Haier PZ16E101 User Manual

Haier PZ16E101 User Manual

Shared screen
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Shared screen user manual
Model: PZ16E101
Haier (Beijing) IC Design CO.,Ltd.



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  • Page 1 Shared screen user manual Model: PZ16E101 Haier (Beijing) IC Design CO.,Ltd.
  • Page 2 Users can scan the bottom of the two-dimensional code into WeChat official account to know more about the shared screen or log on to the http://www.haier-ic.com website, choose the sharing screen of the gano- derma, view the video of the screen or download the electronic version.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1、 Product introduction ..............1 2、 Product list ..................1 3、 Shared screen specifications ............2 4、 Schematic diagram of sharing screen ........3 5、 Remote control function ............... 3 6、 Menu structure description ............4 7、 Function instructions ..............4 7.1、...
  • Page 4: 1、 Product Introduction

    5. IPTV live TV watching. 6. Youtube. 2、 Product list Please check the product list carefully after opening the package: Shared screen user manual Model: PZ16E101 Haier (Beijing) IC Design CO.,Ltd. host×1 remote control×1 instructions×1 7 dry cell×2 Typec charger×1 - 1 -...
  • Page 5: 3、 Shared Screen Specifications

    3、 Shared screen specifications Screen size 15.6 inches Screen resolution 1920×1080/1366×768 Visible area length :346×height:195 ( mm) Display scale 16 : 9 Host thickness 12mm Appearance size length:373×height:266 ( mm) Refresh rate 50/60Hz Storage capacity 1Gb DDR 、 1Gb Flash WIFI band 2.4G Transmission protocol...
  • Page 6: 4、 Schematic Diagram Of Sharing Screen

    4、 Schematic diagram of sharing screen 15.6inch 373mm 3.5mm headphone jack to the right USB Interface TypeC power supply port to the left HDMI Interface 5、 Remote control function ① Switch standby switch ① ② ② Mute turn sound off or on ③...
  • Page 7: 6、 Menu Structure Description

    6、 Menu structure description Menu item function description Menu item function description Miracast Android phone on screen Multimedia play Airplay Apple phone on screen IPTV Low Cost IPTV DLNA mobile film app projection Setting Set TV parameters HDMI HDMI signal source Youtube Youtube 7、...
  • Page 8: Miracast

    7、 Function instructions 7.2 Miracast Miracast Device Name: PINZHI_9465 Miracast Run ok,waiting for the user to connect “PINZHI_9465” Function Description: In the “Miracast” interface, please follow the instructions on the interface to synchronously project the mobile screen to the shared screen for display.
  • Page 9 7、 Function instructions (2) On the mobile terminal: turn on the wireless display function of the mobile phone. According to different brands of mobile phones, in the mobile phone pull-down menu or the mobile phone "Settings" interface, open "wireless screen projection", "multi screen interaction", etc.
  • Page 10: Airplay

    7、 Function instructions 7.3 Airplay Airplay Device Name:PINZHI_9465 Please set wifi connect Function Description: The same screen to shared screen display for Apple mobile phone. Operating instructions: (1) On the sharing screen: select from the main menu to enter the "Airplay"...
  • Page 11 7、 Function instructions (2) Connect the Apple phone to the same WIFI as the sharing screen. (3) On the mobile terminal: open the control center of Apple mobile phone, click "screen image" or "airplay image", and click to select the name of the shared screen device in the device list, such as " PINZHI_9465".
  • Page 12: Dlna

    7、 Function instructions 7.4 DLNA DLNA Device Name: PINZHI_9465 Please set wifi connect Function Description: Realize the video sharing and playing of mobile film and television app, that is, the mobile phone sends the link address of the video source to the sharing screen, which plays independently. Network is required, and mobile phone and sharing screen are required to be connected to the same WIFI.
  • Page 13 7、 Function instructions (2) On the shared screen: if WIFI is not connected, press the [up / down] key of the remote control to select the button, and press WIFI the [OK] key to enter the WIFI setting interface to connect WIFI (see section 7.5).
  • Page 14 7、 Function instructions (4) On the mobile side:open the video app interfaces of Youku, Tencent video, iqiyi, etc and select a video to play; then click the screen icon on the mobile phone playing interface, and the mobile phone prompts to find the sharing screen: such as "PINZHI_9465"...
  • Page 15: Wifi Settings

    7、 Function instructions 7.5 WIFI Settings Function Description: Share screen to set WIFI function. Operating instructions: (1) Enter the "network settings" menu from the "Settings" item in the main menu, and the WiFi signals that can be found nearby will be scanned automatically and the list will be displayed.
  • Page 16: Hdmi

    7、 Function instructions 7.6 HDMI Function Description: The shared screen uses HDMI cable to connect the computer, TV set-top box and game console, which can be used as the display screen. Operating instructions: (1) As shown in the figure, connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI interface of the shared screen and the computer / TV set-top box / game console.
  • Page 17 7、 Function instructions (2) Enter the HDMI menu item in the homepage of the shared screen to switch to the HDMI video source. (3) Press the [Back] key: exit the HDMI and return to the homepage. (4) Video parameter setting: press the remote control [menu] key to enter the parameter setting interface of the shared screen (as shown below).
  • Page 18: Setting

    7、 Function instructions 7.7 Setting Function Description: It can be set for network, function, image, sound, timing on / off, about local machine, remote control learning, binding with family, etc. (1) Press the [up / down / left / right] key: move the cursor to select the option.
  • Page 19: Iptv

    7、 Function instructions 7.9 IPTV Function Description: After network connection, live network video programs can be watched. IPTV program list (Over 1000 shows in 42 countries): ·AR BeIN Sports SD Low ·Libyas ·Portugal ·Pakistan ·AR BeIN Sports SD ·Africa ·Latin America Laz ·India Tamil ·AR BeIN Sports HD ·Dstv...
  • Page 20: Youtube

    7、 Function instructions 7.10 Youtube Operational instructions: (1) YouTube Video Website can be accessed from the homepage after successful network connection. (2) Press the left/right key and the up/down key to move the cursor to select the program. (3) Press the OK key: Select the video file to play. (4)...
  • Page 21: Attached Table

    7、 Function instructions 7.11 Attached table 1: (refer to the same screen setting of all brands of mobile phones) Mobile brand setting path settings > device connection > mobile screen projection > Huawei Mate wireless screen projection; or from the drop-down menu of Series mobile phone >...
  • Page 22: 8、 Warranty

    8、 Warranty Warranty bill User name: contact number: postal address: Invoice No.: Purchase date serial number: Sales unit: Warranty Description: 1、 From the date of purchase, if there are quality problems within 7 days, you can choose to return or repair; 2、...
  • Page 23: 9、 Battery Precautions

    9、 Battery Precautions * Please insert the new battery correctly according to the symbol used to locate the positive (+) and negative (-) of each battery. Do not reverse the battery polarity. * Please replace the battery according to its size and type. * If the device is not used for a long time, please take out the battery.
  • Page 24 Haier (Beijing) IC Design Co., Ltd. 网址: www.haier-ic.com...