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Cleaning And Care; Cleaning Instructions - Kenmore 635.83142 Owner's Manual

Air cleaning system compact console electronic air cleaner
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Cleaning and Care
Periodic cleaning of filters and components will keep your
Kenmore Compact Electronic Air Cleaner running at peak
pedormance. Maintenance is easy and all cleaning can be
done using Zap-ft! (available at Sears, Stock #8395) or
common household cleaners. The following will explain
everything you'll need to know.
There are three components that require attention --- the
Electronic Filler, the Pre-Filter and the Charcoal Filter,
These components should be cleaned about once every
one to two months of continuous use.
Please note that the Charcoal Filter is not to be washed,
However, it can be vacuumed during routine cleaning to
remove lint and dirt build up, This filter will need to be
replaced periodically for maximum effectiveness to help
e/iminafe household odors.
If the air cleaner is in constant use, the Electronic Filter
requires washing about once a month or once every other
month to remove the particles collected from room air, If
the unit snaps frequently during operation, this is an
indication that the Electronic Filter needs to be cleaned.
Washing the Electronic
Removing the Electronic Filter
Remove the Filter Access Cover and lift the filter out of the
cabinet using the handle on the top of the filter.
and Reinstalling
the Filter Access Cover
In order to conduct routine maintenance you'll need to
access the components inside the unit by lifting up and
removing the Filter Access Cover.
After cleaning components inside the air cleaner, reinstall
the Filter Access Cover. Because of a safety feature, the
air cleaner will nut operate if the Filter Access Cover is not
replaced correctly.
Removing Filter Access
Before cleaning the Electronic Filter, both the Pre-Filter and
the Charcoal Filter need to be removed.
• Slide the Pro-Filter upward from the front of the Electronic
• Slide the Charcoal Filter upward from the back of the
Electronic Filter
The Electronic Filter is designed so that it can be cleaned
using Zap-lt! or common household detergents. Using dish
washing detergent and hot water, make a good soaking
solution. Completely immerse the Electronic Filler and soak
for 20 to 30 minutes. After the Electronic Filter has soaked
sufficiently, it should be gently agitated in the water until
clean. If the Electronic Filter is extremely dirty, spray it with
Zap-lt, a cleaning solution made specifically for this air
cleaner. (You can also use a common household cleaner.)
Let the filter soak for five minutes then proceed with the
washing instructions.
Thoroughly rinse both sides of the Electronic Filter. If a
sprayer is available, spray with water. Check to make sure
each layer of the Electronic Filter is clean, Shake as much
water out of the Electronic Filter as possible. Wipe along
the ionizing wires carefully with a cotton swab and alcohol.
After reinstalling the Electronic Filter, operate the unit in the
Dry position for one hour to ensure that it is thoroughly dr_
Failure to do so could cause permanent damage to
Electronic Filter.
The Help Une I 800/227-3917



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