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Whirlpool 279827 Installation And Wiring Instructions

Whirlpool 279827 Installation And Wiring Instructions

Dryer motor kit


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KIT #279827.



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  • Page 1 (5)- (110 SOURCE) DRYER MOTOR KIT #279827.
  • Page 2 INSTALLATION for Pluggable Motor Replacement ThlLs Iat C_nt_lnt: Motto A_membly 2 !/_" Ferule Tmmlnals (kwulated) 1 Sheet. to.ruction NOTE TO THE INS.T.A_ER: p._t.for your epphc_tlon. The motorin this .kitmay or may notbe .klentl_lto your ore.moOr, if your _re, m motor ha=the ptuggable mR mpmceme eewlcemotor In me samemanner as you mmo_ __ If your doteOtlve motor has the switch where the wire lead from the _n oonne_...
  • Page 3 From the s',_ end of b'le replacement motor, cut the thread_l portion of the motor shMt off using a hacksaw. See Rgure 3. CUI"II'IREAOED an allenwrench, remove re pulley t'rom the dalec6ve motorand reinstallit on the mplacemem motor.Be _uro to push pull_y ontothe motor st,._ allthe way andtightenthe setscrew securely in place.
  • Page 4 WIRING INSTRUCTIONS 10. Jnk.',_'A_ _r,d m ..m_ the blue |uml_r wito thlt runs _rom the mot(_ sw_tohto the oved_ SeeRgum6. " _'_'_------ " " w_e_omlnmpto, s_eF_ra 8- the V4" retrainedrrm, W, e d "l"_on the motor sw'd_. See F_re 13. Connect b'te red (:P.M) ,_re lead from ma]n hame,_s _o the V,_"termlnal marked 'T on the motor swi_.