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Sharp FP-F30Y Operation Manual page 17

Plasmacluster high-density 7000
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• Do not block the intake and/or air outlet.
• Do not use the unit near or on hot objects, such as stoves or heaters or where it may
come into contact with steam.
• Do not lay the unit down when using.
• Always hold the handle on the back of the unit when moving it.
• Do not use without the filter inside the unit.
• Do not wash and reuse the HEPA filter.
Not only does it not improve filter performance, it may cause electric shock or malfunction.
• When using the unit, place at least 2m away from equipment utilizing electric waves
such as televisions or radios to avoid electrical interference.
• Avoid use in locations where furniture, fabrics or other items may come in contact
with and restrict the air intake and/or air outlet.
• Avoid use in locations where the unit is exposed to condensation or drastic
temperature changes. Appropriate conditions are when room temperature is
between 0 – 35 ºC.
• Place on a stable surface with sufficient air circulation.
When placing the unit on a heavily carpeted area, the unit may vibrate slightly.
• Avoid locations where grease or oily smoke is generated.
The unit surface may crack as a result.
• Place the unit about 30 cm(1 ft) away from the wall in order to ensure proper
The dust collecting performance will be the same even if using the unit 3cm away from
the wall, but place it as far as possible(30cm away recommended) because it may dirty
the wall or floor around.
• Follow the instructions in this manual for correct care and maintenance of the filter.
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