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Inverter generator
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Prepare Fuel System/Engine for Storage
Fuel stored over 30 days can go bad and damage fuel
system components. Keep fuel fresh, use fuel stabilizer.
If fuel stabilizer is added to fuel system, prepare and run
engine for long term storage. Run engine for 10-15 min-
utes to circulate stabilizer throughout fuel system. Ade-
quately prepared fuel can be stored up to 24 months.
NOTE: If fuel has not been treated with fuel stabilizer, it
must be drained into an approved container. Run engine
until it stops from lack of fuel. Use of fuel stabilizer in fuel
storage container is recommended to keep fuel fresh.
1. Change engine oil.
2. Remove spark plug.
3. Pour tablespoon (5-10cc) of clean engine oil or
spray a suitable fogging agent into cylinder.
WARNING: Vision Loss. Eye protection is required
to avoid spray from spark plug hole when
cranking engine. Failure to do so could result in
vision loss. (000181)
4. Pull starter recoil several times to distribute oil in
5. Install spark plug.
6. Pull recoil slowly until resistance is felt. This will
close valves so moisture cannot enter engine cylin-
der. Gently release recoil.
Change Oil
Change engine oil before storage. See,
Change Engine

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Table of Contents

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