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Troubleshooting And Tips - Fujitsu UBIQUITOUSWARE User Manual

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Troubleshooting and tips

Troubleshooting and tips
Follow the safety notes in the "Safety/Regulations" manual when connecting or
disconnecting cables.
If a fault occurs, try to correct it as described. If you fail to correct the problem, proceed as follows:
► Make a note of the steps and the circumstances that led to the fault. Also make a note of any error
messages displayed.
► Switch the device off.
► Please contact the Hotline/Service Desk.
You can find the telephone numbers in the service desk list. Please have the following
information ready when you call:
• The model name and serial number of the device. The serial number is located on a
sticker on the underside of the device.
• Any changes you have made to the hardware or software after receiving the device.
• Your system configuration and all peripheral devices connected to your system.
• Your sales contract.
Our device have been designed primarily with mobile applications in mind. This means
that considerable effort has been made to optimise components and equipment in terms
of weight, space and energy requirements. Depending on the particular configuration you
have purchased, it is possible that functionality may be slightly reduced. Updating your
hardware with drivers which have not been approved by Fujitsu may result in
performance losses, data losses or malfunction of the equipment.



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