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Inverter generator
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Regular maintenance will improve performance and
extend engine/equipment life. Contact Customer Ser-
vice at 1-888-331-4569, or
find a dealer for maintenance work to be performed.
Regular maintenance, replacement or repair of the emis-
sions control devices and systems may be performed by
any repair shop or person of the owner's choosing. How-
ever, to obtain emissions control warranty service free of
charge, the work must be performed by a CRAFTSMAN
service dealer. See the emissions warranty.
NOTE: Call 1-888-331-4569 with questions about compo-
nent replacement.

Maintenance Schedule

Follow maintenance schedule intervals, whichever
occurs first according to use.
NOTE: Adverse conditions will require more frequent service.
NOTE: All required service and adjustments should be each
season as detailed in the following chart.
At Each Use
Check engine oil level
Every 100 Hours or Every 6 Months
Clean/Replace Air Filter**
Change oil ¥
Muffler Screen
Clean/Replace Spark Arrestor
Every 300 Hours or Every Season*
Replace Spark Plug
Clean Spark Arrestor
Replace Fuel Filter +
Valve Clearance Adjustment
Clean/Replace Crankcase Breather Hose
Check Fittings/Fasteners +
¥ Change oil after first month or 20 hours of operation.
+ To be performed by a Service Dealer.
* Change oil every month when operating under heavy
load or in high temperatures.
** Clean more often under dirty or dusty operating con-
ditions. Replace air filter parts if they cannot be ade-
quately cleaned.
*** Check valve clearance and adjust if necessary after
first 50 hours of operation and every 300 hours

Preventive Maintenance

Dirt or debris can cause improper operation and equip-
ment damage. Clean generator daily or before each use.
Keep area around and behind muffler free from combus-
tible debris. Inspect all cooling air openings on genera-
WARNING: Personal injury. Do not insert any
object through the air cooling slots. Generator
can start at any time and could result in death,
serious injury, and unit damage. (000142a)
• Use a damp cloth to wipe exterior surfaces clean.
• Use a soft bristle brush to loosen caked on dirt, oil, etc.
• Use a vacuum to pick up loose dirt and debris.
• Low pressure air (not to exceed 25 psi) may be used to
blow away dirt. Inspect cooling air slots and openings
on generator. These openings must be kept clean and
NOTE: DO NOT use a garden hose to clean generator. Water
can enter engine fuel system and cause problems. If water
enters generator through cooling air slots, some water will
be retained in voids and crevices of rotor and stator wind-
ing insulation. Water and dirt buildup on generator internal
windings will decrease insulation resistance of windings.

Engine Maintenance

WARNING: Personal injury. Do not insert any
object through the air cooling slots. Generator
can start at any time and could result in death,
serious injury, and unit damage. (000142a)
WARNING: Accidental start-up. Disconnect spark
plug wires when working on unit. Failure to do
so could result in death or serious injury.
Engine Oil Recommendations
To maintain the product warranty, the engine oil should
be serviced in accordance with the recommendations of
this manual. For your convenience, maintenance kits
designed and intended for use on this product are avail-
able from the manufacturer that include engine oil, oil
filter, air filter, spark plug(s), a shop towel and funnel.
These kits can be obtained by contacting Customer Ser-
vice at 1-888-331-4569.
SAE 30
Synthetic 5W-30

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents