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First-Time Setup Of Your Device - Fujitsu UBIQUITOUSWARE User Manual

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First-time setup of your device

First-time setup of your device
Please read the chapter "Important notes", Page 6.
Unpacking and checking the device
Should you discover any damage that occurred during transportation, notify your local
sales outlet immediately!
► Unpack all the individual parts.
► Check your device for any visible damage which may have occurred during transportation.
You may need the packaging in the future, if you need to transport your device.
Selecting a location
Select a suitable location for the device before setting it up. Follow the instructions below
when doing so:
Never place the device or the AC adapter on a heat-sensitive surface. The surface
could be damaged as a result.
Never place the device on a soft surface (e.g. carpeting, upholstered furniture, bed).
This can result in damage caused by overheating.
The underside of the device heats up during normal operation. Prolonged contact
with the skin may become unpleasant or even result in burns.
Place the device on a stable, flat, non-slippery surface. Please note that the rubber
feet of the device may mark certain types of delicate surfaces.
Do not expose the device to extreme environmental conditions. Protect the device
against dust, moisture and heat.



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