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Transport; Operation - Hitachi EC 2610E Instruction Manual And Safety Instructions

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: Risk of bursting.
If the safety valve does not work
properly, over-pressurization may
occur, causing air tank rupture or
an explosion.
D) Oil level should be checked on a daily basis to
ensure it does not exceed the maximum notch or
does not fall below the minimum notch on the oil
sight glass. (Fig. 8)
If the oil level is low, replenish oil through the fi lling
hole so that the amount of oil will come to a point
between the maximum notch and the minimum
notch of the oil sight glass according to the OIL
TYPE CHART on page 8.
CAUTION: Overfi lling with oil will cause premature
compressor failure. Do not overfi ll.
E) Make sure all guards and covers are in place and
securely mounted.


Turn off the engine switch before move the compressor.
Transport the compressor in the correct manner.
Keep the engine level when transporting to reduce the
possibility of fuel leakage. Move the fuel valve lever to the
OFF position (refer to the Engine Manual accompanying this
: Unit weighs more than 159 lbs
(72 kg). Do not move or lift without
: Ensure proper footing and use
caution when rolling compressor so
that unit does not tip or cause loss
of balance.
NOTE: Use the handle to lift or carry the unit.
Fig. 8


A) Read safety warnings before performing operation.
B) When the toggle is in the ON position, all air from
this compressor is vented through the discharge
muffl er (Fig. 9).
This gives an easy start feature. For normal
operation, the toggle is in the OFF position (Fig. 10).
(ON position)
Fig. 9
C) Start engine (Refer to the Engine Manual accompanying
this unit).
D) When the engine has run for 1-2 minutes, fl ip toggle
back to the OFF position.
The operation of this compressor is automatic and is
controlled by the pilot valve which idles it when the
pressure in the air-tank reaches the maximum level and
restarts it when the air pressure drops during use to the
restart level.
The pilot valve is preset by the manufacturer and must
not be modifi ed in any way.
: To reduce the risk of burns, do not
: If you notice any unusual noise or
protection during use. Under some
conditions and duration of use, noise
from this product may contribute to
hearing loss.
Adjustment of working pressure
The air pressure coming from the air tank is controlled by
the regulator knob (Fig.11). Turn the pressure regulation
knob clockwise to increase discharge pressure, and
counterclockwise to decrease discharge pressure.
— 10 —
Pilot valve
(unloader valve)
(OFF position)
Fig. 10
touch the tubes, heads, cylinder or
muffl er. Never allow any part of your
body or other materials to contact
with any exposed metal parts on
this compressor. Never allow any
part of your body to contact the
muffl er or adjacent areas.
vibration, stop this compressor.



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