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Siemens A50 Service Manual

Siemens A50 Service Manual

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Local Service Organization Service Manual
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  • Page 1 Local Service Organization Service Manual BE INSPIRED S I E M E N S C O M M U N I C A T I O N S L I M I T E D Our innovation shapes the future...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    General Information Different between A50 and 1168 A50 Series Technical Information Accessories A50/1168 Mechanical Diagram Mechanical Concept A50/1168 Spare Parts Level 1 & Level 2 Disassemble the A50/1168 Assemble the A50/1168 Mobile Software Programming Customer Specific Initialization International Mobile Equipment Identity...
  • Page 3: Cellular Communication

    Chapter Cellular Communication Coverage Concept he cellular systems is made up of numerous transmitting and receiving sites, whose individual coverage areas partially overlap. The concept of frequency re-use, same frequency is used by several sites, allows a high traffic density in a wide area. Due to the limited transmission range of the terminals, cellular systems are based on a large number of base stations on the infrastructure side, scattered over the area to cover, with each covering a fairly small geographical zone called cell.
  • Page 4: Gsm Network Architecture

    GSM Network Architecture. GSM network can be broadly divided into three broad parts, namely: 1. Mobile Station(MS) carried by the subscriber, 2. Base Station Sub-system(BSS) which controls the radio link with the mobile station. 3. Mobile Switching Center(MSC) which performs the switching of calls between the mobile users, and between mobile and fixed network users.
  • Page 5: Subscriber Identity Module

    Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) SIM is a smart card, which has a computer, and memory chip that is permanently installed in the mobile equipment. It comes in either the size of a credit card or smaller version known as the plug-in SIM.
  • Page 6: Sim Application Toolkit

    The frequency range of E-GSM is as follows: · Mobile Transmit: 880,2 - 914,8 MHz · Mobile Receive: 925,2 - 959,8 MHz A50/1168 series is a GSM Phase 2 / Phase 2+ Dualband E-GSM / GSM 1800 mobile phone.
  • Page 7: Wap

    Allows WAP to be bearer independent by adapting the transport layer of the under-laying bearer. WDP presents a consistent data format to the higher layer on the WAP stack. WAP Internet access via the A50 is possible with the inclusion of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) browser 1.2.1.
  • Page 8: Level 2 Service Guide

    Level 2 Service Guide Introduction The chapter is intended to help you carry out repair up to Level 2 on the A50 mobile phone. General Information A50/1168 is a dual band (GSM 900 and GSM 1800) Siemens GSM Smart handset.
  • Page 9: A50 Series Technical Information

    Volume 85 cm including battery (approx) Weight 97g including battery (approx) Battery 650mAH Li-ion Battery (A50 Standard) Standby time up to 250 hours (standard battery) Talk time up to 300 minutes (standard battery) Charging Time < 2 hours for 100% SIM support Plug in card 1.8 V or 3V, SIM Application Tool Kit Class 3...
  • Page 10 Internal phonebook of 50 entries. SMS Support MT, MO, CB Predictive Text Input, Tegic T9. Supplementary Call Forwarding, Call Hold, Call Wait, Services Multiparty Conference, CLIP, CLIR, AoCC AoCI, FDN, LND USSD and SAT Ciphering A5/1 and A5/2 supported PIN control PIN 1 &...
  • Page 11: Accessories

    E-Box Carkit Voice S45/ME45/C45/M45 english L36880-S4501-A302 E-Box Carkit Voice S45/ME45/C45/M45 french L36880-S4501-A600 Phone Adapter Cable Voice S45/ME45/C45/M45 L36880-S4501-A700 Phone Adapter Cable GPS S45/ME45/C45/M45 For the updated list, please refer to the list in e-Commerce from time to time. URL address:
  • Page 13: A50/1168 Mechanical Diagram

    A50 Mechanical Diagram FIGURE 2.1 A50 MECHANICAL DIAGRAM.
  • Page 14: Mechanical Concept

    The mechanical concept of the A50/1168 is similar in various points from other Siemens mobile telephones. The first thing you will experience is how the housing is locked. In A50/1168 no screws are used to keep the housing closed. Also inside the telephone no screws are used anymore. To open the housing, which is kept closed by catches only, a special opening tool has been defined.
  • Page 15: A50/1168 Spare Parts Level 1 & Level 2

    Mobile Phone A50/1168 Spare Parts Level 1 and Level 2 / 2.5 Reference: E-Commerce Swap Unit L36880-S5110-X100 A50 Mobile Phone Swap Spare Parts Level 1 L36158-A54-A452 Upper mounting frame A50 (Complete with ear piece, keypad and microphone) L36158-A54-A448 Lower mounting frame A50...
  • Page 16: Disassemble The A50/1168

    STEP 1: Remove the battery cover by pushing in the direction as shown in PHOTO 2.0 PHOTO 2.0 DISASSEMBLE A50– STEP 1 STEP 2: Remove the battery by releasing the catch and lifting the battery simultaneously as in Photo 2.1...
  • Page 17 Remove the front housing by pushing upwards to release the catch on both sides of the phone as illustrated in PHOTO 2.2, 2.3 & 2.4 PHOTO 2.2 DISASSEMBLE A50– STEP 3 PHOTO 2.3 DISASSEMBLE A50– STEP 3 PHOTO 2.4 DISASSEMBLE A50– STEP 3 STEP 4: Separate the Upper and Lower internal housing using the opening tool as shown in PHOTO 2.5 &...
  • Page 18 PHOTO 2.7DISASSEMBLE A50– STEP 4 PHOTO 2.8DISASSEMBLE A50– STEP 4 STEP 5: Separate the Lower Internal housing, Upper Internal housing and the Control Board Assembly as shown in PHOTO 2.9 PHOTO 2.9DISASSEMBLE A50– STEP 5 STEP 6: Separate the LCD and the Control Board Assembly by lifting the catches on the side, repeat the same process on the reverse side as shown in PHOTO 2.10 &...
  • Page 19 STEP 7: Carefully lift up the display connector locking part to 45° and pull the display module away from the connector to remove it as illustrated in PHOTO 2.12 & 2.13 PHOTO 2.12DISASSEMBLE A50– STEP 6 PHOTO 2.13DISASSEMBLE A50– STEP 6...
  • Page 20: Assemble The A50/1168

    Internal Housing and place the keypad on the Front Internal Housing as illustrated in PHOTO 2.14. PHOTO 2.14 Assembly A50– STEP 1 STEP 2: Place the Front and Back Internal housing and lock down all the catches by the side of the as illustrated in PHOTO 2.15...
  • Page 21 STEP 3: Place the Assemble the External Front housing by pressing it down to the Internal housing as shown in PHOTO 2.16 & 2.17 PHOTO 2.16 Assembly A50– STEP 3 PHOTO 2.17 Assembly A50– STEP 3 STEP 4: Insert the SIM card fully into the phone as shown in the PHOTO 2.18 & 2.19 PHOTO 2.16 Assembly A50–...
  • Page 22 Slot in the battery at a 45° angle, so that the groove on the edge of the battery fits well into the guiding groove on the back housing of the phone as illustrated in PHOTO 2.18 & 2.19 PHOTO 2.18 Assembly A50– STEP 5 PHOTO 2.19 Assembly A50– STEP 5 STEP 6: Slide the External Back Housing onto the phone and lock it down in place.
  • Page 23: Mobile Software Programming

    FIGURE 2.24 C45 SERIES SOFTWARE PROGRAMMING SETUP Mobile Software Updating The software of the mobile, A50/1168, is loaded from a PC directly. Hardware interconnection between the mobile and the PC is shown in Figure 2.24 Because of the new type of external connector used in X35 (Lumberg type) an additional adaptor cable between mobile and boot adaptor is required if the “black boot adaptor”...
  • Page 24 Languague Groups There are over 20 languages for the A50/1168 series in total. These languages are divided into groups as follows Language groups K45 Languages Tegic Languages LG 1 International English, German, English, German, French, Turkish, Dutch, French, Turkish, Dutch,...
  • Page 25 Language=English COM=x Where x is the number that corresponds to the serial port that is used, either 1, 2 or 3. Plug in the Boot Power up the Software Adaptor to the PC PC in DOS upgrading in and Mobile environment progress Connect the AC...
  • Page 26: Customer Specific Initialization

    The part number for the A50 is S30880-S5110-Axxx where the last 4 letters specify the housing and software variant. A50 series IMEI label is accessible by removing the battery.
  • Page 27: Phone Unblocking

    * # 0 0 0 3 * - - - - - - - - # The Master Phone Code can be obtained by: 1. Fax to Siemens Hotline in Germany Siemens AG ICP CD SH World Service Center, Bocholt, Germany +49-2871-91-3007 2.
  • Page 28: Internet Solution

    3. Internet Solution A password protected homepage where LSO can enter IMEI number of a disable phone. The generated Master Code will then be presented for unblocking purpose. This service is offered to all LSOs. PHOTO 2.19 INTERNET PAGE PHOTO 2.20 INTERNET PAGE: MASTER PHONE CODE Contact your Service Manager for more information regarding setting up of the INTERNET SOLUTION &...
  • Page 29: Siemens Service Equipment

    2. Set which pass the test will be good enough to return to customer. Starting from the P35 Series, Siemens will introduce a simpler and faster testing platform for testing a repaired Siemens mobile phone. The testing platform are either base on R&S CMD 53/55, CMU200;...
  • Page 30 R&S CMD55 Test Station R&S CTS55 Test Station...
  • Page 31: Other Equipment

    Wavetek 4201S / 4400 Test Station Other equipment One PC Windows NT 4 with a serial port to connect to the GSM test set through the PC serial cable provided for the GSM test set. One Test SIM card and a fully charged battery for used with the mobile phone model. Additional RF connector will be needed for setup using Wavetek 4107 test set and Wavetek Antenna Coupler.
  • Page 32: Software Installation

    Software Installation Before executing the test software, it is important to ensure that the software configuration matches that of the hardware set up. Each GSM Tester will have a specific test software. The test software are name CMD_GO, CTS_GO; CMU_GO and for Wavetek test set, CAT4200/4400 respectively.
  • Page 33: Configuring The Test Software

    Configuring the test software For each model of the P35 series mobile phone, Siemens will distribute the testing configuration file for the specific test station. For testing the phone, just go to the File menu and select Load Configuration.
  • Page 34: Running The Test Sequence

    Service Info SB_0500 for the CTS/CMD Hardware Options. Insert a Test SIM card and a fully charged battery into the Siemens mobile phone and place it onto the phone holder on the Antenna Coupler. Switch the RF switch to INT ANT position and select the Start button to run the test sequence in the configuration file.
  • Page 35 Next, the GSM test set will initial a call to the mobile phone through the Antenna Coupler. Press the Call key when the mobile phone ring, and the GSM test set will start Tx Power measurements on the GSM and GSM1800 channel specified by the configuration setting. Next, the GSM test set will end the call to the mobile phone and the screen will prompt for Dialing from the mobile phone.
  • Page 36 The GSM test set will make Tx Power measurements, Rx BER measurement, Echo Loop test on the GSM and GSM1800 channel specified by the configuration setting. There will be a Echo Loop Back test for checking the speech quality. Speak into the mobile phone when prompted and listen the voice after appr.
  • Page 37 A measurement report screen will show up and a hardcopy can be printed if a printer is connected to the PC. To close the measurement report screen, click the third button from the left. Once the mobile phone pass all the test steps, please make a check for all the key and the display.
  • Page 38: Annex A - Test Sim Information

    ANNEX A Test SIM card Information For testing purposes, in combination with the Rohde & Schwarz GSM tester, CMD or CTS, it is mandatory to use the enclosed test SIM card. If you do not use this test SIM card, you will encounter difficulties in getting correct measurement for the Bit Error Rate.
  • Page 39: Annex B - Service Equipment List

    ANNEX B Service Equipment List All purchases of jigs, tools and test equipment must be order directly from Siemens Germany. Attach the standard form with your purchase order and send it to ICM MP SL and ICM MP CCQ ASC/ASP.

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