Beko 5102 B User Manual

Beko user's manual compact washer 5102 b, d 5101 b, d 5081 b, d 5062 b, d 5102 bs, d 5082 b, d 5081 bs, d 5061 b
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D 5102 B
D 5101 B
D 5102 BS D 5082 B
W a s h i n g M a c h i n e
U s e r ' s M a n u a l
D 5081 B
D 5062 B
D 5081 BS D 5061 B



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  Summary of Contents for Beko 5102 B

  • Page 1 D 5102 B D 5101 B D 5081 B D 5102 BS D 5082 B D 5081 BS D 5061 B W a s h i n g M a c h i n e U s e r ’ s M a n u a l...
  • Page 3 Dear Customer, We wish that this product, manufactured at modern facilities with total quality notions, will deliver you the best performance. In order to guarantee this, please read this instruction manual thoroughly and keep it for your future reference.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Technical Features of Your Washing Machine Warning Preparation Program Selection and Starting Machine Care and maintanence Installation Helpful tips on stain removal Before calling service...
  • Page 5: Technical Features Of Your Washing Machine

    There amy be changes in the technical featues without prior notice in order to enhance product quality. The figures in the manual are schematical and may not represent your actual machine one-to-one. tions with given standards. These values may vary according to usage and environmental conditions. D 5102 B D 5082 B D 5061 B...
  • Page 6: Your Washing Machine

    Your Washing Machine Top Lid Front Panel Handle Kick Plate Cover Front door Kick Plate...
  • Page 7: Warning

    Warning • This product is designed for home use. • Your washing machine is adjusted to 220V. • If the fuse in your house is less than 16A than have a certified electrician deploy an 16A fuse. • In case of transformer or non-transformer use, grounding installation must be performed with a licensed electrician.
  • Page 8 again. • If “washing” led on program progress display is blinking either there is no water or tap is off. Check your taps. Turn your machine off and on. If the problem persists unplug your machine, turn off tap water and call authorized service.
  • Page 9: Preparation

    Preparation Before starting your machine please beware of below mentioned points: Did you plug the cable? Did you connect draining hose correctly? Did you close front door? Did you open tap water? If you haven’t installed your machine please read to “Installation”...
  • Page 10 a. Compartment I, powder detergent drawer for pre-wash. b. Compartment II, powder detergent drawer for main wash. c. Siphon d. Softener drawer Fill the softener as indicated (usually <100ml; 1 tea bag) on package. Never fill more than “MAX” level. Excess amount will drain to suction cup and be wasted.
  • Page 11: Control Panel

    Control Panel 1- Program progress display 2- Time delay selection button 3- Time display 4- Program selection knob 5- Anti-creasing 6- Rinse Plus 7- Quick Wash 8- On/Off button...
  • Page 12: Additional Functions

    Additional Functions Quick wash Shortens washing time for lightly soiled fabrics. This func- tion can be used for cotton and synthetic programs for temperatures below 60°C. Rinse plus By using this function your machine will add another rinse process to the three rinse processes that it has already done.
  • Page 13: Program Selection And Starting Machine

    Program Selection and Starting Machine Plug you machine to outlet. Turn on the machine by press- ing “On/Off” key. Open the door by pulling the handle and load the machine without exceeding loading capacity and close the door. Specify the appropriate program by look- ing at program selection table according to type of laundry, degree of soiledness and washing temperature.
  • Page 14: Program Selection Table

    Program selection table Program Program Type of laundry Prewash + Cotton 90 Heavy soiled Durable fabrics made of cotton and linen Cotton 90 Heavy soiled Durable fabrics made of cotton and linen Cotton 60 Normal soiled cotton and linen durable to heat Cotton 40 Less soiled cotton and linen sensitive to heat Intensive 60*...
  • Page 15: Function Selection

    Pressing “On/Off” By pressing “On/Off” key you can make your machine ready for selecting program. When “On/Off” key is pressed “Ready” led will displayed meaning “door can open”. Press “On/Off” key again for turning your machine off. Pressing “On/Off” does not mean program started opera- tion.
  • Page 16: Canceling A Program

    case “Start/Pause/Cancel” led will blink. Changing Program You can use this feature for washing laundry in the same textile group for washing at lower or higher temperatures. For example, instead of Cotton60, Cotton40 can be used. For selecting Cotton40 instead of Cotton60 by pressing “Start/Pause/Cancel”...
  • Page 17: End Of Program

    If cancel task is performed during washing “Spin led on display will go on, machine pumps and when “Spin” led is off “Ready led will be on, door can be opened and new program can be selected. Even program selection button is changed during the program initially selected program will be executed.
  • Page 18: Care And Maintanence

    Care and maintanence Detergent Drawer Powder detergent residue may accumulate in drawer after a while. In order to clean detergent drawer press the marked point of the siphon on softener compartment and push the drawer towards yourself. Wash the drawer with water Siphon Do not neglect cleaning suction cup when it becomes...
  • Page 19 Cleaning Pump Filter There is filter system maintaning long lifetime of pump by blocking foreign objects like button, cloth fiber enter to the pump during drain of washing water. It is useful to clean the filter when it is soiled. In order to this: Unplug your machine.
  • Page 20: Installation

    Installation If your system is not ready, let a certified plumber make it ready. 1. Removing the transportation locks Before the washing machine is operated, the transit bars must be removed! In order to do this: 1. Loosen “C” bolts by rotating them counter clockwise with a suitable spanner 2.
  • Page 21 Connection points are below water pressure there turn on tap water after connection. Check all connections for leaks In order to eliminate any risk due to water leakage keep the taps off when machine is not used. Your machine will operate efficiently if the water from tap is minimum 1 and maximum 10 bars.
  • Page 22: Electrical Connection

    4. Electrical connection Connect the power cord to the appropirate electrical system which is being supported by the maximum voltage and current rating indicated on the rating plate placed inside the kick plate. Look! Page 1, Steps before operating Fullautomatic Washing Machine and safety precautions.
  • Page 23: Helpful Tips On Stain Removal

    Helpful tips on stain removal The following fabric manufacturer. Alcoholic baverages: Wipe the fabric first with water, then wa- ter-glycerine solution and rinse with vinegar-water solution. Shoe polish: Without harming the fabric, remove the stain care- fully and grind it with detergent. If this doesn’t help, prepare a water to alcohol solution (2 to 1) and rub the fabric, then wash it with warm water.
  • Page 24: Before Calling Service

    Before calling service You turned the machine on, but the leds are off on the panel. Check the grounding on the power cable or a blown fuse. Check the front door proper closure. Machine does not take water. Check the front door for proper closure. Either taps are closed or water intake filters are clogged.