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Siemens A40 User Manual

Siemens cell phone user guide
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For more comfort and efficiency, use Siemens
Original Accessories, these also enable safe
use whilst driving. Non Original Accessories
can damage your phone.
Issued by
Information and Communication mobile
Haidenauplatz 1
81667 München
© Siemens AG 2001
All rights reserved. Subject to availability.
Rights of modification reserved.
User Guide
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
Ref.No.: A31008-H4400-A1-1-7619


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Siemens A40

  • Page 1 For more comfort and efficiency, use Siemens Original Accessories, these also enable safe use whilst driving. Non Original Accessories can damage your phone. Issued by Information and Communication mobile Haidenauplatz 1 81667 München © Siemens AG 2001 All rights reserved. Subject to availability.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Overview ... 2 Safety... 3 Introduction ... 4 Icons Used ... 4 Icons on the Display ... 4 Menu Control ... 5 Getting Started... 6 1. Insert CLIPit Folio ... 6 2. Insert SIM Card ... 6 3. Insert and Charge Battery ... 7 4.
  • Page 3: Overview

    Reception strength Navigation key Scroll through menus and lists. Open the Phonebook in standby. Adjust volume during call. Call key Answer calls. Dial displayed number or name. Correction key Delete characters or words. Ringer On/Off Hold down: Switch ringer on/off. International code ¼...
  • Page 4: Safety

    Mobile phones can interfere with the operation of nearby TVs, radios, PCs. We recommend you use only original Siemens accessories to avoid possi- ble damage and to comply with the existing regulations. Improper use invalidates the...
  • Page 5: Introduction

    Icons Used The following icons appear in the User Guide: Use the keypad to write numbers or letters. Navigation key To scroll, press the key at the right or left as indicated. Use the softkey for the func- > tion displayed above. Correction key: Press briefly to clear the last character, hold down to...
  • Page 6: Menu Control

    Example: Setting the Language in standby Step 1: Open the menu > Press to call up the [Menu]. <Network provider> 11:35 Step 2: Scroll through menu Use the between the main menu items (e.g. to Setup). Setup Step 3: Confirm selection Select the Setup main menu item by pressing the key.
  • Page 7: Getting Started

    1. Insert CLIPit Folio • Remove transparent CLIPit as shown. • Insert CLIPit folio as shown. Make sure the retaining clips are correctly positioned. • Then replace transparent CLIPit. Additional folio designs are available on the Internet (please refer to the at- tached CLIPit folios for the address).
  • Page 8: Insert And Charge Battery

    3. Insert and Charge Battery To Insert the Battery • Insert the battery as indicated below (contacts on top end). • Refit the cover, ensure the top end is flush before pressing it closed (until it clicks). To Charge the Battery: Your new battery will not be fully charged: •...
  • Page 9: Enter Pin

    6. Enter PIN Your SIM card is provided with a PIN to prevent misuse: Enter the PIN. The display is suppressed (You can correct mistakes using Please enter PIN: **** > Press It may take a few seconds to register your phone with the network.
  • Page 10: Making Calls

    Dialling with the Keypad The telephone must be switched on (standby). Always enter the number with the area code (where applicable with the interna- tional code). 089987654321 You can use the key to correct any mistakes. Press. The number dis- played is dialled.
  • Page 11: Redialling

    Redialling The last numbers dialled are stored (max. ten, depending on your SIM card). Press. A list is opened of the last numbers dialled. Scroll to the required number. Press. The number dis- played is dialled. Processing Lists You can save an entry to a list or delete the list.
  • Page 12: Phonebook

    You can enter frequently dialled num- bers along with the associated names in the Phonebook, enabling you to dial quickly and without errors. If caller number transmission is activat- ed, the name of the caller is shown on the display, providing there is a corre- sponding entry in the Phonebook.
  • Page 13: Calling From Phonebook

    Calling from Phonebook You can access the Phonebook directly ¼ from standby mode ( Press to open the Phone- book. Select a name by entering the first letter and/or scrolling. Ann Andrews [Options] Press. Phonebook Menu Own Number The first entry in the Phonebook is re- served for your own phone number.
  • Page 14: Saving The Tone Sequence

    Saving the Tone Sequence You can save your numbers in your Phonebook together with tone se- quences (digits), e.g. for remote reply of an answering machine. Enter the number. Hold down until a “+” ap- pears (pause during connec- tion setup). Enter the digits.
  • Page 15: Fast Access Dialling

    Fast access dialling To accelerate dialling, you can define speed dialling numbers for the entries in your Phonebook. You can use the digit keys 2 - 9 for this purpose. The number for checking the mailbox is assigned to the digit key Assigning Speed Dialling Numbers This is how to allocate a speed dialling...
  • Page 16: During A Call

    Changing the Volume You can set the handset volume while a call is in progress. There are five volume settings. 0172987654321 Press to change the volume. Time/Units The call duration or the units are dis- played during and after a call ( Call Waiting If someone calls you while you are on a call, you will hear a Call Waiting signal.
  • Page 17: Text Messages (Sms)

    Text Messages (SMS) Your phone can receive and send text messages (Short Message Service, SMS). Your service provider will advise you concerning service availability and operation. Reading New Messages A new text message is indicated by the following icon <Network Provider> To read the message: „...
  • Page 18: Writing And Sending Messages

    Text Messages (SMS) Writing and Sending Messages You can create text message contain- ing up to 160 characters. To send a text message, this must first be forwarded to the Service Centre. The number of your Service Centre is usually preset. Otherwise you must ¼...
  • Page 19: Message Lists

    Text Messages (SMS) Options While Writing When writing a message, other func- tions are available in addition to the send function: Save message Saves the message. Insert from: % Opens the Phonebook to select a number. Insert new line Begins a new paragraph. Discard message Delete the text input.
  • Page 20: Replying To Messages

    Text Messages (SMS) Outbox If you select a sent message in the out- going list, the text is displayed. If you select an unsent message which contains a number, the number is dis- played. The following options are available: „ „...
  • Page 21: Cb Cell Broadcast

     Cell Broadcast Some service providers offer informa- tion services for local areas (Cell Broad- cast, CB), e.g. display of the local area code. Service availability depends on the network where you are registered. If "Cell Broadcast" is activated, you will receive cell broadcast messages.
  • Page 22: Voice Mail

    The service provider can provide you with an external answering machine (mailbox). Calls that you fail to answer because: • your telephone is switched off • you do not answer the call • you are on another call can be forwarded to this mailbox. The caller can then leave you a voice mes- sage.
  • Page 23: Hearing Voice Mail

    Hearing Voice Mail A new voice mail is indicated by the following icon <Network Provider> 11:35 The Event menu indicates whether the call in question is a voice mail. A text message or a call with an automatic announcement can also indicate the ar- rival of a new voice mail (see below).
  • Page 24: Applications

    Applications Your service provider can provide you with additional services via the SIM card, such as banking, stock market news, etc. (SIM Application). Such services are controlled by the SIM card, so that your telephone has no control over the procedure. If you are registered for such a service, the service name will appear as the first entry in the main menu.
  • Page 25: Missed Calls

    This callback list stores the numbers of the last five calls that were not an- swered. This requires that the number has been identified. Display when a new missed call has been stored. „ „ [Menu] Events Missed calls [Select] Display missed calls.
  • Page 26: Ringers/Melodies

    Switching the Ringer On/ You can switch the ringer on/off or set a short beep. „ [Menu] Ringer/Tones [Change] Press to switch the ringer on/off or to set a short beep. Setting the Ringer Volume „ „ [Menu] Ringer/Tones [Change] Start change. Set volume at one of four levels.
  • Page 27: Switching All Tones On/Off

    Switching All Tones On/ „ „ [Menu] Ringer/Tones [Change] Press to switch all tones on/ off. To switch on/off in standby mode: Hold down. appears in the first display line as a reminder. Switching the Silent (Vibrating) Alert On/Off You can use the silent alert to signal a call even when the ringer is switched off.
  • Page 28: Setup

    In the Setup menu, you can configure, for example, language, unit metering, call diversions and security. You can al- so enable GSM services for your tele- phone. Language You can set the display language. The setting "Automatic" sets the language predefined by your service provider.
  • Page 29: Divert

    Divert This network feature diverts unan- swered calls to another phone or to your mailbox. „ „ [Menu] Setup Divert For how to set a simple divert for unan- ¼ swered calls ( p. 21). For other ways to implement a divert ¼...
  • Page 30: Security

    Security Security Codes Use of your SIM card is controlled by the PIN (Personal Identification Number) you received from your serv- ice provider. A super pin (PUK) is also provided for unlocking the SIM card after the third incorrect PIN entry. The phone is protected by the phone code (4 - 8 characters in length) which you enter with the first security...
  • Page 31: Gsm Services

    GSM Services Network Info „ „ [Menu] Setup GSM Service Network Info A list of GSM service providers are dis- played. Marks the service provid- ers that are barred by your SIM card. Scroll through the list of GSM service providers. Select New Network You can manually switch service pro- viders when outside your home net-...
  • Page 32: Car Use

    Processing the Preferred Netw. list This list contains your preferred net- work providers after your home net- work provider. You can delete entries or add new ones. New Network Provider „ „ [Menu] Setup GSM Service Preferred Netw. Your home network provider is dis- played.
  • Page 33: Troubleshooting

    Problem Possible Cause Unable to switch Empty battery. on phone Battery contacts dirty. Battery deeply discharged. charge icon Battery defective. Contact problem. Charge icon Temperature exceeds is flashing 0 °C to + 45 °C range. SIM error SIM contacts dirty. Damaged SIM card.
  • Page 34: Siemens Service

    #9999# Enter and press affected. Siemens Service Worldwide assistance is provided by Siemens Partners - a simple phone call away. ¼ See service numbers ( Internet: If your phone appears faulty, first check the section If the problem persists contact your service provider or specialist dealer.
  • Page 35: Data

    Licensing Siemens Information and Communica- tion mobile hereby declares that the mobile A40 is in conformity with the essential requirements and other rele- vant provisions of Directive 99/5/EC. A copy of the original declaration of conformity can be found at the follow- ing Internet address:
  • Page 36: Accessories

    Basics NiMh Battery 600 mAh L36880-N4301-A100 Travel Charger L36880-N4001-A103 (EU) L36880-N4001-A104 (UK) Headset PTT L36880-N4001-A123 Offers optimum freedom of move- ment with excellent call quality. You can accept calls with the activation key (PTT key). Car Charger L36880-N4001-A108 Belt Clip L36880-N4301-A102 Features a belt clip for discrete attach- ment of mobile phone to clothing or in...
  • Page 37: Further Information

    Further information All products are available from your specialist dealer or from our online shop. Original Siemens accessories Internet address Telephone: France 01 70 20 00 06 Ireland 18 90 26 07 60 Sweden 0 87 52 65 27...
  • Page 38: Gsm Network Control Codes

    GSM Network Control Codes You can implement functions via the GSM network using control codes. Key to the following functions: Number Time (from 5 to 30 seconds) before diversion Teleservice (see below) Function Number display Suppress number for next call Divert Divert when not available Divert if no reply...
  • Page 39: International Service Numbers (Hotline)

    Abu Dhabi ... Siemens Service Center... 0 26 42 38 00 Australia... Siemens... 18 00 62 24 14 Argentina ... Siemens... 0 80 08 88 98 78 Austria* ... Siemens... 05 17 07 50 04 Bahrain... Siemens... 40 42 34 Bangladesh ...
  • Page 40: Index

    CLIPit Folio ...6 Control codes GSM network... 37 Correction key ... 2 Country codes ... 9 Customer service service provider ... 34 Siemens ... 38 Date format ... 27 setting ... 27 Deactivating ... 7, 8 Dialling ... 9 Dialling with the keypad ...
  • Page 41 Headset... 35 Help technical (hotline) ... 38 Hotline... 38 Icons on the display ... 4 Icons used... 4 Inbox text messages... 18 Incognito ... 31 Information numbers. 13 Information services reading messages .. 20 rereading messages ... 20 setting the channel . 20 setup ...
  • Page 42 deleting speed dialling numbers ... 14 edit entry ... 12 entering speed dialling numbers ... 14 information numbers ... 13 new entry ... 12 number of entries... 12 own number ... 12 saving a tone sequence... 13 scrolling ... 14 sending a tone sequence...
  • Page 43 Telephone activating ... 7, 8 care of ... 34 deactivating ... 7 serial number... 34 talk time... 34 Text special characters... 11 Text messages capacity ... 19 deleting... 16 editing... 16 end of message mark... 16 inbox... 18 message lists ... 18 outbox ...