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Intellectual Property - Siemens AX72 User Manual

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of AX72 Pegasus-DTC, FUG, us-en A31008-H2860-A1-1-7619 (04.10.2005, 16:00)

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Restrictions
All Intellectual Property, as defined below,
which is owned by or otherwise the prop-
erty of Siemens Information and Commu-
nications Mobile, LLC ("Siemens"), its af-
filiates, partners or suppliers, relating to
the Phone, including but not limited to
accessories, parts or software relating
thereto (the "Phone System"), is proprie-
tary under federal laws, state laws and In-
ternational treaty provisions. Intellectual
Property includes, but is not limited to, in-
ventions (patentable or unpatentable),
patents, trade secrets, copyrights, soft-
ware, computer programs, and related
documentation and other works of au-
thorship. You may not infringe or other-
wise violate the rights secured by the
Intellectual Property. Moreover, you agree
that you will not (and will not attempt to)
disassemble, decompile, reverse engi-
neer, prepare derivative works from,
modify or make any other effort to create
source code from the software. No title to
ownership in the Intellectual Property is
transferred to you through purchase or
possession of the Phone or its compo-
nents. All applicable rights of the Intellec-
tual Property shall remain with Siemens,
its affiliates, partners or suppliers.
Siemens will have no liability with respect
to any claim of patent infringement
which is based upon the combination of
the Product or parts furnished hereunder
with software, apparatus or devices not
furnished by Siemens, nor will Siemens
have any liability for the use of ancillary
equipment or software not furnished by
Siemens which is attached to or used in
connection with the Product, The forego-
ing states the entire liability of Siemens
with respect to infringement of patents
by the Product or any parts thereof.
Intellectual Property
Laws in the United States and other coun-
tries preserve for Siemens certain exclu-
sive rights for copyrighted Siemens soft-
ware, such as the exclusive rights to
reproduce and distribute copies of such
Siemens software. Siemens software may
be used only in the Product in which the
software was originally embodied when
purchased, and such software in such
Product may not be replaced, copied, dis-
tributed. modified in any way, or used to
produce any derivative thereof. No other
use including, without limitation, altera-
tion, modification, reproduction, distribu-
tion. or reverse engineering of such
Siemens software or exercise of rights in
such Siemens software is permitted. No li-
cense is granted by implication, estoppel
or otherwise under Siemens patent rights
or copyrights.


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