Kenmore OVERLOCK 3/4D 385.16631 Owner's Manual

Sears sewing machine user manual.
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P/N 785800851

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    OWNER'S MANUAL S _A/RS OVERLOCK 3/4D P/N 785800851...

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    This will help you obtain is always available at your nearest Sears Retail Store. Please remember, number and serial number when you inquire. outlet (wall receptacle) is the same as the rated voltage when changing needles,...

  • Page 3

    18830, 18836, 18841, 19150, 19501, 19502, 19601 16641, 15641, 16642 CALL SEARS TELEPARTS CENTER AT 1-800-366-7278 TO ORDER TODAY ! WHEN ORDERING, PLEASE INDICATE DIVISION 20-SOURCE 385 THEN PART NO. (SEWING MACHINE SOURCE PART NO. PART DESCRIPTION 200012104 Hemmer 214872011...

  • Page 4

    18830, 16836, 18841, 19150, 19501, 19502, 19601 15641, 16641, 16642 Llamar al centro de sears al telefono 1-800-366-7278 Cuando vallas a ordenar indicar #20 codigo 385 huego ACCESORIOS DE MAQUINA DE COSER NUMERO DESCRIPCION LA PARTE 200012104 Pie para dobladillo...

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    (spray) products are being used or where...

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    SECTION KNOW YOUR MACHINE Locate and Identify the Parts Identify the Accessories Attaching the Waste Clippings Catcher Storing the Accessory Holder SECTION PREPARE YOUR MACH#NE FOR SEWHNG Plug in the Machine and Switch on the Power Foot Control Howto Turn Hand Wheel ...

  • Page 7

    Pressure adjusting Thread g uide Carrying screw plate Face plate Thread take+up lever thread guide Left needle thread tension dial Nead le thread guide Right needle thread guide Side cover Upper looper thread guide Upper looper thread tension dial Lower looper !bread gu!de !!!...

  • Page 8

    Needle clamp screws Upper knife Needle plate Presser foot "_-_. Needle plate set screw Knife holder Lower knife Lower looper thread guide Lower looper thread guide Needle bar thread guide Needle clamp Foot holder Upper looper Upper looper thread guide Lower Ioo_ Upper...

  • Page 9: Section

    Screwdrivers Tweezers Projection Looper threader Spool caps Set of Rolled hemming Waste clippings needles needle plate Insert Nets Lint brush Accessory holder Accessory )ov@ Insert the accessory catcher Looper cover the projection into groove on looper cover. ho Ider Waste clippings catcher holder into the waste clippings...

  • Page 10

    Power supply plug supply Plug connector Machine plug Power switch NOTE: Before inserting plug into your machine, sure power switch OFF. Check your outlet to be sure it is a 110 to 120 Volt AC outlet. Insert machine plug into three-prong plug connector,...

  • Page 11

    How to Turn Hand Wheel = Always turn hand wheel toward you. 7 i ¸¸ i i _ ;_i •ii;i ii Side cover _. To open: Push the side cover to the left. To close: Push the side cover to the right and slightly toward the machine...

  • Page 12

    The Position of Telescoping Thread Guide Bar Telescoping thread "guide bar Thread guide _Stoppers G® Pull telescoping thread guide up as far as it will go. Turn the thread guide bar until it clicks into position, Thread guides should stop directly above spool pins,...

  • Page 13

    Raising or LOwering the Presser Foot Presser foot ifter By raisin 9 or lowering _ne presser foot lifter, the _resser foot goes up and down. While in operation, keep tiqe Dresser foot owered except testing stitches, threading machine sewing heavy weight fabrics.

  • Page 14

    Threading the Machine 1. Green 2.Red &Blue _.Orange # =====_.._ DL/'/_ Threading Chart ILocated behind ooper cover) SECTUON your convenience, your Kenmore overlock has been pre-threaded. choice of threads, follow these simple instructions: Make sure unit is unplugged from the wall outlet Raise telescoping thread guide...

  • Page 15

    Threading the Lower Looper ©© Open the looper and side covers. Snap off presser foot. Place the spool of thread on the right side soool pin. - Points to thread lower Ioooer are marked in green. Thread guide Thread 31ate Pass Draw thread...

  • Page 16

    LOWel !oooer thread guide Lower ooper tnreaa guide Lower ¢ looper threat tension dial 6_ (_ Insert the thread between tension Pass the thread discs from right. Then pull guide (2). both sides thread firmly Pass the between tension discs. take-up Pass thread...

  • Page 17

    SECTION PREPARE UR MACHINE Threading the Upper Looper Place spool of thread on the spool second from the right. Points thread upper looper marked in red. JFOR,SEW NG> _ _ 1_ Draw thread through Pass the thread holes thread guide second from the right...

  • Page 18

    I " guide (t) uDDer 1Doper thread 4_(_) dial ¢ tension Insert thread between tension discs from the right. Then pull both sides of thread. Pass the thread through upper Doper thread guide (1). SECTION 'J'DID e r IooDer rlqreao guide _2 Looper tiqread take-u...

  • Page 19

    HINE ::FOR SEWI NG Threading the Needle on the Right Place the spool of thread on the spool pin second from the left. Points to thread needle on the right are marked in blue. ,: :,:_ Thread _uide Draw thread through thread guide...

  • Page 20

    tension dia Right needle threac _-_ Insert thread between tension discs from the right. Then pul both sides of thread. SECTION Thread take lever thread guide ± ÷ Rig_lt needle thread guide Turn hand wheel toward to bring needle bar to its higllest oosition, then pass thread...

  • Page 21

    o Threading the Needle on the Left Place the spool of thread on the left side spool pin. " Points to thread for needle on the left are marked in orange. Draw the thread through the thread guide the left from back to front.

  • Page 22

    Left needle tnreaa tension dial ever thread Thread take-uu guide 9® Insert thread between tension discs from the right. Then pull both sides of thread. (_) Turn hand wheel toward bring needle bar to its highest position, then pass the thread through thread...

  • Page 23

    SECTION Finishing to Sew ® (]]) When Insert fabric under the toe of the foot whileaiming to the guide continue line with edge fabric. to produce necessary _aise the 12 cm foot.) chain slightly There three each of solid broken guide lines on the...

  • Page 24

    Toavoid unravelling, it isnecessary to leave a thread c hain about 5col (2")long atthebegmning and endofseam. Tosecure thebeginning and endofaseam choose one ofthefollowing m ethods. At theBeginning A. Separa£e theena ofthreads and KnoT. B. Thread t hechain through a large e ved needle, and weave t hatchain through t heoverrock stitches onthefabric. C.

  • Page 25

    Securing Ends (Continued) At the End You can use ;he same methods as at the beginning _ to secure the eno of seam except Serge one stitch off tile end of seam, "'Backsttch'ng ', or the methods "_ Raise the needle and presser foot, gently...

  • Page 26

    Thread Tension (4 threads) Thread Tension Dial Setting mark Loosen Tighten i.,, Correct Tension looper [Rreao Need le thread on the right SECTION LEARN THE STITCHES Thread Tension Needle tt__eaa Needle thread tension tension (R) upper ooper Lower looper thread tension thread tension The line below the setting...

  • Page 27

    Thread Tension (_ threadS) '('continUed) Thre ad Tension Adjustment " Set all four thread tens on dials at "3". Then sew, and check the thread Wrong Tension he left is _oose. iQocer thr_'ao Lowur Right alae IC)Go_r o_ fabric ir'r_ao Tighten needle thread...

  • Page 28

    Wrong Tension )er thread is tignT and/or reao is loose. )oDer t[_r oL_u Loosen ower Ioooer thread tension andfor tignten upper looper thread tension. Needle thread Needle thread ml/siorl tension I_ {: :) )} uoper n(iDc{r Lower looper 1 lreac teRsioP Tnreaa lP-ns...

  • Page 29

    Threading the Machine (3 threads); Wide/Narrow Using the Needle on the Right Only (for narrow three-thread serging) 3.5 mm width Disconnect machine from the power supply. Remove needle thread on the left. Then tighten needle clamp screw on the left slightly to avoid losing the screw.

  • Page 30

    Thread Tension Adjustment Set all mree Tnreao tension d_als at "3", Ther Wrong Tension Tighten needle thread tension. "qeea_e thread Neec e _nreae tensicn 'rmsi_n jpDer EonBtr Lower looper tnr,_au tension lr "cad tensioz \ ,((: _ :)); It is easier [o adjust bv using 3 different colors of thread,...

  • Page 31

    Adjustment of Stitch Length Stitch length dial Setting marK_ To select stitch length, turn the dial. The larger the number, the longer the stitch. The stitch ength can be adjusteo from 1 to 4 mm (approx. 1/32" to 5/32'q. Position "R"...

  • Page 32: Attaching The Presser Foot

    Adjustment of Foot Pressure < Standard Top of the machine aecrease _Adjusting To increase screw "_A'" It is not necessary to adjust the pressure for normal When you sew heavy or lightweight fabrics, turn the adjusting clockwise for heavyweight fabric. counter-clockwise for lightweight fabric.

  • Page 33

    _4eedle clamp \ screw_/J_'P Needle clamp screw on the left £3 screw •on tne right ® To Attach Disconnect machine from the power supply. nsert Raise the needle to its highest position. flat Then loosen needle clamp screw touches the needle you are goin£ to remove.

  • Page 34: To Disengage The Upper Knife, To Engage The Upper Knife

    To Disengage the Upper Knife knife / \_ knob ,7, / "/ _'-_-Opperl I" 1_ Disconnect the machine from the Dower supply. 2_ Ooen the looper and side covers. Turn tne upper knife knoo toward while pushing in to the right, then guide...

  • Page 35: Changing The Needle Plate

    Regular (for normal sewing) the reverse "S" Stamp side of the plate Select the needle plate for your sewing need. Your overlock is shipped with the regular needle plate For your Safety: When you change the needle plate, make sure that the machine supply.

  • Page 36: Thread And Needle Chart

    Thread and Needle Chart Type of Fabric Cotton Light Organdy, Georgette, Silk weight Lawn, Crepe de chine, Synthetic Lining. Cotton Medium Cotton, Linen, Satin, Silk weight Ordinary fabric. Synthetic Cotton Heavy Tweed, Coating, Denim, Silk weight Doeskin, Thick fabric. Synthetic Cotton Knits Knitted...

  • Page 37

    Rolled Hemmingi Picot Edging and Narrow Hemming < Application _> Machine Settin, Rolled Hemming Picot Edging Stitch i il;iii! Length (3 _4) Differential Feed Ratio Needle Remove the left needle. Needle Plate Rolled hemming needle plate. (Marked R on reverse side.) Refer to page 30 for changing the needle plate.

  • Page 38

    Thread, Fabric and Range of the Tension Dial (3 Threads) Tension dial settings may vary depending on _ne type Fabric Needle thread Upper and lower looper threads Needle Standard setting Lightweight tension fabric such as Upper looper dials organdy, crepe Lhread tension de chine, lawn...

  • Page 39

    Adjusting Thread Tension How to Adjust Set the tension dials as shown page 33. Wrong Tension Sew and check the tensions. -- For better result -- RoUled Hemming Pull of thread chain to the hack lightly in the beginning and end of sewing.

  • Page 40: Decorative Overedging

    < Application > Thread, Fabric, Range of the Tension and Machine Setting Fabric Thread Needle Synthetic No. 60_80 Silk No. 50_80 thread Medium Upper Buttonhole twist looper Heavy thread Light weight wool yarn Fabric Lower Synthetic No, 60_80 looper Silk No.

  • Page 41: Pin Tucking

    Thread, Fabric < Application _> Light Pin tucking Medium Fabric Machine Setting Fabric, Range of the Tension and Machine Setting Thread Needle thread Synthetic No. 60_80 on the right Silk No. 50-- Upper and lower Synthetic No. 60-- looper Silk No.

  • Page 42: Gathering

    Thread, < Application > Fabric Light Medium Woven Fabric _/Gathering Machine Setting Fabric, Range of the Tension and Machine Setting Thread Needle Synthetic No. 60 _ 80 threads Silk No. 50 _ 80 Upper and lower Synthetic No. 60 _ 80 looper Silk No.

  • Page 43: Cleaning The Feed Dog

    Disconnect the machine from the power supply before cleaning, Open the looper cover. Remove the waste materials with a lint brush. You may use vacuum cleaner to clean the upper Cleaning,the Feed Dog Needle plate screw Open the looper and side covers. Remove the needles and presser foot.

  • Page 44: Replacing The Light Bulb

    Replacing the Light Bulb clare Disconnecl machine from power supply. Remove face plate set screw, and remove the face ola_e. CAUTION! light bulb will HOT. Protect your fingers when handle For your safety: " The machine is designed to use a 15 WATT MAXIMUM T ) remove Push...

  • Page 45

    Open the side cover and apply oil. Apply a few drops of fine quality sewing machine oil to the parts Oiling is recommended once a week in normal use, once in ten hours oiling. Open looper...

  • Page 46: Replacing The Upper Knife

    Replacing the Upper Knife To Remove: _'_ Disconnect tne machine from the Dower suoply. _" Open tne looper and side covers. Disengage the upper knife (Refer to page 29.) _4_ Remove hexagon Do_t. remove upper knife. The lower knife will last over one year in normal at the same [ me...

  • Page 47

    What to Do When Condition The fabric is not being The feed dog is packed fed smoothly. The presser foot The needle breaks. The needle is incorrectly The needle is bent The fabric is forcefully The thread breaks. The machine is not correctly The needle or looper The needle is incorrectly...

  • Page 48

    PARTS LIST • i iii All parts listed herein may De oroereu from any Sears store or serwce center. WHEN ORDERING NFORMATION: 1. PART NUMBER 3. MODEL NUMBER If the carts you need are not s_ecked locally, transmitted to a Sears Repair Parts Distribution Center for expedited handing.

  • Page 49: Changing Needle

    Accessory holder Carrying handle Changing needle ... Changing the needle plate ... Decorative overedging Differential feed dial 2, 26 Face plate 2, 39 Foot holder 3.27 Foot holder set screw Foot control 2, 5 Gathering Hand wheel ... 2, 6 Knife holder Light bulb...

  • Page 50

    MEMO _ !ii i i!i!_ _ __i,i_ • • ii_i_ _i _!ii_ii_ • _,i_i _ • _,?i_iii i _ i_ i, • i_i_iii_i_i ii_ _...

  • Page 51

    _.iii!i:i ¸ ,!:i_iii!i: i i _, MEMO...

  • Page 52

    SEARS, ROEBUCK WARRANTY FIVE YEAR WARRANTY MECHANICAL COM- OF OVERLOCK MACHINE from the date 3urchase. Sears will, free of repair defects material workmanship which n true mechanical components of the overlock _nachine YEAR WARRANTY ELECTRICAL EQUmP- OF OVER...

  • Page 53

    OVERLOCK that have purchased your Kenmore Overlock, service, simply contact any Sears Service Center. visit. The model number of your Overlook will be shown Overlock. See page 2 for location. WHEN ORDERING REPAIR PARTS, ALWAYS GIVE MODEL NUMBER * NAME...

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