Emerson MRLDS-250 Installation And Operation Manual

Infrared gas detector
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026-1315 Rev 2 11-APR-2017
MRLDS-250 Infrared Gas Detector
Installation and Operation Manual



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  • Page 1 026-1315 Rev 2 11-APR-2017 MRLDS-250 Infrared Gas Detector Installation and Operation Manual...
  • Page 3 Emerson Retail Solutions 1065 Big Shanty Road NW, Suite 100 Kennesaw, GA 30144, USA Phone 770-425-2724 Fax 770-425-9319...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 INTRODUCTION................................1 1.1. O ..................................1 VERVIEW 1.2. D ..............................1 ETECTION PTIONS 1.2.1. Broadband vs. Gas Specific ..........................1 1.2.2. Broadband Gas Detection............................. 1 1.2.3. Detecting Specific Gases............................2 1.3. R ..........................3 EMOTE ONTROLLER PTIONS 1.4.
  • Page 6 AULT ODES 7.2. D (P.-18) ..........................20 IAGNOSTIC TTRIBUTES 7.3. R MRLDS-250 ....................20 ESETTING THE EFAULT ALUES 7.4. O ..............................21 THER YMPTOMS 8 REPLACEMENT PARTS AND ACCESSORIES....................22 ii • MRLDS-250 Gas Detector Manual 026-1315 Rev 2 11-APR-2017...
  • Page 7: Introduction

    Section 6, The MRLDS-250 NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) Functional Tests and Adjustments. is a fixed gas detector that can detect a wide range of refrigerant gases. The MRLDS-250 can be used on a Value for Group # Refrigerant...
  • Page 8: Detecting Specific Gases

    Parameters). If changed, the gas detector will have a lower accuracy for the target refrigerant (without calibration). Table 1-3 Changing Gas Types and Accuracy Figure 1-3 Gas-Specific MRLDS-250 Gas Detectors 2 • MRLDS-250 Gas Detector Manual 026-1315 Rev 2 11-APR-2017...
  • Page 9: Remote Controller Options

    Optional 1.5. Specifications Recalibra- tion (For For default values, refer to Section 5.2., Setting Improved Accuracy) Parameters. By applying calibration gas containing the Specification Description new target refrigerant, and via the routine described in Section 6.4., Adjustment Using Power Supply 24 VDC, 24 VAC 50/60 Hz, Calibration Gas, the gas detector may then be 2.5 W max...
  • Page 10: Mounting The Gas Detector

    NOTE: When installed in areas that may be WARNING: Explosion hazard! Do not mount subjected to water spray, the optional splash the MRLDS-250 in an area that may contain guard (P/N 603-1100) should be used in flammable liquids, vapors, or aerosols.
  • Page 11: Refrigerated Spaces

    For Wall Mount, attach the MRLDS-250 base 2.2.4. Chillers to the mounting surface using two #6 screws (provided) through two of the 7 mounting holes, In the case of small water- or air-cooled enclosed and be careful not to over-tighten the screws.
  • Page 12 Figure 2-1 Initial Housing Separation Figure 2-2 Front and Back Views of MRLDS-250 Base 6 • MRLDS-250 Gas Detector Manual 026-1315 Rev 2 11-APR-2017...
  • Page 13: Wiring And Configuration

    Either 24VAC or 24VDC may be used to power the MRLDS-250. Connect wiring to the appropriate terminal locations (see ). Use two wires, between 14 • MRLDS-250 backplate is mounted in an appropriate and 22 AWG. Refer to Figure 3-2 for (AC wiring left) location.
  • Page 14: Wiring Alarm Output (Analog Signal)

    Figure 3-3 Maintaining Neutral Polarity An alarm setpoint may be programmed from the 3.3. Wiring Alarm Output front panel of the MRLDS-250. When the level of the detected gas exceeds the alarm setpoint, the (Analog Signal) MRLDS-250 enters the alarm state. An on-board...
  • Page 15: Finish Installation

    CAUTION: Do not apply caulking or other material around the gas detector base. The gas detector relies on air exchange through the spaces between the base and the gas detector housing. Do not obstruct the small gap around the housing and the base with any material. Figure 3-5 Sample Relay Output Wiring NOTE: The relay can be programmed to be failsafe (normally energized).
  • Page 16: Operation And Stabilization

    4.1. Power Up and Warm refrigerant present will cause the gas detector to report incorrect readings. On powering up, the MRLDS-250 will sense for 4.4. Alarms the presence of gas after an initial warm-up period of two (2) to five (5) minutes. The green LED will flash The following occurs during an alarm condition: at a one-second interval during the warm up.
  • Page 17: Non-Critical Faults

    Display Shows the appropriate fault code Analog Output Operates Normally Table 4-2 MRLDS-250 Behavior During a Non-Critical Fault 4.5.3. Critical Faults Critical faults may indicate an unrecoverable condition. Please refer to Section 7, Troubleshooting for more information. The following occurs when a...
  • Page 18: Configure The Gas Detector

    Each Parameter has its own attributes, as shown in the following table. Set the attributes as desired, and then press Enter to save the Figure 5-1 The User Interface of the MRLDS-250 setting. The user interface consists of four pushbuttons, a 5.2.2.
  • Page 19 Parameter Description Parameter Description Analog Output Type RS485 Node Address Sets the RS485 node address (0001 to Selects output type: 0255) Selects 0-5V Selects 1-5V (default) Gas Groups / Specific Gas Selection Selects 0-10V Selects either gas group number for broadband operation or specific gas name Selects 2-10V for gas-specific mode.
  • Page 20 Table 5-2 Configuration Parameters sets the full scale PPM value creating a PPM range across which the analog output is scaled. See Figure 5-2 for more details. Figure 5-2 Analog Output Scaling Options 14 • MRLDS-250 Gas Detector Manual 026-1315 Rev 2 11-APR-2017...
  • Page 21: Completing Setup

    (5) seconds to exit the Parameter list: The gas detector is now actively monitoring its surroundings. NOTE: If no buttons are pressed for two (2) minutes, the MRLDS-250 exits setup mode automatically. Completing Setup Configure the Gas Detector • 15...
  • Page 22: Functional Tests And Adjustments

    Functional Tests CAUTION: Before testing the gas detectors and Adjustments on-site, the MRLDS-250 must be powered up and allowed to stabilize. CAUTION: After initial installation, the 6.1. Introduction MRLDS-250 should be gas tested to ensure proper operation. To comply with the requirements of EN378 and...
  • Page 23: Bump Testing

    • Check if the gas detector is connected to external systems such as sprinkler systems, plant shut down, external sirens and beacons, ventilation, etc., and disconnect as instructed by the customer. • For bump test or calibration, the MRLDS-250 Bump Testing Using Calibration Gas Step Cylinders should be powered up and fully stabilized per Section 4, Operation and Stabilization.
  • Page 24: Adjustment Using Calibration Gas

    Gas Test Mode to prevent false alarms. Expose the gas detector to gas from the cylinder. Monitor the 4-digit LED display reading. Table 6-2 Adjustment Using Calibration Gas Cylinders 18 • MRLDS-250 Gas Detector Manual 026-1315 Rev 2 11-APR-2017...
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    However, local regulations may Rate of min for more Change Fault specify the nature and frequency of this test. than 15 minutes. The MRLDS-250 features sophisticated internal Open Loop 0x0010 Possible wiring, status monitoring and will indicate whether a fault connection, Fault condition exists on the front display (F.-XX, with XX...
  • Page 26: Diagnostic Attributes (P.-18)

    P.-18. The gas detector may now be re-programmed for further troubleshooting if needed. Displays the sensor temperature in °C. Table 7-3 Resetting MRLDS-250 to Default Values Table 7-2 Diagnostics Attributes 20 • MRLDS-250 Gas Detector Manual 026-1315 Rev 2 11-APR-2017...
  • Page 27: Other Symptoms

    7.4. Other Symptoms Other common wiring problems can also cause the gas detector to malfunction. Check below for additional conditions that will cause gas detector issues. Symptom Possible Cause(s) Green Check power supply. Check Wiring. power LED off Alarms in If you experience alarms in the absence of a leak, try setting an alarm delay.
  • Page 28: Replacement Parts And Accessories

    NOTE: The gas detector response time will lengthen when the Splash Guard is used. The installer is responsible for determining whether the response time is suitable for the application. Table 8-1 Replacement Parts and Accessories 22 • MRLDS-250 Gas Detector Manual 026-1315 Rev 2 11-APR-2017...
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