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Haier HT-20216C User Manual


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LCD Monitor
User Manual
Please read this manual carefully before use.
The company reserves the right to final interpretation of the instructions.
Product appearance, please prevail in kind.
Please keep it with the invoice after reading it.
In case of product technology or software upgrade, without prior notice



Summary of Contents for Haier HT-20216C

  • Page 1 LCD Monitor User Manual Model HT-20216C • Please read this manual carefully before use. • The company reserves the right to final interpretation of the instructions. • Product appearance, please prevail in kind. • Please keep it with the invoice after reading it.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Important safety precautions......3 Product introduction........5 Installation instruction........6 Monitor overview.........7 Functional operation instructions....8 Technical Information ........12...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Precautions

    To prevent liquid from splashing onto the display. If the display is faulty, do not open the case. Do not repair the display by yourself. Please contact Haier Service Center 4006 999 999 for repair. Unplug the monitor from the outlet and contact Haier Service Center for repair when the following cases happen: a.
  • Page 4 The power outlet should be located near the display or in an easy-to-use location. The power cord is the primary power outage. Note: The pictures and icons in this manual are for aesthetic use only and do not show the actual situation of the product itself.
  • Page 5: Product Introduction

    Product Introduction Product Features Microprocessor multi-button OSD menu control Compatible with IBM standard VGA, extended VGA, super VGA, XGA, SXGA, WSXGA+, and VESA standard. Support Windows xp/vista/7/8/10 system Packaging and Accessories After unpacking the carton, please check if your LCD monitor box has the following accessories: a, LCD Monitor b, Power Cord...
  • Page 6: Installation Instruction

    Installation Notes 2.1 Monitor angle adjustment To ensure a healthy and comfortable body posture while using the monitor, you can adjust the monitor within a range of approximately - 5°~ 15° -5°~ 15° -5° ~ 15° Base, bracket installation and unloading Please refer to the figure below Please refer to the figure below to install...
  • Page 7: Monitor Overview

    Monitor Overview 3.1 Control panel overview • Menu / Select (MENU): When the OSD is activated, the next level sub-menu is executed or the corresponding function is executed, and the OSD main menu is displayed in the OSD inactive state. •...
  • Page 8: Functional Operation Instructions

    Functional operation instructions 4.1 Power switch Turn the monitor's power on/off. Note: This power button is a trigger switch and cannot completely cut off the power. If you want to completely cut off the power, please unplug the plug from the socket. 4.2 Power indicator The power backlight indicator is green in normal operation, green flashing in power saving state, and the indicator is off when the monitor...
  • Page 9 Functional operation instructions OSD shortcut keys This feature makes it easy for users to adjust functions such as brightness, contrast and image. When the menu is not activated, press “ ” directly to pop up the brightness adjustment shortcut. Brightness When the menu is not activated, press “...
  • Page 10 Functional operation instructions 3, Menu setting Language selection: language selection Language selection Simplified Chinese Horizontal position: Adjust the left and right position of the Horizontal position OSD menu Vertical position Vertical position: Adjust the up and down position of the OSD menu Menu time Menu time: Adjust the display time of the OSD menu...
  • Page 11 Functional operation instructions 4.5 Factory preset display mode Vertical Mode Resolution Horizontal 720 × 400 31.47 kHz 70 Hz 640 × 480 31.47 kHz 60 Hz 640 × 480 37.90 kHz 72Hz 640 × 480 37.50 kHz 75 Hz 800 × 600 37.88 kHz 60 Hz 800 ×...
  • Page 12: Technical Information

    Technical Information 5.1 Product Specification 19.5” LCD Monitor Highest 1920*1080@75 Hz resolution Recommended 1920*1080@60 Hz resolution Horizontal 64-83 KHz frequency Vertical 50- 75 Hz frequency Visible size 434.88*238.68mm Use Environment Storage Environment Environment Temperature - 20 ℃~ 60 ℃ Temperature 0℃~ 4 0 ℃ Humidity 10%~90% Humidity...
  • Page 13 5.2 Troubleshooting If your monitor does not work properly, the following methods can help you solve the general problem quickly. If the following methods still cannot be solved, please contact Haier Service Center 4006 999 999. No screen display ➢...
  • Page 14 Prompt Description of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Recycling Regulations Haier Computer advocates environmental protection and low-carbon consumption experience, recommends that users who have Haier computers should abide by the relevant laws and regulations on the recycling of waste electrical and electronic products of the country when they no longer need this product, and hand it over to the local state-recognized recycling manufacturer.
  • Page 15 Certificate of Quality Inspector: The product has passed the inspection and is approved for delivery. Haier Information Technology(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd. A d d r e s s : R o o m F l o o r N o . 3 T o w e r B u i l d i n g , N o .