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Battery Information; Low Battery Alert; Cleaning The Battery Charging Contacts - Sanyo CLT-OHE40 Instruction Manual

2.4 ghz expansion cordless handset with charging cradle
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Editing/Deleting Reminders
1)Select menu option
2)Press the SKDL soft key.
3)To edit reminder, select the reminder. Edit the date, time,
reminder tone, and text the same way you entered them for a new
To delete reminder, highlight the reminder and press the OPTION
De l et e e n tr y
soft key, and select
D el e te Al l
. Press the OK soft key.
Creating and Editing Phonebook Entries
To go to the phonebook, slide the joystick to the left.
Press the OPTION soft key and select
number, unique ring, unique display, phonebook group, and speed
dial as you want. Press the center of the joystick to enter each
entry and confirm the selection. When you're finished, press the
DONE soft key to save this phonebook entry.

Battery Information

Low battery alert

When the batteries are very low and need to be charged, the phone is
programmed to eliminate functions in order to save power.
The batteries need to be charged when:
- The empty battery icon
L ow B a tt e ry
appears in the display.
If the phone is in standby mode, none of the keys will operate.
If you are on a call, complete your conversation as quickly as possible,
and return the handset to the charging cradle.

Cleaning the battery charging contacts

To maintain a good charge, clean the
charging contacts on the handset once
a month. Use a clean pencil eraser or
superfine steel wool. Avoid touching
the cabinet area of the phone or
scratches may occur.
Caution: Do not use paint thinner, benzene, alcohol, or other chemical
products. Doing so may discolor the surface of the telephone and
damage the finish.
. To delete all reminders, select
Ne w E n tr y
. Enter the name,