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Sanyo CLT-OHE40 Instruction Manual page 6

2.4 ghz expansion cordless handset with charging cradle
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You will also use the joystick to make menu
To enter the menu, press the center of the
joystick inwards or press the MENU soft key.
To highlight the option you want, move the
joystick up, down, right or left. This will
move the cursor to your selection, which will
appear in reverse text or icon.
To select the highlighted option, press the
center of the joystick inward (You can also
press the OK soft key).
To go back to the previous menu at any time,
press the BACK soft key. To exit the MENU
and return to standby, press END or return the handset to the
charging cradle.
Using your handset with compatible CLT-E23 and
CLT-E30/32/33 series phones
Not all features are available when this handset is used with the
CLT-E23 and CLT-E30/32/33 series main base. If you want to use
all of this handset's features, use it with a CLT-E40/42 series
The CLT-OHE40 has many new features. You can record a ringer from
any audio source, select animation on the display, and set alarms to
remind you of important events.
Record Ringer Tones
1)Connect the audio recording cable to the handset and sound
source (e.g. stereo or CD player). Insert one end of the audio
recording cable into the handset's headset jack and the other end
into the sound source.
You can also simply use the handset's microphone by holding the
handset close to the sound source.
2)Select menu option
Re c or d R i ng er
3)Go to
4)To start recording, press the RECORD soft key. The message
counter starts at
and then begins to count down.