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Cleaning And Maintenance - Sharp EM-F2056 Operation Manual

High speed blender
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Cleaning and Maintenance

− After use, reassemble the Jug and pour about 400 - 500 ml water into it and turn the
Speed Switch to "HI" speed or push the function switch to "Pulse" position to work for a
few seconds to remove the residual food.
− After stop, remove the Jug from the Motor Unit and rinse the Jug under running water.
− Wiping the outer surface of Motor Unit with a damp cloth, do not use abrasive cleansers.
Never immerse in water or other solution for cleaning.
− All parts except the Motor Unit are dishwasher-safe. You can also wash the parts, except
the Motor Unit, in warm, soapy water.
− Dry all parts and then reassemble them again. But store the appliance with the Jug Lid
not be closed completely to allow air to circulate and prevent Jug odors.
− If any problem has been encountered during use, never disassemble the Motor unit by
yourself, there are no user serviceable parts inside. Contact only the authorized SHARP
service centre for examination and repair.
• The blade is very sharp, handle carefully when clean.
• Do not use abrasive cleaners. Never immerse the Motor Unit in water for cleaning
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