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Safety Precautions; Handling Cautions - Panasonic TY-42TM6D - Monitor Terminal Expansion Board Operating Instructions Manual

Monitor terminal expansion board;
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Safety Precautions

• Never attempt to disassemble or modify this product.
To avoid fire, shock, or failure.
• If you sense smoke, an odd odor, or unusual noises while in operation, immediately turn the display off.
Switch off the plasma display and unplug it from the supply outlet.
To avoid fire or shock, do not leave the display turned on.
• To avoid shock or other problems, do not leave the display plugged into the supply outlet.
• Please contact our designated service department for installation or change of this product.
To Service personnel:
Before removing or installing the Terminal Board, be sure to turn the display off and unplug itfrom
the supply outlet.

Handling Cautions

• Do not touch the connector contacts.
To avoid electrostatic damage to internal parts, touch a large metallic object such as a steel cabinet to
discharge yourself before handling this product.
• Be sure to use the supplied cable or specified parts for interconnection.
To avoid malfunction or failure, do not use parts other than those recommended.
Check to make sure that the following accessories are included in the Terminal board package:
Terminal indicator label (x1)
(Apply on the Plasma display
rear panel.)
Slot cover
[ To install this Terminal Board, remove an
existing dual size Terminal Board and fit it
into the now blank slot. ]
Digital RGB video cable (x1)
1 2 3
Screw x 4
(be sure to observe)
Terminal Board Replacement



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