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Specifications - Kaito Voyager V2 User Manual

Am/fm/sw/noaa weather band emergency radio
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FM, SW, WB Band Antenna State
Please read the instructions before first use of the radio.
If the set is not used for a long period of time, remove all the batteries to prevent potential
damage due to possible battery leakage.
Since a strong magnet is used for the speaker, keep magnetized commuter passes, credit
cards, recorded tapes, watches etc. away from the radio. The speaker magnet in the radio
may damage them.
Do not place the set near strong magnets such as those used in radio, television set, speaker
boxes etc. As these may cause the frequency to drift.
Do not drop or give the set a strong impact since the set is composed of precise parts.
When listening in a train, car or building, use the radio near a windows to obtain the best
possible reception. Reception may be difficult in a tunnel or subway. Also note that operating
the radio on a metal object may adversely affect reception.
Avoid spray-type insecticides, some insecticides contain chemicals that could cause cabinet
To prevent electric shock, do not open the case. Only qualified personnel may carry out
Do not placed the radio in water, or close to fire.
Please do not allow children access to the radio.
User's Manual
Voyager V2
AM Band Antenna State


Frequency Range
FM Band: 87MHz - 108MHz
AM Band: 520kHz - 1710kHz
SW Band: 7.0MHz - 18.0MHz
Weather Band: CH1 - CH7
Noise Limit Sensitivity
FM ≥ 5μV
AM ≥ 2.5mV/m
SW ≥ 50μV
Signal Selection ≥ 40dB
Max Output Power: About 100mW
Max Volume Output Current: About 120mA
Power Source: Rechareable Ni-MH Batteries 3.6V|600mAh
AAA Batteries 1.5V x 3 (Optional)
Mini-USB Port DC-in 5V
Max Output Current(Dynamo): 300mA
Speaker: Φ2 inches
Earphone Jack: Φ3.5mm
Dimensions: 5¼ x 2½ x 1¾ inches
Weight(approx): 9 oz
User's Manual
Voyager V2



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