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Precautions - Panasonic CF-VEB522 Operating Instructions Manual

Port replicator for cf-52 series personal computers
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Do Not Place Containers of Liquid or Metal
Objects on Top of This Product
If water or other liquid spills, or if paper clips,
coins, or foreign matter get inside this product,
fire or electric shock may result.
• If foreign matter has found its way inside,
immediately unplug the AC plug and remove
the unit from this product. Then contact your
technical support office.
If a Malfunction Occurs, Immediately Unplug
the AC Plug and Remove the Unit From This
• This product is damaged
• A foreign object is inside this product
• Smoke is emitted
• An unusual smell is emitted
• Unusually hot
Continuing to use this product while any of the
above conditions are present may result in fire
or electric shock.
• If a malfunction occurs, immediately unplug
the AC plug and remove the unit from this
product. Then, contact your technical support
Use Only the Specified AC Adaptor With This
Using an AC adaptor other than the one supplied
(attached to your product or supplied by
Panasonic) may result in a fire.
Do Not Touch This Product and Cable When
It Starts Thundering
Electric shock may result.
Do Not Place This Product on Unstable
If balance is lost, this product may fall over or
drop, resulting in an injury.
Do Not Connect a Telephone Line, or a Network
Cable Other Than the One Specified, Into the
LAN Port
If the LAN port is connected to a network such
as the ones listed below, a fire or electric shock
may result.
• Networks other than 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-
TX or 10BASE-T
• Phone lines (IP phone (Internet Protocol
Telephone), Telephone lines, internal phone
lines (on-premise switches), digital public
phones, etc.)
Do Not Keep This Product Wherever There
is a Lot of Water, Moisture, Steam, Dust, Oily
Vapors, etc.
Otherwise, possibly resulting in fire or electric
Do Not Leave This Product in High
Temperature Environment for a Long Period
of Time
Leaving this product where it will be exposed to
extremely high temperatures such as near fire or
in direct sunlight may deform the cabinet and/or
cause trouble in the internal parts. Continued use
in such a resulting condition may lead to short-
circuiting or insulation defects, etc. which may
in turn lead to a fire or electric shocks.