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Before The First Use - Sharp EM-F2056 Operation Manual

High speed blender
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Before the First Use

Unpack the appliance and place all parts on a flat surface.
Immerse the Jug, Jug lid, Measuring Cup and Tamper in soapy water and rinse them
and dry. Never immerse Motor Unit in water for cleaning to prevent the risk of electric
CAUTION: The blade is very sharp, handle with care.
For attaching Jug, place the Jug lid and Measuring Cup into the Jug, ensure the Jug lid
and Measuring Cup are placed tightly and properly with the Jug. And then place the
Jug onto the Jug Support Pad and fix it onto the Motor Unit tightly. Now, the Blender
is ready for use.
• Before assembling the Jug, be sure the power cord is unplugged from the power outlet, the Power
Switch and the Speed Switch are both on the "OFF" positions.
• The appliance will not operate if the Jug is not assembled onto the Motor Unit properly.
• Make sure all the parts are assembled properly.
High speed blender_EMF2056.indb 7
High speed blender_EMF2056.indb 7
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