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Sony HT-X8500 Operating Instructions Manual

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Sound Bar
Operating Instructions



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  • Page 1 Sound Bar Operating Instructions HT-X8500...
  • Page 2 For the Sound Bar WARNING The nameplate is located on the bottom of the Sound Bar. Do not install the Sound Bar in a For the AC adapter confined space, such as a bookcase or built-in cabinet. Labels for AC adapter Model No. and Serial No.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

     Formats ........37 (separate with the HDMI document) Supported HDMI Video Cable Formats ........38 Connecting Sony TV with the On BLUETOOTH BLUETOOTH Function Communication .....40 Wirelessly .......12 Precautions ........41 Connecting a 4K TV and 4K Devices ........15...
  • Page 4: What's In The Box

    • AC power cord (mains lead) (1) – Australia/New Zealand models What’s in the Box • Sound Bar (1) – Other models • Remote control (1) • WALL MOUNT TEMPLATE (1) • R03 (size AAA) battery (2) • Startup Guide •...
  • Page 5: What You Can Do With The Sound Bar

    Basic connection: Refer to “Startup Guide” (separate document). Other connections: See “Connecting to a TV or AV Device” (page 12). “Connecting Sony TV with the BLUETOOTH “Using the Control for HDMI Function Wirelessly” Function” (page 27) (page 12) “Using the “BRAVIA” Sync Function”...
  • Page 6: Guide To Parts And Controls

    Guide to Parts and Controls Details are omitted from the illustrations. Sound Bar Front  Remote control sensor Point the remote control at the remote control sensor to operate the Sound Bar.   (power) button Turns on the Sound Bar or sets it to standby mode.
  • Page 7  Indicators A lighting or flashing of the indicators on the Sound Bar indicates the following state. Currently selected input Indicators Status Lights while TV input is selected. Lights while HDMI input is selected. Lights while BLUETOOTH input is selected. Light while the Sound Bar is connected to the TV with the BLUETOOTH function (TV input is selected).
  • Page 8 Setting value for each function The changed setting for each function is indicated as the status of the indicators. The following status indicates the on/off setting for each function. For the status when the settings other than the on/off setting are changed, see the description for each function.
  • Page 9 Rear  DC IN terminal “Supported Input Audio Formats” (page 37). For specifications and  TV IN (OPT) jack notes on connections, see  HDMI IN jack “Supported HDMI Video Formats” (page 38). Peel the sticker when connecting the device to the HDMI IN jack. ...
  • Page 10: Device

    Remote Control  INPUT (page 19) Some buttons function differently depending on how long the button is Selects the playback source. When pressed. The icons below indicate how you press INPUT once, the current long to press the button. input indicator flashes. •...
  • Page 11  SPORTS  DTS DIALOG (page 23) : Selects SPORTS for the sound Adjusts the dialog volume while the mode. (page 20) DTS:X content is played back. : Turns on/off the eARC * The  + and AUDIO buttons have a function.
  • Page 12: Connecting To A Tv Or Av Device

    BLUETOOTH Function Connecting to a TV or AV Wirelessly Device with the HDMI When using Sony TV* with the Cable BLUETOOTH function, you can listen to sound of the TV or device that is connected to the TV by connecting the To connect a 4K TV or 4K devices Sound Bar and TV wirelessly.
  • Page 13 For the operation method to pair the BLUETOOTH device to the TV, refer to the operating instructions of the TV. Pair the Sound Bar and TV by selecting “HT-X8500” from the list on the TV screen. BLUETOOTH Make sure that the TV and button BLUETOOTH indicators on the Sound Bar light.
  • Page 14 select the TV input and check the status of Adjust the volume of the Sound the indicators on the Sound Bar. Bar by using the TV remote – The TV and BLUETOOTH indicators light: control. The Sound Bar and TV are connected and TV sound is output from the Sound When pressing the mute button on Bar.
  • Page 15: Connecting A 4K Tv And 4K Devices

     HDMI cable (supplied)  HDMI cable (not supplied) Connecting a 4K TV and Use an HDMI cable which supports the 4K video format that you want to watch. For details, see 4K Devices “Supported HDMI Video Formats” (page 38). ...
  • Page 16: Connecting A Tv Compatible With Earc

    Turn on the TV. Connecting a TV Turn on the Sound Bar. Compatible with eARC 4K content can be watched by a device The Sound Bar is compatible with eARC compatible with HDCP2.2 or HDCP2.3 even (Enhanced Audio Return Channel). eARC though devices with different versions (ex.
  • Page 17: Mounting The Sound Bar On A Wall

    Center of the TV speakers horizontally, hung by screws in studs in a continuous flat section of the wall. • Have the installation done by a Sony dealer or licensed contractor and pay special attention to safety during the installation.
  • Page 18: When The Tv Remote Control Does Not Work

    Fasten the screws into the marks When the TV Remote () on SCREW LINE () of WALL MOUNT TEMPLATE as in the Control does not Work illustration below. When the Sound Bar obstructs the 228.5 mm 228.5 mm remote control sensor of the TV, the TV remote control may not work.
  • Page 19: Listening To The Sound

    TV input • TV that is connected to the TV IN (OPT) Listening to the Sound jack on the Sound Bar • TV compatible with the eARC or ARC function that is connected to the HDMI Listening to a TV and OUT (TV eARC/ARC) jack on the Sound Other Devices When you connect the TV to both the...
  • Page 20: Enjoying The Surround Sound

    * Vertical Surround Engine is a highly that is Tailored to Sound precise digital sound field processing Sources technology developed by Sony that produces the sound field in the height You can easily enjoy pre-programmed direction virtually in addition to a sound...
  • Page 21 Press the sound mode selecting Selecting the Sound Effect button to select the sound mode. Setting When selecting the sound mode, the Dolby ATMOS, DTS:X, and VERTICAL S. You can select sound effects. indicators light for 2 seconds. AUTO SOUND The appropriate sound setting is automatically selected for the sound source with ClearAudio+.
  • Page 22: Adjusting The Sound

    Adjusting the Sound You can adjust the sound with the buttons on the remote control. Function Button Function name Night mode You can enjoy clear sound with low volume at midnight. • On: The HDMI and BLUETOOTH indicators light for 2 seconds. •...
  • Page 23 Function Button Function name A/V Sync When the sound does not match the pictures on the TV screen, you can adjust the delay between the picture and sound. • 0 msec: The Dolby ATMOS indicator lights for 2 seconds. • 40 msec: The Dolby ATMOS and DTS:X indicators light for 2 seconds.
  • Page 24: Listening To Music/Sound With The Bluetooth® Function

    BLUETOOTH function, you need Pair the Sound Bar and mobile to perform pairing of the Sound Bar and device by selecting “HT-X8500” mobile device. from the list on the screen of the Pairing is the process required to mobile device.
  • Page 25 BLUETOOTH input or press the – Mobile devices: 9 BLUETOOTH button on the Sound – Sony TV with the BLUETOOTH function: Bar shortly. The BLUETOOTH indicator flashes If a new device is paired after pairing the...
  • Page 26: Changing The Settings Of The Bluetooth Function

    Turning the BLUETOOTH Changing the Settings of Function Off the BLUETOOTH Function You can turn the BLUETOOTH function off. Press and hold  (power), Turning the Sound Bar On by (input), and – (volume) on the Sound Operating the BLUETOOTH Bar for more than 10 seconds.
  • Page 27: Using The Various Functions

    Sony, the Control for HDMI function of the Sound Bar is also enabled automatically. Using the Various Functions Using the Control for System Power Off Function HDMI Function When you turn off the TV, the Sound Bar will turn off automatically.
  • Page 28 Sound Bar is not turned on. If you TV input, and sound is output from the connect a TV other than those manufactured speakers of the Sound Bar. by Sony, we recommend that you select this setting. Notes The HDMI and BLUETOOTH indicators flash.
  • Page 29: Using The "Bravia" Sync Function

    Turn the Sound Bar Off by Note Detecting the Using State This function is proprietary function of Sony. This function cannot operate with When you set the auto standby function products other than those manufactured by Sony. to on, the Sound Bar enters standby...
  • Page 30: Troubleshooting

    TV is turned off. repairs. Should any problem persist,  Check the setting of the Control for consult your nearest Sony dealer. HDMI function (page 27). To turn the Sound Bar off automatically by interlocking with the TV power, set...
  • Page 31 the connected device is not output Picture and sound of the device that correctly, set the HDMI signal format is connected to the Sound Bar are function to “Standard format” not output from the TV when the (page 16). Sound Bar is not turned on. ...
  • Page 32 Bar from the AC outlets (mains), then Picture and sound of the device that connect them again. is connected to the Sound Bar are  When the Sound Bar and TV are not output from the TV when the connected with the HDMI cable only, Sound Bar is not turned on.
  • Page 33 The TV sound from the Sound Bar Subwoofer lags behind the image.  Set the adjustment value of the delay No sound or only a very low-level between the picture and sound to 0 sound is heard from the subwoofer. msec if it is set to the range between ...
  • Page 34  Bring the Sound Bar and the  Make sure you are pressing the BLUETOOTH device closer together. correct button on the remote control.  Pair the Sound Bar and BLUETOOTH TV remote control does not work. device again. You may need to cancel ...
  • Page 35: Resetting The Sound Bar

    obstructing the ventilation holes of the Sound Bar. Resetting the Sound Bar Sensors of the TV do not work properly. If the Sound Bar still does not operate  The Sound Bar may block some properly, reset the Sound Bar as sensors (such as the brightness follows.
  • Page 36: Additional Information

    microwave oven, static electricity, cordless phone use, reception sensitivity, the operating system, Additional Information software applications, etc. BLUETOOTH standard profiles indicate Specifications the purpose of BLUETOOTH communication between devices. Codec: Audio signal compression and Amplifier section conversion format POWER OUTPUT (rated) Abbreviation for Subband Codec Front L + Front R: 32 W + 32 W (at Abbreviation for Advanced Audio...
  • Page 37: Supported Input Audio Formats

    Supported Input Audio Formats Audio formats supported by the Sound Bar are as follows. Format Function “HDMI” “TV” “TV” “TV” (eARC) (ARC) (OPT)     LPCM 2ch   LPCM 5.1ch – –   LPCM 7.1ch – –...
  • Page 38: Supported Hdmi Video Formats

    : Compatible with 3D signal in Frame packing and Over-Under (Top-and-Bottom) format Use a Premium High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet that supports 18Gbps. Use a Premium High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet or Sony High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet with the Cable Type Logo.
  • Page 39 • All HDMI IN and HDMI OUT (TV eARC/ARC) jacks support bandwidth up to 18Gbps, HDCP2.2 and HDCP2.3 , BT.2020 wide color spaces , and HDR (High Dynamic Range) contents pass-through. HDCP2.2 and HDCP2.3 are newly enhanced copyright protection technology that is used to protect content such as 4K movies.
  • Page 40: On Bluetooth Communication

    BLUETOOTH other obstruction is between the technology. devices with a BLUETOOTH • Sony cannot be held liable in any way connection for damages or other loss resulting – Locations where a wireless LAN is from information leaks during...
  • Page 41: Precautions

    If you have any question or problem avoid burning yourself, do not touch the concerning your Sound Bar, please consult Sound Bar. your nearest Sony dealer. On placement • Place the Sound Bar in a location with adequate ventilation to prevent heat buildup and prolong the life of the Sound Bar.
  • Page 42 Software, and to permit persons to registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth whom the Software is furnished to do so, SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Sony subject to the following conditions: Corporation is under license. Other...
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