Australia New Zealand Brazil Mexico * By default, the outgoing message language 1 is displayed, see Section 6.7 on how to access other available outgoing message languages. Note Once the country is selected, the default line settings for the...
  • Page 18: Register Your Handset

    press , enter 4-digit PIN code (default PIN is 0000) and press in idle mode to its default settings.The handset will go back to country code selection screen and you can select the country code again. If country selection is not needed, the handset will go back to idle screen after reset.
  • Page 19 Note The oldest entry will be deleted when the memory is full. 4.1.4 Call from the phonebook Press and the first number in the phonebook displays The number stored in memory location 0 will be displayed if a number has been stored in this location before, otherwise, only memory location number 0- will be displayed.
  • Page 20: Recall

    Recall To use this feature, you have to subscribe the service with your local service provider. You can use the recall function to make or receive a second call. The operations mentioned in Section 4.4.1 and 4.4.2 may be varied by countries and local service providers.
  • Page 21 4.5.1 How to make an internal call Press Press the handset number that you want to talk with Press on the called handset • The intercom is established. Note If the called handset is busy, a busy tone will be emitted from the calling handset.
  • Page 22: How To Find A Handset

    During the conference call: Press to put the external call on hold and go back to internal call • The external call is put on hold automatically. Press and hold establish the conference call again Note Any handset hangs up during a conference call will leave the other handset still in connection with the external call.
  • Page 23: Use More Of Your Phone

    Use more of your phone Call in progress 5.1.1 Mute/Unmute microphone During a call: Press • The microphone is turned off is shown on the display. Press again to turn on the microphone 5.1.2 How to adjust earpiece volume During a call: Press The current earpiece volume level is displayed...
  • Page 24: Call Log

    5.2.2 How to access the phonebook In idle mode: Press to access the phonebook • Number stored in the memory location 0 will be displayed if a number has been stored in this location before. Press repeatedly to review other phonebook entries To access numbers stored in memory locations from 0 to 9,...
  • Page 25: Redial List

    Identification (CLI), and provided that the identity of the caller is not withheld, the number of the caller will be displayed.The unanswered calls are displayed in chronological order with the most recent unanswered call at the top of the list. 5.3.1 How to access the call log...
  • Page 26 Recall time is the time delay by which the line will be disconnected after you press .The default value of recall time preset in your CD145 should be the best suited for your country network.You do not need to change it.
  • Page 27 Press Press Press one of the digit keys from through select the recall time Note Number of available recall time options vary by different countries. Press to save the settings. 5.5.7 How to select dial mode This dial mode setting is country dependent.
  • Page 28 5.5.10 How to change the master PIN The master PIN is a 4-digit PIN for handset registration and reset of your phone. Default master PIN is 0000.This PIN is also used to protect the settings of your handset.Your handset will prompt you whenever the PIN is required.
  • Page 29 5.5.13 How to restore to default settings You can reset your phone to the default settings (see Section 7) at any time. After a reset, all your personal settings and call log entries will be deleted, but your phonebook remains unchanged.
  • Page 30: Answering Machine

    Answering machine Your CD145 features a telephone answering machine that records unanswered calls when it is activated.The LED on the base station will light steadily when the answering machine is on.You can store up to 99 incoming messages within the maximum recording time of approximately 15 minutes including outgoing messages.
  • Page 31: How To Play Outgoing Message

    used when the answering machine answers the call. Press Press Start recording your own outgoing message after a beep tone. Note The maximum length of the greeting message is 60 seconds. Press to stop and save your recording at any time •...
  • Page 32: How To Play Incoming Messages

    How to play incoming messages The LED on the base station will blink when there are new messages. It will stop blinking after all the new messages are heard. New incoming messages Buttons on the Description base station Press to play the message or stop the message playback Press to skip the current message and play the next message...
  • Page 33: How To Delete All Incoming Messages

    You can activate the remote access control feature by: Place a call from an external phone to your CD145 When the answering machine answers the call and starts playing the outgoing message, press #...
  • Page 34: How To Change The Remote Pin

    old message would be played back after a long beep. Press the following keys to carry out the desired function Keys Description Skip to the previous message Play the message Skip to the next message Delete the playing message Turn on the answering machine Stop message playback Turn off the answering...
  • Page 35: Default Settings

    Default settings Items Earpiece volume Ring melody Ring volume Key tone Recall time Dial mode Master PIN Redial list Call log Phonebook memory Answering machine Answer mode Ring delay Message tone Remote access PIN Base speaker volume Personal outgoing message Default outgoing message language Answering machine memory...
  • Page 36: Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently asked questions In this chapter you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers about your phone. Connection The handset does not switch on! • Charge the battery: Put the handset on charger. After a few moments the phone will switch on •...
  • Page 37 • Charge the batteries for at least 24 hours • Move closer to the base station • Use the line cable provided • Connect the line adaptor (when needed) to the line cord is blinking. • Move closer to the base station •...
  • Page 38 Caller does not hear me! • Microphone may be muted: During a call, press Noise interference on your radio or television • Move the power adaptor or base station as far away as possible Product behaviour Caller Line Identification (CLI) service does not work •...
  • Page 39 Unable to perform remote operation • Make sure you entered the correct remote access code • Use a touch-tone phone Note If the above solutions do not help, remove the power from both the handset and the base. Wait for 1 minute and try again.
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