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Safety Instructions - Siemens Intelli-Arc Instruction Sheet

Diagnostic tool, base unit, handheld device
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Hazardous voltage. Will cause death or serious injury.
This device necessitates working on or near equipment with exposed electrical
hazards. Turn off and lock out power supplying equipment before connecting Intelli-Arc
Diagnostic Tool. Ensure a safe work zone before re-energizing equipment for testing
1. Intelli-Arc Diagnostic Tool must be installed and operated only by a
qualified electrician.
2. To be installed only on a single phase 120VAC grounded system.
3. The Intelli-Arc Diagnostic Tool is not a protective device. For use only on
the load side of a listed branch circuit protection device rated at 20
Amperes or less.
4. To prevent severe shock or electrocution, always turn the power off
before working on or inside equipment.
5. It is the qualified electrician's responsibility to ensure a secured, safe
working area around the enclosure before turning on power to the
6. Intelli-Arc Diagnostic Tool is intended for temporary installation only.
Never leave the work site with the Diagnostic Tool connected.
7. Always replace all doors and covers before departing from the work site.
Hazard of Equipment Damage.
Will cause Damage to the Intelli-Arc Diagnostic Tool.
Do not reverse-feed or back-wire. Do not subject to megger, high voltage,
or hi-pot test. Remove the Intelli-Arc Diagnostic Tool before high-potting
occurs on the system or on the circuit.





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