Craftsman 247.34625 Owner's Manual
Craftsman 247.34625 Owner's Manual

Craftsman 247.34625 Owner's Manual

5.0 horsepower 25.5 ton hydraulic log splitter
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All SafetyRules
25.5 TON
Customer Responsibilities
Service and Adjustment
" SEARS ROEBUCKANDCO Chicago IL 60684 U S A ........


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  • Page 1 OWNER'S MANUAl. MODELNO. 247.346250 Caution: ReadandFollow All SafetyRules andInstructions BeforeOperating ThisEquipment " SEARS ROEBUCKANDCO Chicago IL 60684 U S A ... IIIII CRRFTSMRN 5.0 HORSEPOWER 25.5 TON HYDRAULIC LOG SPLITTER Assembly Operation Customer Responsibilities Service and Adjustment RepairParts iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiII IIII •...
  • Page 2 ALINJURY. W HENYOUSEETHISSYMBOL-- ,_ Your log splitter was built to be operated accordingto the rules for safe operation in this manual. As with any b/pe of power equipment, carelessness or error on the part of the operator can result in serious &...
  • Page 3 6. Never try to split two logs on top of each other. One may fly out and injure you. 7. When loading the log splitter, place your hands on the side of the log, not at the ends. Never attempt to load your splitter while the splitting wedge is in motion.
  • Page 4 ONEYEARLIMITEDWARRANTY ON CRAFTSMAN LOGSPLITTER For one year from the date of purchase, when this Craftsman Log Splitter is maintained and lubricated accord- ing to the instructions in the owner's manual, Sears will repair, free of charge, any defect in material and work- manship.
  • Page 5 These accessories were available when the log splitter was purchased. They are aJso available at most Sears retail outlets, catalog and service centers. Most Sears stores can order repair pads for you, when you provide the model number of your log splitter.
  • Page 6 <-PARTS Wheels and Reservoir Tank Assembly Wedge, Beam and Cylinder Assembly Tongue and Hitch Assembly Bottle of Engine Oil (Not Shown) ASSEMBLINGYOUR LOG SPLITTER Assembly • Wheels and Reservoir Tank Assembly • -',P-----removed. See figure 3.
  • Page 7 NOTE: The return and pressure hoses are protected by wire hose guards. It may be necessary to push hose guards back to install hoses to the log splitter. • The return hose is attached to the top of the control valve.
  • Page 8 Stand Starter Handle FIGURE 7. II IIIIII MEETS ANSI SAFETY REQUIREMENTS Sears log splitters conform to the safety standard B7! .7-1985 of the American National Standards Institute. OPERATING CONTROLS (See figure 7) LOCKING RODSmLocated on the tongue reservoir tank assemblies, They are used to secure the beam in the horizontal or vertical position.
  • Page 9 HOW TO USE YOUR LOG SPLITTER RAISING AND LOWERING BEAM • Place log splitter on a firm, level surface. To raise the beam for vertical operation, pull the locking rod on the tongue out and pivot it down to release the beam.
  • Page 10 FIGURE 11. BEFOREEACHUSE Before each use, check the following: • Place log splitter on a firm, level surface. For verti- cal operation, putl the locking rod out and pivot it down to release the beam. Place the beam in the vertical position, See figure 7.
  • Page 11 NOTE: Before initial use or first time use after stor- age, be certain to fill the reservoir as instructed in next section. IMPORTANT: Reservoir tank must be full as in- structed. Low fluid level will damage the pump and void your warranty. •...
  • Page 12 ,,,,, ,, Fuel Shut-Off Throttle Valve ... ,,, Choke " Choke Position CHOKE FIGURE 13. IIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES • I 1/I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE FILL IN DATES AS YOU COMPLETE REGULAR SERVICE Check Reservoir Fluid Lubricate Beam and Wedge Change Hydraulic Filter Check Engine Oil Change Engine Oil...
  • Page 13 LOGSPLITTER RESERVOIR FLUID Check the hydraulic fluid level in the log splitter reser- voir tank before each use. Fluid level should be 1-1/2" to 2" from the top of the tank. Change the hydraulic fluid in the reservoir every 100 hours of operation.
  • Page 14 Your four-cycle engine will normally consume oil; therefore, check engine approximately every five hours of operation before each usage. Stop engine minutes before checking oil level. With engine level, the oil must be to the FULL mark on dipstick (refer to figure 11).
  • Page 15 SUCH AS HOT WATER AND SPACE HEATERS, FURNACES, CLOTHES DRYERS, STOVES, ELECTRIC MOTORS, ETC. NOTE: A yearry check-up by your local Sears Service Center is a good way to make certain your log splitter will provide maximum performance for the next sea- son.
  • Page 16 SERVICE AND ADJUSTMENTS , iii iiiiiii iiii FLEXIBLEPUMP COUPLER The flexible pump coupler is a nylon "spider" located between the pump and engine shaft. Over a period of time, the coupler wil! harden and deteriorate. Replacement is needed if you detect noise coming from the area between the engine and the pump.
  • Page 17 Factory settings are personal injury, if you believe the engine is running too fast or too slow, take your log splitter nearest SEARS Service Center for repair and adjust- ment. TIRES Recommended p.s.i.
  • Page 18 • Engine oil level low. • Air flow restricted. • Reservoir fluid level low, Will not split logs NOTE: For repairs beyond the minor adjustments listed above, please contact your nearest SEARS Service Center. TROUBLE SHOOTING CORRECTIVE ACTION Move switch to ON position.
  • Page 19 A Broken driveshaft Leaking pump shaft seal B Engine/pump misalignment C Gear sections damaged D Poody positioned shaft seal E Plugged oil breather *Should be performedby an authorized SEARS Service Center only. • IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII / I I Probable Cause(s) engine iiiiiiiiiii,...
  • Page 20 SEARS CRAFTSMAN 5 H.P. LOG SPLITTER Repair Parts MODEL NO. 247.346250...
  • Page 21 SEARS CRAFTSMAN 5 H.R LOG SPLITTER Repair Parts PART 712-0359 Slotted Nut 3/4-16 Thd. 714-0162 Cotter pin 5/32" Dia. 734-0873 Hub Cap 734-1016 Wheel Ass'y° Comp. 734-0872 Tire Only 734-1017 Rim Only 734-0255 Air Valve Only 736-0351 FFWash..76" 741-3028 Bearing Cone 736-0921 L-Wash.
  • Page 22 BRIGGS AND STRATTON Repair Parts PART - REF. DESCRIPTION 495133 Cylinder Assembly 399268 Bushing-Cylinder Seal-Oil "299819 214040 Head-Cylinder *272157 Gasket-Cylinder 495774 Breather-Valve Chamber *27549 Gasket-Valve Cover 94621 Screw-Breather 66578 Grommet-Breather 94221 Screw-Cylinder 94167 Stud-Cylinder 94679 Screw-Cylinder (2-15/32" Long) 94387 Plug-Pipe, 1/4" Std., Square Head 223886 Guide-Air 494906...
  • Page 23 BRIGGS AND STRATTON Repair Parts REF. PART DESCRIPTION *270080 Gasket-Crankcase (.015" Thick, Std,) *270125 Gasket-Crkcse, *270126 Gasket-Crkcse, 397103 Crankshaft Note: To Replace Crankshaft Gear Key. Order Part No. 94388. 494044 Cover Ass'y.-Crankcase 495660 Bushing-Crankcase 294606 Seal-Oi! 66768 Ptug-Oil Filler 94682 Screw-Crankcase Sere 222698...
  • Page 24 BRIGGS AND STRA'rroN Repair Parts REF. PART DESCRtPTION *272295 Gasket-Carburetor *272585 Gasket- Intake Port 94706 Screw-Adapter 94098 Screw-Round 398185 Screw-idle Adjusting Pin-Hinge (Sotd in Kit Only). Valve-Choke 224783 262820 Spring-Lever °# Gasket-Sealing (Sold in Kit Only). ,493765 Valve and Spring-Needle 94681 Screw-Hex.
  • Page 25 BRIGGS AND STRATTON Repair Parts REF. PART DESCRIPTION 94705 Screw'Hex.Head 94620 Screw-Hex. Hd. 494562 Muffler-Exhaust 94729 Screw-Sem 494903 Guard-Muffler 494904 Flange-Muffler *272309 Gasket-Exhaust PART REF. DESCRIPTION 224709 Bracket-Fuel Tank 93559 Screw-Hex. Hd. 94010 Nut-Hex. 393815 Line-Fuel (11" Long, Cut to Suit) 495218 187A Pipe-Fuel (Molded)
  • Page 26 BRIGGS AND STRATTON Repair Parts REF, PART DESCRIPTION 494846 Housing-Rewind 493824 Pulley-Rewind Starter 262594 Spring-Rewind 280406 Rope-Rewind Starter (Cut to Required Length) 396892 Insert-Starter Handle 393152 Handle-Rewind 94686 Screw-Starter Mtg. Washer-Rewind 280973 Washer-Rewind 224322 Retainer-Rewind 224321 492833 Pawi-Starter 262626 Pin-Starter 262625 Spring-Torsion 494782...
  • Page 27 BRIGGS AND STRATrON Repair Parts REF. PART DESCRIPTION *299819 Seal-Oil *272157 Gasket-Cylinder *27549 Gasket-Valve Cover *270080 Gasket-Crankcase (.015" Thick, Standard) *270125 Gasket-Crankcase *270126 Gasket-Crankcase *495307 Seal-Oil *272295 Gasket-Carburetor *272585 Gasket-Intake Pin-Hinge (Sold in Kit Only). Gasket-Seating •493765 Valve and Spring-Needle 493762 Carburetor Overhaul Kit Plug-Welch...
  • Page 28 - 247.346250 * ENGINE MODEL NO. - 133402-0011-01 * PART NUMBER * PART DESCRIPTION "Your Sears merchandise has added sider that Sears has service Sears trained technicians...professional cally trained on Sears products, equipment to insure that we meet our pledge service what we sell."...

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