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Scotts SP6211 Operator's Manual

21-inch walk-behind rotary mowers
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21-Inch Walk-Behind Rotary Mowers
SP6211 and SP6213
OMGC00390 K9
North American Version
Litho in U.S.A.



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  • Page 1 21-Inch Walk-Behind Rotary Mowers SP6211 and SP6213 OPERATOR’S MANUAL OMGC00390 K9 North American Version Litho in U.S.A.
  • Page 2 Introduction Thank You for Purchasing a Scotts Product We appreciate your business and wish you many years of safe and satisfied use of your machine. Using Your Operator’s Manual This manual is an important part of your machine and should remain with the machine when you sell it.
  • Page 3: Product Identification

    PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION Product Identification Record Identification Numbers If you need to contact an authorized Scotts servicing dealer for information on servicing, always provide the product model and serial number. You will need to locate the model and serial number for the machine and for the engine of your machine and record the information in the spaces provided below.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Table of Contents Contents Safety ...1 Operating...5 Replacement Parts ...12 Service Intervals...13 Service ...14 Troubleshooting ...25 Storing Machine...27 Assembly ...29 Specifications ...33 Warranty ...35 Index ...38 All information, illustrations and specifications in this manual are based on the latest information at the time of publication.
  • Page 5: Safety

    Safety Safety-Alert Symbol Read and recognize safety information. Be alert to the potential for personal injury when you see this safety-alert symbol. On your machine safety labels, the words DANGER, WARNING, and CAUTION are used with this safety-alert symbol. DANGER identifies the most serious hazards. In this manual, the word CAUTION and this symbol call attention to safety messages.
  • Page 6 mulch guard, side discharge chute or grass bagging system fastened in place. DANGER: ROTATING BLADE • Stop engine before opening safety door and clearing bagging chute. THROWN OBJECTS • Do not operate mower without protective guard, side discharge chute, or complete bagging system fastened in place.
  • Page 7 Rotating Blades are Dangerous - Protect Children and Prevent Accidents PROTECT CHILDREN: • Never assume that children will remain where you last saw them. Children are attracted to mowing activity, stay alert to the presence of children. • Keep children in the house when you are operating the machine.
  • Page 8 • DO NOT use beverage containers for waste fluids - someone may drink from them. • See your local Recycling Center or authorized Scotts servicing dealer to learn how to recycle or get rid of waste products.
  • Page 9: Operating

    Operating Engine Controls A - Primer Bulb Handle Controls A - Blade Control Lever B - Traction Clutch Lever C - Starter Handle D - Travel Speed Lever (SP6213) OPERATING Handle and Cutting Height Controls MX1568 A - Fold Handle Knobs B - Handle Height Knobs C - Cutting Height Levers ADJUSTMENTS...
  • Page 10 Cutting Height Adjustments In mm (Inches) 25 mm (1 in.) 38 mm (1-1/2 in.) 50 mm (2 in.) 64 mm (2-1/2 in.) 75 mm (3 in.) 90 mm (3-1/2 in.) 102 mm (4 in.) OPERATING Adjusting Handle Height Upper Handle: NOTE: Upper handle height can be independently adjusted to two positions.
  • Page 11 3. If bag prevents lowering of handle, remove clip (F) to remove rod (G). Remove rod from lower position (H) and insert in upper position as shown to lengthen bag. 4. Tighten knob (C) on each side of handle. Starting Engine CAUTION: Avoid injury! Engine exhaust fumes can cause sickness or death.
  • Page 12 • Mower will stop. • Blade will stop. • Engine will stop. IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! If blade does not stop within 3 seconds after you release blade stop lever, see your authorized Scotts servicing dealer. Operating - 8 M93035 M73293a...
  • Page 13 Using Side Discharge Chute CAUTION: Avoid injury! DO NOT operate mower unless grass bag assembly, side discharge chute or mulch guard is in place. 1. Release blade control lever to stop engine. 2. Remove mulch guard knob (A). 3. Lift and hold spring loaded mulch guard (B) up. 4.
  • Page 14 When you mow an area for the first time, travel SLOW and cut HIGH so you can: • Learn the terrain. • Learn the best mowing pattern. • Help prevent hitting objects hidden in the grass. Try to mow grass only when it is dry: Wet grass may plug mower and leave a trail of grass clumps.
  • Page 15 OPERATING sunlight in Fall to help store food for Winter. A thick layer of mulched leaves can prevent sunlight from getting to grass and smother it. You may have to mow with grass bag to remove this layer. Mulch leaves only when they are dry. Mulching wet or damp grass or leaves may cause problems: •...
  • Page 16: Replacement Parts

    Part numbers may change, use part numbers listed below when you order. If a number changes, your dealer will have the latest number. When you order parts, your authorized Scotts servicing dealer needs your machine product identification number and engine serial number. These are the numbers that you have recorded in the Product Identification section of this manual.
  • Page 17: Service Intervals

    Service Intervals Service Intervals Please use the following timetables to perform routine maintenance on your machine. Service procedures included in this manual but not on this chart are to be performed on an as needed basis. IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! If you operate mower in extreme heat, dust or other severe conditions, service more often than shown below.
  • Page 18: Service

    NOTE: If engine is operated at altitudes above 1829 m (6,000 ft), some carburetors may require a special high altitude main jet. See your authorized Scotts servicing dealer. If engine is hard to start or runs rough, check the TROUBLESHOOTING section of this manual.
  • Page 19 Call your local Recycling Center or authorized Scotts servicing dealer to learn how to recycle used oil. • Engine may be hot, use caution to avoid burns to the hands.
  • Page 20 CAUTION: Avoid injury! Fuel is highly flammable. Prevent fuel from contacting hot surfaces: DO NOT drain fuel tank. Run engine until fuel tank is very low or empty before turning mower on side to change oil. 7. Turn mower onto its LEFT SIDE. 8.
  • Page 21 2. Clean area around cover (A). 3. Loosen screws (B) and remove cover. NOTE: If precleaner or paper element has a break or is damaged, replace it. 4. If precleaner (C) is dirty, carefully remove paper element and precleaner. Remove precleaner from element (D). 5.
  • Page 22 Cleaning Drive Belt and Transmission Area CAUTION: Avoid injury! Before you remove shield: • STOP engine. Let it cool. • DO NOT operate mower without belt shield in place. 1. Remove hardware (A) and belt shield (B). 2. Remove control cables (C) from belt shield notch (D). 3.
  • Page 23 4. Inspect belt (E) for excessive wear or damage. TO REPLACE DRIVE BELT: NOTE: On model SP6211 only, the anti-rotation bracket must be removed prior to pushing the drive sheave forward to remove the drive belt. Picture Note: View is from underside of differential.
  • Page 24 Transmission Cable Adjustment—SP6213 CAUTION: Avoid injury! Before removing belt shield: • Stop engine and wait for all moving parts to stop. • Prevent burns by allowing engine to cool. • Disconnect spark plug wire. • Wear protective gloves when service is performed within the mower blade area.
  • Page 25 8. To adjust spring extension, use an 8 mm wrench, loosen (do not remove) the cable mount bracket capscrews (J). NOTE: For transmission clutch to operate properly, there must be a certain amount of spring pressure engaging the cones or the transmission will slip and NOT drive the wheels.
  • Page 26 raised position. 2. Remove plastic hubcaps (A). • Use a screwdriver in slot (B) to pry the hubcap from each wheel. 3. Remove locknut (C) and washer (D). 4. Remove wheel from each axle. 5. Apply a light coating of grease to each axle (E). 6.
  • Page 27 sharpener. Keep original bevel (A) when you grind. Blade should have 0.40 mm (1/64 in.) cutting edge (B). Balance and Install Blade 1. Clean blade. Put it on a nail in vise or on a wall. Heavy end of blade will drop. Grind bevel of heavy end. Do not change bevel.
  • Page 28 SERVICE Cleaning Fuel Cap Vent M73283 1. Check two vents (A) under metal ring of fuel cap and vent in top, center of cap. 2. Clean cap and vents in nonflammable solvent. Allow cap to dry. 3. Install the cap. Service - 24...
  • Page 29: Troubleshooting

    Using Troubleshooting Chart If you are experiencing a problem that is not listed in this chart, see your authorized Scotts servicing dealer. When you have checked all the possible causes listed and you are still experiencing the problem, see your authorized Scotts servicing dealer.
  • Page 30 Mulched Grass Appearance Is Poor: Clumps, Excessive Clippings, Rough Cut, Etc. TROUBLESHOOTING CHECK • Grass buildup under deck. • Travel speed too fast. • Blade dull or not balanced. • Cutting height set too low. • Tall grass conditions may dictate that more overlapping of cuts is required.
  • Page 31: Storing Machine

    Storing Machine Storing Safety CAUTION: Avoid injury! Engine exhaust fumes can cause sickness or death. • If it is necessary to run an engine in an enclosed area, use an exhaust pipe extension to remove the fumes. Always try to work in a well ventilated area.
  • Page 32 STORING MACHINE M87116a 3. Loosen knob (B) 25 mm (1 in.) on each side. Allow upper handle (C) to pivot down. M88835 4. Remove knob (D) and carriage bolt (E) from each side. M96553 5. CAREFULLY fold lower handle (F) forward. Guide cables inside lower handle.
  • Page 33: Assembly

    Assembly Identify Parts (SP6211 and SP6213) A - Lawnmower Assembly B - Side Discharge Chute C - Bagger D - Bagger Chute Unfold Handles IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Prevent damage to mower control cables when installing handle assembly. DO NOT pinch or crimp the control cables.
  • Page 34 Pull and install starter rope (A) onto rope guide (B) mounted on the right side of the handle. Add Engine Oil IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! ENGINE IS SHIPPED WITHOUT OIL. You MUST add oil before running the engine. See Service section for correct oil application. 1.
  • Page 35 • Slide bagging chute (C) into position under the mulch guard mounting bracket (D). • Insert bagging chute tab (E) into rear mower shield slot (F). • Reinstall and tighten knob (A). ASSEMBLY NOTE: Doors (H) on grass bag must be closed prior to installation onto the bagging chute.
  • Page 36 ASSEMBLY Test Mower MX1568 1. Verify that spark plug wire (A) is attached to spark plug. 2. Put enough fuel in fuel tank to test mower operation. 3. Press primer bulb (B) three times to prime engine. M93034 4. Hold blade control lever (C) against handle. 5.
  • Page 37: Specifications

    Travel Speed Range SP6211 First Gear ............... . 3.9 km/h (2.4 mph) SP6213 First Gear .
  • Page 38: Recommended Lubricants

    •SP6211 ........
  • Page 39: Warranty

    B. WHAT IS WARRANTED - All parts of any new Scotts Brand Product Manufactured by John Deere, except batteries, are warranted for the number of months or operating hours specified below.
  • Page 41 WARRANTED PARTS Coverage under this warranty extends only to the parts listed below (the emission control system parts) to the extent these parts were present on the engine purchased. Fuel Metering Fuel Metering System: System: Carburetor and internal parts (or fuel injection system).
  • Page 42: Index

    Index Adjusting Carburetor ... 14 Adjusting Throttle Cable ... 14 Axles, Lubricate Mower ... 21 Bagging and Composting ... 10 Bagging Tips ... 10 Balance and Install Blade ... 23 Belt and Transmission Area, Cleaning ... 18 Blade, Check ... 22 Blade, Install and Balance ...
  • Page 43 Call the Customer Communications Center A. Your authorized Scotts servicing dealer is the most efficient source in addressing any concern, but if you are not able to resolve your problem after checking your operator’s manual and contacting your dealer, call the Customer Communications Center.
  • Page 44: Service Record

    Service Record Record Service Dates SERVICE RECORD Oil Change Lubricate Machine Service Record - 40 Air Cleaner Element Clean/Replace...

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