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8. Mount the levers.
a Check both the interior and the
exterior assemblies, to make sure
the set screw is located on the opposite side,
(the side furthest away from the latch bolt).
If correctly positioned proceed to step c, if it is not
on the proper side, remove and switch the set
screw as directed in the following step - step b.
b. Using tool provided, remove set screw by
unscrewing it in a clockwise direction (this is
the reverse direction of what might feel normal).
Reposition set screw to the other side and screw
it in fully, using a counterclock direction
(again this is the reverse of the normal
c. Install interior
lever and tighten
set screw
d. To install exterior lever, first
remove the key from cylinder and
insert the cylinder into the lever
shaft, making sure the sleeve of
cylinder is positioned near keyway.
Note that the cylinder will not seat
back fully at this time. Slide the
lever on smoothly, aligning ribs
inside the lever with the lever shaft
(lever will not seat all the way until
completing step e).
e. Insert the key into cylinder
and rotate it clockwise to
the horizontal position, then
press lever to seat into
assembly. With key still in the
horizontal position, tighten the
set screw clockwise to secure the lever.
Set Screw
(on opposite side)
Latch Bolt

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