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Sony mobile telephone operating instructions
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Mobile Telephone

Operating Instructions
© 2001 Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB



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  • Page 1: Mobile Telephone

    3-233-439-12(1) Mobile Telephone Operating Instructions CMD-Z7 © 2001 Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB...
  • Page 2 My CMD-Z7 Information For easy reference, please record the following identification numbers for your phone and SIM Card. This information will assist you in customer inquiries to your retail dealer, manufacturer or Network Operator/ Service Provider. In case of loss or theft of...
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    (pacemakers, hearing aids. etc.) regarding any restrictions on the use of a mobile telephone. • Use only Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB-approved CMD-Z7 batteries and accessories with your phone. • Do not touch the External Antenna Connector.
  • Page 4 Warning • Unauthorised batteries, chargers, and accessories will invalidate any approvals and warranty given for your phone and may be dangerous. • Do not damage or puncture your battery pack with a sharp object. • For use in the car, please connect your GSM mobile phone to an external antenna.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Welcome to Sony CMD-Z7 ..7 What’s Included in Your Kit ....7 Quick Reference ......7 Basic Features of Your Phone .
  • Page 6 Menu Operations ....29 Messaging ......30 Sounds .
  • Page 7: Welcome To Sony Cmd-Z7

    Welcome to Sony CMD-Z7 What’s Included in Your The kit should include one mobile phone, one standard battery, one charger and this manual. If one of these parts is missing, please contact your retail dealer immediately. Quick Reference Ear piece...
  • Page 8: Basic Features Of Your Phone

    Basic Features of Your Phone Advanced Jog Dial The Jog Dial provides fast and easy menu navigation with only one hand. Operation Rotate Press (Click) Press and Hold Press forward Press backward 8 GB Function Opens Phonebook in Standby Mode. Scrolls through menu options.
  • Page 9: Manner Mode

    Manner Mode • In standby mode when the flip is closed, press the Jog Dial backward to activate/ deactivate the manner modes. • Once selected, it is possible to switch among the manner mode functions. All manner mode icons appear in the display; rotate the Jog Dial to select one: –...
  • Page 10 Icon Explanation Icon Explanation Incoming + Outgoing call barring Paste Conditional Divert Unconditional Divert Active call Call hold Mute Microphone Headset connected – active call Handsfree kit connected (auto answer on) Loudspeaker on Conversation Privacy (ciphering) not supported Search Press the Jog Dial backward (pop-up menu) T9 (Text editing system) 10 GB...
  • Page 11: Menu Overview

    Menu Overview Press the Jog Dial from standby mode to access the Main Menu: Messaging page 30 Read Create Settings Local Area Info Scheduler Sounds page 34 Ringer Set Sound Extras Voice Memo page 35 Settings page 36 Preferences Security Call History Call Data Call Settings...
  • Page 12: Getting Started

    Getting Started Inserting the Battery Pack 1 Unwrap the battery pack. 2 Press the battery cover release button and slide down to remove the cover. 3 Align the claws on the battery terminal with those of the phone and press battery down.
  • Page 13: Charging The Battery Pack

    1 Remove the battery cover and the battery. 2 Slide out the SIM card holder by pulling the knob on the holder. 3 Insert SIM card into the holder. 4 Slide the holder back into the phone. 5 Replace the battery and the cover. To remove the SIM card Follow steps 1 to 5 above removing the SIM card from the holder in step 3.
  • Page 14: Switching On Your Phone

    14 GB • Use only the Sony-specified CMD-Z7 battery pack and charger. • Disposal advice: Take special care in the disposal of the battery, using special facilities where available.
  • Page 15: Connecting To The Network

    If you do not enter a PIN code, your phone will automatically switch off after a few minutes. It is possible but not recommended to disable the PIN code prompt (see page 38). Connecting to the Network After successfully entering your PIN code, your phone searches for an available GSM network.
  • Page 16: Basic Operation

    Basic Operation Making Calls (Saving Phonebook Entries) Dialling a Number 1 Dial the complete number of the party you want to call (including the area code even when dialling locally). In case of International Calls, press and hold appears. Then enter the country code, followed by the area code and the number.
  • Page 17: Voice Dialing

    Voice Dialing Voice Dialing makes dialing Phonebook entries easy. Simply press and hold the Jog Dial and say person's name (Voice Tag) in the phone's microphone. Once the phone recognizes the Voice Tag, the phone automatically dials after 2 seconds (the 2- seconds gives you time to cancel your call by pressing the Jog Dial or End Key).
  • Page 18: Speed Dialing

    Speed Dialing The Speed Dialing option allows you to “speed dial” your chosen number by pressing and holding the corresponding key and then press Call. To use the Speed Dialing option it is necessary to assign a key to a number in advance.
  • Page 19: Answering/Ending Calls

    Answering/Ending Calls When the flip is open Press the Jog Dial (or ) to accept the call. When the flip is closed Press the Jog Dial to accept the call. • If you do not wish to answer the call, press or press the Jog Dial backward and select Busy while the phone is ringing.
  • Page 20: During A Call

    During a call Adjusting the Ringer/Speaker Volume • During an incoming call, rotate the Jog Dial to adjust the ringer volume. • During a call, rotate the Jog Dial to adjust the speaker/earpiece volume. (Rotate up = increase volume/Rotate down = decrease volume) Use your phone as a Notepad by entering a phone number during a call.
  • Page 21 Send DTMF Choose this option for sending DTMF tones, e.g. when using Voicemail or other services. Press and hold to clear the number and then press to exit this option. Mic Off/Mic On Choose the Mic Off/Mic On option to mute and unmute the microphone.
  • Page 22: Entering Text

    Entering Text You have the possibility to enter characters: • Standard Text Entry using the keypad. • Standard Text Entry using the Jog Dial. • Text Entry using the T9 fast text entry method. Standard Text Entry Using the keypad Press the corresponding alphanumeric key multiple times until the desired character appears.
  • Page 23: T9 Text Entry

    5 At the end of the word, check the preview bar for the possibilities found for the key combination you typed. 6 Rotate the Jog Dial to select “Sony”. If your desired word is first on the list, just press the Jog Dial to select it (or press to enter a space and proceed with the next word).
  • Page 24: Phonebook

    Phonebook Phonebook Organisation Your Phonebook is organised in the following sections: • Phonebook Menu • Voicemail (if it is set, see page 27) • Search • Customised Phonebook of priority entries (entries 1-9) • Alphabetically-ordered Phonebook (sorted in alphabetical order) 24 GB Saving Phonebook Entries from Standby Mode...
  • Page 25: Phonebook Menu

    Phonebook Menu Own Number The first entry in the Phonebook Menu is a place holder for your own numbers, where you can make one or more entries to store your own mobile number, etc. Depending on your SIM card, you can save multiple own number entries (including 3 numbers in the phone).
  • Page 26 • When saving the Phonebook entries to the SIM card, the number of memory spaces depends on your SIM card. • When saving the Phonebook entries to the Phone memory, you can make up to 500 entries (up to 20 characters for each name and up to 40 digits for each number.) •...
  • Page 27: Voicemail

    Voicemail Press and hold for quick access to your Voicemail. Set up your Voicemail 2 Enter the number at the prompt. 3 Press the Jog Dial to confirm your entry. After you have set up your Voice Mail, any editing of the number can be made via the Phonebook (see also page “Editing the Phonebook”).
  • Page 28 • Name editing options: the Phonebook. memory location to another. to see the complete name. • Number editing options: to call the number. number (e. g. Mobile, Fax, etc.). to erase the number from the Phonebook. to copy the number from one memory location to another.
  • Page 29: Menu Operations

    Menu Operations option on option off Selecting a menu item with the Jog Dial 1 Press the Jog Dial to select the Main Menu from standby mode and rotate the Jog Dial to scroll through the menu options. 2 Press the Jog Dial to select the menu option in the centre.
  • Page 30: Messaging

    Messaging This feature offers correspondence options to read, write and send short messages (SMS). Read Message When a new message arrives, you will hear a beep which sounds different from the single beep of the ringer and see in standby mode. to read sent messages.) 2 Scroll through the list of messages to select the message you want to read and...
  • Page 31 To Reply or Edit a Message 1 Follow steps 1-3 in “Read Message” (see page 30) and select Reply. 2 Choose Text Only or Text, Attach (reply the text with attachment). 3 Edit the message and press the Jog Dial. 4 Select Send (or Save, Cancel, Settings) and press the Jog Dial to confirm your selection.
  • Page 32 4 above. • The picture image and sound message can only be sent and received among Sony mobile phones supporting this feature. SMS list icons indicate the properties of the message...
  • Page 33 Result Report Select On if you would like to receive confirmation that your messages are transmitted to the recipient successfully. Message Format Specify how your message is transmitted: SMS, E-Mail, Fax, Telex, Voice (if available). The default setting is SMS. Service Centre Before you can send short messages, register your Service Centre number via the Service...
  • Page 34: Sounds

    Sounds Choose Sounds to access any sound-related option in your CMD-Z7, for example ringer melodies, ringer volume, enable/disable sounds, and record your own ringer melodies or other sounds. Ringer Ringer Volume Choose from four ringer volume levels or turn the ringer off.
  • Page 35: Voice Memo

    Key Click to turn the key click sound on/off. to turn the DTMF tones on/off. DTMF tones are designed to respond to menu prompts when pressing a key. to turn off the key click sound on/off. Error Tone Select Error Tone to assign a sound to the error tone.
  • Page 36: Settings

    Settings Preferences Choose Preferences to personalise your phone according to your preferences, e.g. which language, backlight on/off, etc. When you receive your phone, it has the following default settings: 36 GB Item Default Language SIM dependent Greeting Wallpaper Backlight LCD Contrast Select Network Auto Preferred List SIM dependent...
  • Page 37 Language Select the appropriate language. • As a short cut, you can also select the language by pressing *#00(country code)# . • Select your default language by pressing *#0000# . Greeting The Greeting menu allows you to turn on/off or to edit the greeting message which appears when you turn your phone on.
  • Page 38 Factory Reset To perform a master reset of all of your phone's settings back to the factory settings except Phonebook, Schedule and Network/ SIM card based settings. This will automatically restart your phone. Security The Security options allow you to control who uses your phone as well as their calling privileges.
  • Page 39 Call Barring Limit calls made from your phone which can be useful e.g. if you lend your phone to someone else but to not want them to make international calls. The restrictions in the Call Barring menu require the barring password. All Outgoing Restrict all outgoing calls except emergency calls (112, etc.).
  • Page 40 Call Data Track or control how long you are on the phone and the cost of calls made. So that Call costs can be used as a security measure e.g. when you lend your phone to someone, you must use your PIN2 as a security code when you set or change options.
  • Page 41 Call Settings Some of the following features may not be supported by some networks. Caller ID Choose whether or not you want the party you are calling to see your telephone number. Select Caller ID from the Call Settings menu. Use the Jog Dial to select On, Off or Default (network default).
  • Page 42 1 Minute Beep Turn the 1 Minute Beep On (Off) to be (not be) reminded by a beep in 1 minute intervals of the time you are on the phone. Auto Redial Automatic redial of an engaged line until it is no longer busy.
  • Page 43: Divert

    Divert You may need to register for this service with your Network Operator/Service Provider. Setting a Divert 2 Select a Divert option using the Jog Dial. 3 Select Activate to set the chosen divert condition. 4 Select Voicemail to divert calls to your Voicemail or choose a number from the Phonebook.
  • Page 44 The Divert menu offers the following options: Divert all calls unconditionally (the phone will not even ring). Divert incoming calls when your phone is switched off or out of network coverage. Divert incoming calls if you do not answer the call after a certain period of time.
  • Page 45: Call History

    Call History Provides a record and quick access of up to 10 of the last outgoing calls, up to 10 of the last incoming calls and up to 10 missed calls. (This feature is dependent on your Network Operator/Service Provider.) 2 Use the Jog Dial to choose one of the following options: Outgoing Calls, Incoming Calls or Missed Calls, then...
  • Page 46: Extras

    Extras Choose the Extras menu to access the following sub-menus: Clock, Calculator, Games and E-Mail. Clock World Clock Rotate and press the Jog Dial to select a city from the map (or press the Jog Dial backward to list cities) for the following options: to change the home city.
  • Page 47: Calculator

    Set Date/Time Use the Jog Dial and keypad to enter the day, month and year (DD/MM/YY) as well as the time in hours and minutes (HH/MM). If you insert a new battery, please reset the clock. Calculator The Calculator can perform addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (×), division (÷), and percentage (%) calculation.
  • Page 48: Games

    Currency Converter Settings 1 Press the Jog Dial backward when the calculator screen is displayed. 2 Select Settings and press the Jog Dial. Select from the following: – Home Currency to set the home currency. – Foreign Currency to set the foreign currency.
  • Page 49: E-Mail

    card. Should you receive a pair, you can split these cards and play 2 games at the same time (SPLIT) but you must bet the same amount on both games. The player who reaches the highest amount wins the game. Press the Jog Dial to start a new game.
  • Page 50 Reading E-mail After selecting E-mail from the Extras menu select Read to connect to your server and display a list of incoming mail. Rotate the Jog Dial to highlight the E-mail that you want to read, select it with the Jog Dial to read it. Also, when you press the Jog Dial you can: Next: Read the next E-mail.
  • Page 51 Settings To send and receive E-mail you need to set the following. Enter your E-mail address correctly as indicated by your mail-server manager or your provider. Provider Dial-Up Number: The phone number to dial- up your provider. User Name: The user name to access your provider.
  • Page 52: Scheduler

    Scheduler Display the calendar, save your daily schedule and set alarms for important tasks. The monthly calendar appears as follows: : An event is scheduled for that day. Enter a new event or a new to do item 1 Select Scheduler from the Main Menu and use the Jog Dial to select a day.
  • Page 53 Daily To Do List The following options are available if you select one of the To Do Items. Complete Select Complete if you have completed the To Do item. The To Do entry is ticked. It is still possible to View, undo complete (= Incomplete) and to edit this entry.
  • Page 54: Wap Browser

    WAP Browser With WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) it is possible to access a variety of information such as news or weather reports from around the world including mobile internet sites. With this phone you can access various HTML or WML internet sites. Choose WAP from the Main Menu using the Jog Dial or simply press the Jog Dial backward from standby mode to access the...
  • Page 55 Operator/Service Provider: Dial Up Number: +12 345 67 890 (number to access the gateway) ISP User Name: abc ISP Password: sony Data Call Type: Automatic 9 Select the arrow to return to the Edit menu. 10 Select GW Server to enter the address of the gateway server of your Network Operator/Service Provider.
  • Page 56 12 Select Details and then Timeout to enter the default timeout value in seconds specified by your Network Operator/ Service Provider (if your Network Operator/Service Provider does not specify a value, 120 seconds should be sufficient for most Network Operators/ Service Providers).
  • Page 57 You can also access your Favourites while browsing (see also “While Browsing”). However, you will need to enter “wsp://” and then the URL to any WAP sites you would like to access during a WAP session. Similarly you will need to enter “http://” and then the URL to any HTML sites you would like to access while browsing.
  • Page 58: Applications Menu Operations

    Applications Menu Operations Your phone has the Applications menu consisting of WAP, E-Mail and Games. It is necessary to register with a Network Operator/Service Provider to use this telephone as a browser or for E-mail. In some cases registration has already been completed. Check with your Service Provider in advance to confirm whether or not this phone has access to these services.
  • Page 59: Appendix

    Appendix Troubleshooting Problem Possible Causes Unable to switch Empty battery Defective battery icon Weak signal appears Outside GSM coverage area SIM not valid Network access not allowed Call not possible Dialling error All calls barred Another SIM inserted Call barring set Possible Remedies Charge the battery (see page 13).
  • Page 60 Problem Difficult to hear the other party Phones loses network SIM error SIM card not registered Not able to receive calls Battery Charging indicator does not appear 60 GB Possible Causes ––– Weak signal Damaged SIM card Network does not recognize the SIM card Call barring set Divert set...
  • Page 61: Unblocking The Sim Card

    Unblocking the SIM Card If you enter the PIN code incorrectly 3 times, the SIM card is blocked. 1 Enter the PUK and press the Jog Dial (or press 2 Enter the new PIN (4-8 digits) and press the Jog Dial (or press 3 Enter the new Pin code again and press the Jog Dial (or press The SIM is unblocked.
  • Page 62: Declaration Of Conformity

    Licensing Your CMD-Z7 is authorized for use in GSM 900 / 1800 networks and complies with EU standards. • This equipment complies with the essential requirements of the Directive 1999/5/EC Radio and Telecommunications Terminal 0168 Equipment Directive. • 95/54/EC “Car Automotive Directive”...
  • Page 63 63 GB...
  • Page 64 Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB agrees that it shall honor the consumer guarantee applicable for this product to the same extent, and in the same manner as, Sony Corporation. All Sony trademarks and copyright remain the property of Sony Corporation and are used with permission by Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB.
  • Page 65: Index

    Index Any Key Answer Auto Answer Auto Redial Backlight Battery Pack Charging Inserting Calculator Currency Converter Call Cost Call History Call Hold Call Time Call Waiting 21, 41 Caller ID Ciphering Clock Alarm Timer World Clock Connection Data Services Divert DTMF E-mail Emergency Calls...
  • Page 66 Network Network Specific Service One Minute Beep Phonebook Creating Entries FDN Phonebook Grouping Making Calls Note Own Number Saving Entries Search Service Dialling Numbers PIN2 Preferences Preferred List Ringer Type 66 GB Ringer Volume Adjusting Roaming Scheduler Event To Do Security Code Select Line Select Network...
  • Page 68 Made from chlorine-free, recycled paper Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB

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