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Kenmore 635.83142 Owner's Manual page 6

Air cleaning system compact console electronic air cleaner
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Should you ever have any questions or concerns about the
operation of your Kenmore
Air Cleaning System, you may
want to check this chart first. It the problem persists, call
our Help Line.
Unit won't come on
Unit does not operate st
Whisper Quiet Speed
Unit does not remove
Unit snaps
(sparks, crackles, pops)
Interference with Radio and TV
Unit does not operate
Make sure that the power cord
is plugged in
Set the Rotary Switch to the
desired speed
Make sure the Filter Access
Cover is properly installed
Make sure Electronic Filter is
properly installed
Run on High for one minute
then reset to Whisper Quiet
Wash Electronic Filter
Rernove plastic bag from
Charcoal Filter
Wash the Electronic Filter and
make sure that it is thoroughly
Make sure ionizing wires in
Electronic Filter are not
Check for bent plates in
Electronic Filter - straighten ff
Check for large particles such
as hair or lint on ionizing
wires. Remove if possible
Move unit to a different
location away from TV or
Radio, Do not operate
unit on the same electrical
or Radio
Clean Electronic Filter ff dirty
Call Help Line/
Have unit serviced
How can I get the most out of my air cleaner?
For peak efficiency in maintaining air quality, we recom-
mend that the unit be run continuously at least at its Iowes!
speed. The daily operating cost of an electronic air cleaner'
running at the lowest speed is about the same as for a
single 60 watt light bulb, Just pennies a day.
When you use the air cleaner, you'll want to have your
windows closed for maximum efficiency.
My air cleaner makes a snapping sound..,
You may notice an occasional snapping sound coming from
four unit. This is a normal occurrence. It happens when
large particles are charged in the Electronic Filter. Pro-
longed or continuous arcing is an indication that the filter
should be cleaned or that the filter has been damaged.
High humidity may also activate arcing. During those times
when humidity is excessive, operate your air cleaner in the
Dry speed until the Electronic Filter is completely dry,
Sometimes I notice an unfamiliar smell when I turn the
unit on.
Some owners may notice a "new smell" (like outdoors after_
an electdcal storm) during the first few weeks of operation.
This is not unusual during the break-in pedod. This unit
emits very low levels of ozone; tess than a typical electrical
appliance in your home like a television.
Is the Charcoal Filter necessary for the unit to work?
Although the Charcoal Filter is optional and not required for
f'our air cleaner to function, we do recommend its use to
help reduce household odors.
The Help Line: 1 800/227-3917



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