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Simplicity 1693755 Operator's Manual

Snow/dozer blade & hitch
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Blade & Hitch
Snow Plow/Dozer Blade
Mfg. No.
42" Remote Angling Snow Plow/Dozer Blade
Mfg. No.
Hitch (for Express Series & Regent / 500 / 2500 Series)
Rev 1/2001
TP 100-2353-02-AT-SMA



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  Summary of Contents for Simplicity 1693755

  • Page 1 OPERATOR’S MANUAL Snow/Dozer Blade & Hitch Snow Plow/Dozer Blade Mfg. No. Description 1693754 42” Remote Angling Snow Plow/Dozer Blade Hitch Mfg. No. Description 1693755 Hitch (for Express Series & Regent / 500 / 2500 Series) 1721301-02 Rev 1/2001 TP 100-2353-02-AT-SMA...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Recommended Accessories ...1 Safety Rules & Information General Warnings...2 Operating on Slopes...2 Preparation ...2 Operating Safety...2 Features & Controls ...3 General Operating Instructions Checks Before Starting...4 Engine & Ground Speed Selection...4 Transporting...4 Starting & Stopping ...4 Changing Angle of the Blade...5 Dozing Tips...5 Snow Plowing Tips ...5 Storage ...5...
  • Page 3: Safety Rules & Information

    Safety Rules & Information Read these safety rules and follow them closely. Failure to obey these rules could result in loss of control of unit, severe personal injury or death to you, or bystanders, or damage to property or equipment. The triangle in text signifies important cautions or warnings which must be followed.
  • Page 4: Features & Controls

    CONTROL FUNCTIONS The information below briefly describes the function of individual controls. Operating the tractor and dozer require the combined use of these controls and additional controls whose operation is described in the tractor Operator’s Manual. Please Take a moment and familiarize yourself with the name, location, and function of these controls so that you...
  • Page 5: General Operating Instructions

    General Operating Instructions Checks Before Starting 1. Refer to the Maintenance & Adjustments sections of this manual and perform any needed service. Also, refer to the tractor Operator’s Manual and perform any required service. 2. Remove any objects from the work area which might interfere with plowing activity.
  • Page 6: Changing Angle Of The Blade

    Changing Angle of the Blade: See Figure 1 for location of Controls. NOTE: It is easier to change the angle of the blade with the attachment raised. 1. Raise the attachment lift. 2. Use an abrupt pushing/pulling motion to release the angling mechanism and move the blade left or right.
  • Page 7: Maintenance & Normal Care Schedule

    Maintenance WARNING To avoid serious injury, perform maintenance on the tractor or dozer blade only when the engine is stopped, parking brake is set and all moving parts have stopped. Always remove the ignition key before beginning maintenance or adjustments to prevent accidental starting of the engine.
  • Page 8: Adjustments

    Skid Shoe Adjustment Slotted holes are provided to permit adjustment of the shoe assemblies for raising and lowering the blade to various working heights (see Figure 3). When cleaning snow from gravel or earth drives or walks, the shoe assemblies should be lowered fully to prevent blade contact with gravel or ground.
  • Page 9: Downward Pressure Adjustment

    Adjustments Lift Rod Adjustment The lift lever can be placed in one of three notches and is held in position by the lever latch. (see Figure 7). When the lever latch is placed in notch 1 the lift lever should be applying downward pressure on the attach- ment.
  • Page 10: Initial Setup & Assembly

    Figure 8. Ref Qty Description ROD, Control Handle, Upper NUT, Hex, 5/16-18 LOCKWASHER, 5/16 WASHER, 5/16 CAPSCREW, 5/16-18 x 1-1/4 ROD, Control Handle, Lower CLEVIS WASHER, 1/2 CLIP, Hair Pin COTTER PIN ROD & PLATE ASMY, Pivot DOZER BLADE ASMY, 42” SCRAPER BAR CARRIAGE BOLT, 3/8-16 x 1 LOCKWASHER, 3/8...
  • Page 11: Hitch Components

    Components Figure 9. Hitch Assembly A. Hitch Assy. B. Rear Support Assy. C. Washers (Qty. 2) D. Hairpin Clip (Qty. 2) E. Pin F. Safety Clip (Qty. 4) G. Clevis Pin, 3/8 (Qty. 2) H. Rod I. Spring Assist Bracket J.
  • Page 12: Assemble Blade

    Figure 10. Bar Stop A. Bar Stop B. Taptite Screw, 5/16-18 x 1 INITIAL SETUP & ASSEMBLY NOTE: Some of the following setup procedures may already be completed. Assemble Blade 1. Place the blade on a flat surface. 2. See Figure 10. Install one bar stop (A) using the two 5/16-18 x 1 taptite screws (B).
  • Page 13 Initial Setup & Assembly 2. Increase front tire pressure to 20 psi (138 kPa) to compensate for added weight of the hitch, plus bar and blade. Be sure both tires have equal pressure. 3. From the front of tractor, slide the hitch under the tractor so that the hitch bar is positioned at the front of the unit.
  • Page 14: Install Pushbar

    Install Push Bar 1. Drive the tractor over the push bar until the rear of the push bar is positioned between the side rail exten- sions on the front of the hitch. 2. Stop engine, remove key and set parking brake. 3.
  • Page 15: Install Lift Rod

    Initial Setup & Assembly Figure 17. Lift Rod Assembly A. Set Collars C. Spring B. Rod Guide D. Lift Rod Figure 18. Lift Rod Installation A. Rod Guide C. Spring Clip B. Push Bar Install Lift Rod 1. Assemble lift rod as shown in Figure17. 2.
  • Page 16: Install Angling Control Rod

    Figure 21. Underside of Left Footrest. A. Carriage Bolt, Lockwasher, & Nut B. Pedal Plate Install Angling Control Rod NOTE: If installing the dozer attachment on a unit equipped with a snowcab, replace the control rod sup- port (A, Figure 22) with the hanging support (Ref. No. 41, Figure 8).
  • Page 17: Attaching & Removing The Hitch & Blade

    Removing & Attaching the Hitch & Blade Figure 24. Dozer Removal A. Support Arm C. Pivot Pin B. Hair Pin Clip D. Hair Pin Clip & Washer REMOVAL & INSTALLATION Removing & Attaching Dozer Blade 1. Lower the blade. Put the lift lever in the middle notch (float position).
  • Page 18: Removing & Attaching Hitch

    Figure 25. Installing Hitch to Rear Bracket A. Rear Bracket G. Capscrew, 3/8-16 x 2 B. Lift Lever Rod H. Spacer, 25/64 x 5/8 x 17/64 C. Hairpin Clip I. Spacer, 13/32 x 1 x 13/16 D. Washer J. Nut, Whizlock, 3/8-16 E.
  • Page 19: Hardware Identification & Torque Specifications

    Hardware Identification & Torque Specifications Common Hardware Types Hex Head Capscrew Carriage Bolt Standard Hardware Sizing When a washer or nut is identified as 1/2”, this is the Nominal size, meaning the inside diameter is 1/2 inch; if a second number is present it represent the threads per inch When bolt or capscrew is identified as 1/2 - 16 x 2”, this means the Nominal size, or body diameter is 1/2 inch;...
  • Page 20 Simplicity Mfg. Inc. 500 N Spring Street / PO Box 997 Port Washington, WI 53074-0997 USA © Copyright 2000 Simplicity Manufacturing, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Printed in USA.

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