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Using Your Appliance - Sharp EM-F2056 Operation Manual

High speed blender
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Using Your Appliance

Lay the appliance on the flat horizontal surface and make sure it is unplugged.
Prepare the ingredients and cut them into cubes with a size of 15 mm x 15 mm x
15 mm. And then remove the Measuring cup and Jug lid, after it, put the ingredients
into the Jug. Usually a certain amount of purified water has to be added to facilitate
the smooth running of appliance. The proportion of the ingredients and water is 2:3.
The amount of mixture should not exceed the max level as indicated on the Jug. And
then close the Jug lid and Measuring Cup well in position.
Connect the appliance with power source, and then push the Power Switch to "ON"
Turn the Speed Switch to the "HI" speed setting and the appliance starts to blend the
After blending for about 30 seconds, turn the Speed Switch to "OFF" position, and the
appliance stops working.
You may add ingredients into the Jug through the center opening of Jug cover during
operation. Turn off the appliance to make it stop working, and then remove the
Measuring Cup and add the ingredients into the Jug through the center opening of
Jug. Then replace the Measuring Cup in position and turn on the appliance again.
• During operation, if the mixture is too thick to be blended, operate by referring to the
description of "Tamper" mentioned above.
• Do not remove the Jug from the Motor Unit during working process. If it is necessary to
remove the Jug, please turn off the appliance to make it stop working and then remove it.
• The advisable operation time per time is 3 minutes and minimum 1 minute rest time must
be maintained between two consecutive cycles. Allow the appliance to rest for at least 30
minutes every 10 cycles.
After finish blending, move the Jug out of the Jug Support Pad, and then carefully take
down the Measuring Cup and Jug Lid, then pour and serve.
CAUTION: The Speed Switch and Power Switch must be at "OFF" positions and the power
outlet must be unplugged before removing the Jug.
High speed blender_EMF2056.indb 8
High speed blender_EMF2056.indb 8
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