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15. Frequently asked Questions (FAQs).
Q: How long will the Smart Code operate on a set of batteries?
A: Based on 15 operations per day, a single set of Alkaline batteries will operate the SmartCode for
over 2 years.
Q: What type of batteries do you recommend?
A: For best results, use new non-rechargeable Alkaline batteries only.
Q: I just installed a Smart Code on my door but it does not operate correctly
A: Make sure you have installed the cylinder properly, review step 8.
Q: I removed the battery pack momentarily and my lock does not work any more.
A: The system did not initialize properly due to remaining charge. To correct perform the following:
a. Remove battery pack
b. Press "Program" button three times
c. Wait 10 seconds.
d. Insert battery pack.
e. The system should flash the Green LED and beep, indicating proper
f. Repeat a-d if initialization failed
Q: I am planning to be away for several months; will my lock operate when I get back?
A: When the system is idling, it consumes minimum power (very close to battery shelf life.) With
alkaline batteries, the lock should be operable after years of idle. See also Questions and Answers
Q: What settings should I use to get the maximum battery life out of my lock?
A: Set "Status LED" (SW1) and "Auto-lock" (SW2) to the off position.
WARNING: This Manufacturer advises that no lock can provide complete security by
itself. This lock may be defeated by forcible or technical means, or evaded by entry elsewhere
on the property. No lock can substitute for caution, awareness of your environment, and common
sense. Builder's hardware is available in multiple performance grades to suit the application.
In order to enhance security and reduce risk, you should consult a qualified locksmith or other
security professional.
This product is covered by one or more of the following patents or patents pending: 5123683 5317889 5335525 5335950 5441318 5452928 5482335 5490700 5496082 5513509 5513510
5529351 5540070 5570912 5662365 5761937 5810402 5816629 5857365 6058746 6128933 6151934 6398465 6401932 6412319 6443504 6532629 6536812 6568727 6598440
6662606 6695365 6702340 6745602 6828519 6860131 6860529 6862909 6871520 6880871 6948748 6951123 6959569 6971513 6973813 7007528 7100408 7104098 7114357
7117701 7152891 7156432 7162901 7213429 7234331 7308811 RE38693 D344011 D347564 D348602 D348821 D352888 D361488 D361489 D361706 D363872 D373063 D373523
D400777 D407292 D431443 D435423 D436933 D437216 D437771 D443194 D443808 D446122 D447927 D452131 D453897 D453898 D453899 D454049 D458839 D461700 D463968
D464565 D464877 D465989 D468636 D472794 D473780 D514921 D524630 D525512 D525516 D540140 D540147 D541621 D542115 D545169 D547830
For assistance or warranty information:
For Kwikset product, call
or visit,
For Weiser product, call
1-800-677-5625 USA, 1-800-501-9471 CANADA
or visit,

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