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Troubleshooting - Sharp FP-F30Y Operation Manual

Plasmacluster high-density 7000
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Before calling for repair, please review the list below, since the problem may not be a unit malfunction .
Dust and smoke are not removed.
A clicking or ticking sound is heard
from the unit.
The discharged air has an odour.
The Plasmacluster Ion Indicator
doesn't Light on.
OM_FP-F30Y_EN-ID.indd 10
REMEDY (not a malfunction)
•Clean or replace the filter if they appear to be heavily
soiled.(Refer to E-8,E-9 )
• Clicking or ticking sound may be audible when the unit
is generating ions.
•Check to see if the filter are heavily soiled.
Replace the filter.
•Plasmacluster Air Purifiers emit small traces of ozone
which may produce an odour. These ozone emissions
are well below safety levels.
•Check to see if the SLEEP mode is selected.
The Plasmacluster Ion Indicator Light is turned off
3 seconds after the SLEEP mode is selected.
•Check to see if the Plasmacluster Ion OFF is selected.
to light on.
•Check to see if the Light Control is selected.
for 3 seconds to light On.
2/9/2558 BE 4:04 PM

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