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Emissions - Craftsman CMXGIAC3000 Instruction Manual

Inverter generator
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The United States Environmental Protection Agency (US
EPA) (and California Air Resources Board (CARB), for
engines/equipment certified to California standards)
requires that this engine/equipment complies with
exhaust and evaporative emissions standards. Locate the
emissions compliance decal on the engine to determine
applicable standards. For emissions warranty informa-
tion, please reference the included emissions warranty. It
is important to follow the maintenance specifications in
the manual to ensure that the engine complies with the
applicable emissions standards for the duration of the
product's life.
Product Specifications
Generator Specifications
Rated Power
Starting Power
Rated AC Voltage
Rated AC Load at 120V
Rated Frequency
Dimensions L x W x H (in/mm)
Weight (dry)
** Operating Temperature Range: -13 deg. C (8 deg. F) to 40 Deg. C (104 Deg. F). When operated above 25 deg. C
(77 deg. F) there may be a decrease in power.
** Maximum wattage and current are subject to, and limited by, such factors as fuel Btu content, ambient tempera-
ture, altitude, engine condition, etc.. Maximum power decreases about 3.5% for each 1,000 feet above sea level;
and will also decrease about 1% for each 6° C (10° F) above 16° C (60° F) ambient temperature.
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Spark Plug Part Number
Spark Plug Type
Spark Plug Gap (in/mm)
Fuel Capacity / Type
Oil Type
Oil Capacity
Run Time at 50% Load
* Go to
or call 1-888-331-4569 for replacement parts.
2300 W
3000 W
19.1 Amps**
60 Hz
22.25 x 13.35 x 18.4 (565 x 339 x 467)
59.5 lb. (27 kg)
Single Cylinder, 4-stroke
149 cc
E6TC / E6RTC or equivalent
0.024-0.028 (0.6-0.7)
4.3 L (1.14 U.S. gallons) / Unleaded
Add Engine Oil
0.6 L (0.6 qt.)
4.5 Hours

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Table of Contents

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