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300 Li
Original Instructions
Please register your
product warranty on line.
To register your warranty and for all
your parts requirements please visit
For all other enquiries
0344 844 4558
1800 882 350


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  • Page 1 Mighti-Mo 300 Li ® Original Instructions Please register your product warranty on line. To register your warranty and for all your parts requirements please visit For all other enquiries 0344 844 4558 1800 882 350...
  • Page 2: Carton Contents

    IMPORTANT ! Please check the contents of the carton are correct BEFORE assembling your new Flymo product. The Loose Parts Pack is packaged underneath the deck of the product. IF ANY PARTS ARE MISSING CONTACT:- Husqvarna UK Ltd. Customer Service Department direct...
  • Page 3 Safety If not used properly this product can be dangerous! This product can cause serious injury to the operator and others, the warnings and safety instructions must be followed to ensure reasonable safety and efficiency in using this product. The operator is responsible for following the warning and safety instructions in this manual and on the product.
  • Page 4 7. Do not walk backwards when mowing, you could 4. Keep the battery charger clean. Contamination trip. can lead to danger of an electric shock. 8. Never cut grass by pulling the product towards 5. Before each use, check the battery charger, cable you.
  • Page 5: Assembly Instructions

    Assembly Instructions Assembly of Lower Handles to Deck 1. Unscrew the lower handle knobs (A). 2. Place the lower handle as illustrated in Fig B and re-attach the lower handle knobs. Assembly of Upper Handles to Lower Handles. 1. Ensure the upper handle is located correctly with the lock-off button on the switchbox uppermost.
  • Page 6: Battery Charging

    Battery The battery is supplied partially charged. To ensure procedure does not damage the battery. The battery full capacity of the battery, completely charge the includes built-in protection against deep discharging. battery in the battery charger before using your When the battery is run down or discharged, the product for the first time.
  • Page 7 Battery Temperature below 0 C or above 45 Temperature Control Indicator If the charger control light flashes red when the If the red warning light illuminates for 5 seconds after battery is installed, this indicates that the battery pressing the button on the battery, this signals that temperature is not within the charging temperature the battery or the electronics of the product (with range of 0 °C –...
  • Page 8: Adjusting The Cutting Height

    Attaching and Removing the Battery Attaching the Battery the battery compartment. 1. Open the battery cover (K1). 4. Turn the isolator key to the ‘on’ position (L1). Note:- The motor can be started only when the 2. Place the battery into the battery compartment (K2) and push down until it clicks into position.
  • Page 9: Removing And Fitting The Blade

    How to Mow Mow twice a week during the growing season. Your lawn will suffer if more than one-third of its length is cut at one time. This may also result in poor collection. Do Not Overload Your Mower Mowing long, thick grass may cause the motor speed to drop. You will hear a change in the motor sound. If the motor speed drops.
  • Page 10: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Problem Possible Cause Corrective Action Tool fails to operate Possible clogging Remove the isolator key: Check underneath the garden product and clear out as necessary (always wear gardening gloves) Battery not fully charged Charge the battery Battery not inserted (properly) Insert the battery Grass too long Increase height of cut and tilt...
  • Page 11: Battery Maintenance

    Battery Maintenance ● Warning! Switch off, remove the isolator key, between 0 °C and 50 °C. As an example, do not battery and grass catch before adjusting or leave the battery in the car in summer. cleaning. – Do not leave the battery in the product in direct ●...
  • Page 12: Ec Declaration Of Conformity

    Our policy of continuous improvement means that the specification of products may be altered from time to time without prior notice. Copyright © 2016 Flymo S.A. All rights reserved. Flymo® and other product and feature names are registered or un- registered trademarks of Flymo S.A...

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