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Review this Quick Reference Guide for an overview of some important features in your
GMC Canyon. Some optional equipment described in this guide may not be included in
your vehicle. More information can be found in your Owner's Manual and at
For easy reference, keep this guide with your Owner's Manual in your glove box.
Certain restrictions, precautions, and safety procedures apply to your vehicle.
Please read your Owner's Manual for complete instructions.


Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for GMC Canyon 2019

  • Page 1 Review this Quick Reference Guide for an overview of some important features in your GMC Canyon. Some optional equipment described in this guide may not be included in your vehicle. More information can be found in your Owner’s Manual and at
  • Page 2 INSTRUMENT PANEL Cruise Control/ Forward Collision Driver Driver Information Center Alert/Heated Steering Information Controls/Voice Recognition Windshield Turn Signal Wheel Buttons Center Buttons Wipers Lever Lever Tilt/Telescoping Power Mirror Instrument Panel 4WD Control Steering Wheel Control /Window Illumination Control/ Lever Switches Exterior Lamp Control Symbols Forward Collision Alert...
  • Page 3 Infotainment System (8-inch* Climate Controls screen shown Tow/Haul Mode /Diesel Passenger’s Driver’s Heated Auxiliary Jack/ Cargo Box Lamp/ Exhaust Brake (if equipped)/ Heated Seat Seat Buttons USB Port/ Hill Descent Control Traction Control and Accessory Buttons Lane Departure StabiliTrak/Hazard Warning Power Outlet Warning /Rear Park...
  • Page 4 KEYED IGNITION SYSTEM (IF EQUIPPED) STARTING THE VEHICLE With the vehicle in Park or Neutral, rotate the key clock- wise to the Start position. TURNING OFF THE VEHICLE Shift to Park. Push the key all the way in (1) and then rotate the key counter-clockwise to the Lock/Off position (2).
  • Page 5 TILT/TELESCOPING STEERING WHEEL With the vehicle in Park, push down the lever (A) on the left side of the steering column to adjust the position of the steer- ing wheel. The steering wheel can then be moved up or down and in or out .
  • Page 6 WINDSHIELD WIPERS Move the lever to activate the wipers. HI Fast Wipes LO Slow Wipes INT Intermittent Rotate the INT band to adjust the delay between wipes. The wipers activate more often as the band is rotated upward. 1x Single Wipe Washer Fluid Pull the lever toward you to spray wash- er fluid on the windshield.
  • Page 7 DRIVER INFORMATION CENTER The Driver Information Center (DIC) on the instrument cluster displays a variety of vehicle system information and warning messages. BASE DIC CONTROLS MENU Press to display the Trip/Fuel menu, Vehicle Information menu or Eco menu. Rotate the band to scroll through the items of each menu.
  • Page 8 USB flash drive or portable audio player/ ® iPod , and enables streaming audio through a smartphone and hands-free voice control. For assistance with the infotainment system, contact Customer Assistance at 1-855-4-SUPPORT (1-855-478-7767) or visit Optional equipment *Screen measured diagonally...
  • Page 9 INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM WITH 7-INCH* OR 8-INCH* COLOR SCREEN STORING FAVORITES Radio stations from all bands (AM, FM or SiriusXM ) can be stored in any order. 1. Tune in the desired radio station. 2. Select the desired page of favorite screen buttons. 3.
  • Page 10 To retrieve the SSID and password for the hotspot, go to Settings > System > Wi-Fi Hotspot. Note: For more information on use and system limitations, visit See Instruments and Controls in your Owner’s Manual. Optional equipment...
  • Page 11 WIRELESS CHARGING The Wireless Charging system for mobile devices is located in front of the center console. To check mobile device compatibility, visit See your phone retailer for details on required phone accessories. 1. The vehicle must be on or Retained Accessory Power must be active.
  • Page 12 VEHICLE PERSONALIZATION Some vehicle features can be customized using the Settings menus and the infotain- ment screen icons. The Settings menus include System, Apps, and Vehicle. 1. Select Settings on the Home page. 2. Select the desired menu tab. 3. Select the desired feature and setting. 4.
  • Page 13 CRUISE CONTROL SETTING CRUISE CONTROL 1. Press the On/Off button. The Cruise Control symbol will illuminate in white on the instrument cluster. 2. When traveling at the desired speed, press the SET– button to set the speed. The symbol will illuminate in green on the instrument cluster. ADJUSTING CRUISE CONTROL RES+ Resume/Accelerate Press to resume a set speed.
  • Page 14 DRIVER ASSISTANCE SYSTEMS Safety or driver assistance features are no substitute for the driver’s responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. The driver should remain attentive to traffic, surroundings and road conditions at all times. Read your Owner’s Manual for important feature limitations and information.
  • Page 15 HILL DESCENT CONTROL Hill Descent Control sets and maintains vehicle speed from 3–19 mph while descend- ing a steep incline in a forward or reverse gear. 1. Press the Hill Descent Control button on the center of the instrument panel. Vehicle speed must be below 37 mph to enable the system.
  • Page 16 GMC OWNER CENTER Get to know your vehicle inside and out with the GMC Owner Center. Check out per- sonalized information, including an online Owner’s Manual and helpful how-to videos, track your service history and warranty status, manage your OnStar and Connected Services vehicle plans, review your current Vehicle Diagnostics report (active service account required) and more.

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