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Step 1: Connect The Charger - Sanyo CLT-OHE40 Instruction Manual

2.4 ghz expansion cordless handset with charging cradle
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Step 1: Connect the Charger

Connect the AC adapter to the DC
IN 9V jack and to a standard 120V
AC wall outlet.
Set the charger on a desk or tabletop,
and place the handset in the charger
with the keypad facing forward.
Make sure the CHARGE LED
illuminates. If the LED does not
illuminate, check to see that the AC adapter is plugged in and that
the handset makes good contact with the charger charging contacts.
• Use only the supplied AD-708 AC adapter. Do not use any
other AC adapter.
• Place the charger close to the AC outlet so that you can
unplug the AC adapter easily.
Charge the handset for 15-20 hours before using. Recharge your
handset on a regular basis by returning the handset to the charger
after each phone call.